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Last Updated 08/03/2017

Nothing screams ‘last night of freedom’ quite like getting drunk at a festival. Dancing under the sun, watching some of the greatest singers and bands of the 21st century perform, and drinking so much cider that you end up passing out in a completely different field and losing your tent – it’s the stuff hen do dreams were made of. For those put off by the idea of the ‘typical’ hen weekend, we’re rounding up the very best music festivals to celebrate your send-off into married life - along with exactly what fancy dress costumes you should be wearing. It is a hen weekend after all…

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Glastonbury - Somerset

2016 dates: June 21 - June - 25

Three tiled images - one of Glastonbury at night with lights lit up, and a birds eye view of the Glastonbury tent field site

You’d be forgiven for thinking of Glastonbury as soon as you hear the words ‘music festival’. Glastonbury is the BIG one. This is one of the largest and longest running festivals in the UK, attracting the biggest names in the industry – from Beyoncé, to Jay Z, to Coldplay. And, it’s only getting better - 2016s line up promises the likes of Muse and Adele on the main stage. Glastonbury sees over 175,000 descend on Somerset, and over one million register for tickets. There’s also more than 250 gorgeous food stalls lining the fields at Glastonbury – including delicious cuisine from the Far East and the Middle East, all the way to the Wild West and traditional English pub grub. Oh, and you can even go celeb spotting – as the famous Primrose Hill Set attend Glastonbury every year.

Dress Code:

A close up of a woman in a pink blazer and white shirt, and five women in Opposuits

Glastonbury is notoriously stylish – it doesn’t draw the likes of Kate Moss and Alexa Chung for nothing. And, this calls for the oh-so-suave Opposuit. These mind-blowing suits add a serious sex appeal and edge to the hen weekend. Roll up the top quality trousers for a gangsta look, pair with aviators and Hunter wellies (it’s a festival after all) – and look f*@!ing awesome. Make way for the all new Primrose Hill Set.


Bestival - Isle of Wight

2016 dates: September 7 - September 10

Three tiled images - one of the pink Bestival logo on the field and people sat on it, and one of a crowd watching a stage at night with confetti falling on them

Bestival is the quirky younger brother of Glastonbury. This vibrant four day explosion of music, comedy, literature, art, food and even a carnival is a unique hen do haven. At just 11 years old, Bestival has firmly cemented itself in the UK’s summer calendar, scooping many awards, including ‘Best Festival’ at the Live Music Business Awards – as well as drawing festival-goers in their thousands. And, talk about an eclectic mix – Snoop Dogg, Elton John, The Chemical Brothers and Missy Elliott have all performed here. Bestival even sets fun themes each year, and the theme of 2016 is ‘the future is here’…

Dress Code:

A close up image of women in black vests, wearing neon-coloured braces, hats and sunglasses

Speaking of the ‘future’ – what else could you possibly wear to the festival except fluorescent, luminous, electrifying neon? From bright pink braces, to eye-watering yellow wigs, to seriously subtle green face paint – there are many ways to rock this look, and celebrate Bestival in true, alternative style. And, ask yourself, when was a hen weekend supposed to be anything other than outrageous?


Coachella - California

2016 dates: April 14 - April 16 and April 21 - April 23

Three tiled images - one of a huge ant above the crowd at Coachella, and one of people walking around a field at Coachella

Coachella is a celebrity hotspot. Set in sun-kissed LA, this festival takes place over two weekends and is a magnet for big name faces – Kate Bosworth, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Leonardo DiCaprio, the Kardashians and The Jenners to name but a few. Held in April for three days, the line-up for this festival is always mega – with past performers including Kanye West, Jay Z, Madonna and The Killers. Over 180,000 people flock to LA to drink and dance under the stars (and celeb spot, of course), and, last year, Coachella even hit a world record – grossing $84.3 million.

Dress Code:

Two tiled images - five women in Baywatch costumes and holding red floats, and a close up of a woman in a yellow Baywatch top and holding a red float

Held in gorgeous LA, this festival is a task for Baywatch. Not only did we learn several life lessons from the ground-breaking TV show (i.e. running in slow motion is the best way to deal with an emergency, and swimsuits can even hold the likes of Pamela Anderson in place) – but it’s also set in LA. It’s almost like fate. You can also personalise the lifeguard vest and purchase a red float to really take this whole life-saving thing seriously.


Oktoberfest - Munich

2016 dates: September 16 - October 3

Three tiled images - one of people sat in a colourful beer tent, and one of a group of men holding beer steins up in the air

Whilst not technically a music festival, it’d be rude to mention the world’s biggest festivals without dropping Oktoberfest into the mix. This massive, beer extravaganza takes place over 16 legendary days, where more than seven million litres of beer are drunk – and almost six million people descend on Munich. Bands and singers take to the streets alongside gorgeous food stalls – you can pick up anything from pork knuckles, bratwurst and potato pancakes – and seriously huge beer tents, serving hundreds of various brews from far-flung corners of the globe.

Dress Code:

Two tiled images - close up of a woman in a Bavarian costume, and five women in Bavarian costumes on their knees

This couldn’t possibly be anything other than Bavarian costumes. From blonde pigtail wigs, to stein glasses, to the complete Bavarian Babe outfit – fit right in and celebrate beloved beer on your hen weekend. And, there’s nothing that’ll make you feel a million dollars quite like this beautiful quality, corset style dress. Fact.