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Just in case you’ve missed it, we’ve got news for you, Prince Harry has popped the question to girlfriend, Meghan Markle. We’re not entirely sure what rock you’ve been living under, but if you’re wanting to get up to speed on the event and find out exactly what’s going on with Meghan’s hen do, keep reading…

The Playboy Prince, 33, famously asked Meghan, 36, to marry him whilst the couple cooked a roast chicken together in his cottage (cute) and she said yes. Obviously. The wedding is set for spring 2018 and the world cannot wait. However, most importantly, we’ve got the deets about Meghan’s hen weekend. It’s set to be a big one.

Meghan Markle wearing hen party paraphernalia including a hen party sash, princess glasses and a tiara

Who Will Attend Meghan’s Hen Party?

Despite Hazza raking up over 36k people on Facebook for his stag do at Buckhingham Palace (albeit unofficially), there has been little talk of Meghan’s hen do. So, let us put your minds at ease, as a reliable source has confirmed that she is in fact having a hen do. Our source has suggested that top of the hen party invites list is Jessica Mulroney, who is one of the Bride-to-Be’s very closest friends. Meghan and the stylist first bonded over their mutual love of yoga and now holiday together on a regular basis. The pair are seen on Instagram to love a selfie together – we expect lots of #HenParty spam.

It goes without saying that Violet von Westenholz, one of Harry’s oldest friends, will get an invite to the hen do; she is the match-maker who is rumoured to have introduced the couple, after all. Suits co-star, Abigail Spencer is said to have also scored herself an invite, closely followed by Serena Williams, who is very good friends with Meghan. Not only is Priyanka Chopra, Indian actress, singer, film producer, philanthropist, and the winner of the Miss World 2000 pageant, certainly getting her name on the hen party guest list, but she’s already got her heart set on being one of Meghan’s bridesmaids. Made in Chelsea star, Millie Macintosh, is also reported to be securing herself a spot on Meghan’s hen party, apparently with some great ideas for destinations and hen party games. Do spill, Millie Mac…

Prince Harry waving out of a car

Mum Markle, Doria Radlan, is rumoured to be tagging along on the hen weekend, with Samantha Markle, Meghan’s half-sister yet to be confirmed. As far as Harry’s family, it is supposed that Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of York are getting an invite, despite talk that they are ‘ignoring the news of the engagement’ completely. Last, but by no means least, Kate Middleton, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, is certainly up there on the guest list, as Meghan’s future sister in law. Kate is even rumoured to be hosting the after party at hers, despite not being able to drink as she is pregnant with her third baby. She loves a tequila slammer as well. Talk about timing…

When and Where?

Our source told us that the girls are yet to decide (/agree) on a definite location for Meghan’s hen party shenanigans, but apparently there’s already a Whatsapp group with suggestions flying about in. It is rumoured that a private villa in the south of France has been spoken about, where the girls can relax and have fun together without being pressed by the media. Our Geordie hometown, Newcastle, has been the talk of much speculation around Meghan’s hen weekend, as she apparently visited previously and has ‘a real soft spot for the northern city’. Swingers at Grey’s Club in Newcastle (not that sort of swingers club), have already offered to host Prince Harry’s stag do – with Harry masks given out to everybody who attends, but Meghan is yet to receive such an offer. We reckon she’d love a few vodka trains on The Diamond Strip with the Geordie Shore lot, don’t you?

The Royal Family on the balcony at Buckingham Palace

According to our source, Dublin is also up there on Meghan’s hen party short list. We’ve heard she finds the cobbled streets of Temple Bar ‘very quaint’ and would love to pop into The Morgan Bar for a cheeky pint of Guinness with the girls. The Guinness Storehouse has seen hundreds of A-listers and royals – including Tom Cruise, T-Swift, Barack Obama, the entire cast of The Lord of the Rings and even the Queen herself - pass through its gates, so this could be an excellent idea to fill in some day-time and let the girls get over their hangovers.

One of the other favoured ideas bouncing around the exclusive Whatsapp group was apparently Barcelona. Being from across the water, Meghan reportedly hasn’t visited Europe as much as she’d like to, so Barcelona would be a good shout. There has allegedly been talk of hiring a private catamaran or sunset cruise, where the girls can drink Champers ‘til their hearts are content and chat about wor Hazza.

Prince Harry turning to the side and laughing

What Will They Do?

A reliable insider has informed us that Meghan is a real party game fan and a pin the tail on the donkey pro. No, as in actually could have gone professional if she hadn’t pursued her acting career. This is why we can speculate that she’ll undoubtedly have a Pin the Junk on the Hunk in her hen party suitcase. We wouldn’t even put it past the Maid of Honour to stick a Harry mask over the ‘hunk’s’ face.

If Meghan and her fellow hens decide to hire a photo booth to mark the occasion, we can only assume that she’ll get her hands on a Pin Princess party photo booth kit; we reckon the crown and Princess tiara would be fitting and fetching, at the same time. She could even get a crown with a veil attached, if she really fancies going the whole hog. Finally, not everybody on her hen party invites list have met before, which is why we speculate that Meghan will get either personalised hen party T-shirts or sashes, if only for identification purposes. Nicknames for the backs of the Markle Squad T-shirts are yet to be declared, but something princess-related is almost a cert.

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Last Updated - 28/11/2018