Most Inappropriate

Last Updated 08/03/2017

So, Halloween is almost upon us – the time of year when it’s totally acceptable for party goers to lose all their inhibitions.

Like This?

There will be zombies, vampires and Draculas in abundance. But we know you – you’re the type of fella who pushes boundaries, always thinks outside the box, and is definitely up for a little bit of macabre madness. We’ve rounded up some of the most inappropriate and vulgar costumes you could possibly imagine for this Halloween… Enjoy.

Vicar and Blow up Tart

Two images of model in vicar costume with blow up doll

Dressing up as a vicar for your Halloween party? Been there, done that, got the dog collar. But what about a member of the clergy with his gorgeous date for the night; a scantily clad, blow up tart – now there’s a controversial conversation starter.

Mankini/Asymmetric Thong

Three images of model, one wearing a mankini and two wearing a sidekini, all carrying suitcases

These saucy numbers have been so in-Vogue this Summer, but why leave a good thing behind just because Autumn is upon us? Treat adoring eyes to a cheeky flash of skin this Halloween, with a mankini. Or, for the really forward thinking, on-trend gents out there, the asymmetric thong is a real head turner.

Ninja Sanitary Towel

Three images of model wearing sanitary towel with tampon nunchucks costume

This is without a doubt, one of the most outrageous and quite frankly, disgusting get-ups we’ve ever set eyes upon (incidentally, one of our personal favourites too). It would certainly take nerves of steel to rock up to a Halloween party in this ninja sanitary towel costume, but there’s always one. Be that guy.

Full Body Condom

Three images of model wearing condom costume, one close up and two dancing whilst holding flip flops

We all want to have fun on All Hallows’ Eve - but good, clean, protected fun, of course. So, dressing up in a human sized condom is a no brainer really, isn’t it?

Penis/Deluxe Penis

Four images of model wearing different penis costumes, leaning at different angles

Which costume is going to make me stand out from the crowd, guaranteed to make the ladies flock? Why, funnily enough, that’s a question we ask ourselves each and every Halloween too. Inflated or stuffed, we just love both the regular penis costume and the deluxe penis costume.

Big Pink Vagina

Four images of model wearing giant pink vagina costume, from different angles

Hate turning up to a club on Halloween and finding seven other blokes dressed in bedsheets with eyeholes cut out? Well, that’ll never happen again. At least, not if you’re a savvy lad who’s dressed as a massive pink vagina, that’s for sure.

Crazy Naked Lady/Man

Two images of model wearing crazy naked lady costume, and two wearing crazy naked man, with hands covering different body parts

Halloween is definitely the one night of the year where it’s 100% acceptable to release your inhibitions, and dress whichever darn way you please (within legal boundaries, of course – you’re not a monster). And if that means strutting your stuff in your birthday suit without being arrested, (male or female - whatever tickles your fancy), that’s fine by us.


Two images of model wearing stag party gimp costume, one close up and one full body image with hands in the air

If you can’t wear leather, PVC, rubber, spandex, and darlexx on Halloween then, quite frankly, we don’t know when you can. So if you do fancy throwing all your morals out of the window, and suiting up in full gimp regalia, then we applaud you, Sir. Handcuffs optional.