Prague is a treasure trove of hidden bars, DIY-style venues and a shrine to John Lennon…? The capital city is a popular stag and hen do destination, famous for a nightlife that is as legendary as it is cheap, but it’s still got a few secrets to keep you guessing. And, we are going to share them with the world.


01. Anonymous Bar

www.anonymousbar.czFour tiled images - including two of bartenders wearing Anonymous masks, one of a bartender in a gold mask pouring a cocktail, and one of an Anonymous mask on a shelf in a bar

This bar is a world first, and it’s coming for you... Based on the film V for Vendetta, these are ‘the walkers of the night, preaching the matters of bar culture’. Set in a former stable house in the Old Town, hidden from prying eyes and under a picture of the film hero’s mask, Anonymous is dominating the capital’s cocktail scene. The drinks are inspired by the film, playing on a constant loop around the bar, or the legendary Guy Fawkes himself and his famous ‘Hacktivist’ movement. The brothers that started the bar are expert mixologists, and whip up the likes of Scarlet Rose and Thomas Fawkes, as do the spectacular bartenders behind their Anonymous masks. Perfectly normal for your stag or hen weekend...

02. The Pub

www.thepub.czThree tiled images - including one of a pint of beer being poured, the self-service tables in The Pub, Prague, and the exterior of The Pub

Not your local, but a whole new experience. The Pub is a self-service bar (not unlike the tills at Tesco) in the centre of Prague. It’s a no frills kind of venue, dedicated to Pilsner, competition and grub – advisable for when you hear what’s to come… Once you are sat at your table, you’ll log in and keep check of how much beer you are pouring and subsequently drinking. These stats are then displayed on a giant board in the achingly cool venue, along with every other table in the bar, and you’ve got to drink up to pip them to the post. If there’s one thing us Brits are good at, it’s drinking… And, you are on your stag or hen party. The Pub also has an upstairs bar for the non-smokers, and a terrace to soak up the views and get some fresh air.

03. Einstein's Favourite Brew

www.cafelouvre.czThree tiled images - including a black and white image of Albert Einstein, the pool room at Cafe Louvre, Prague, and the interior of the cafe

This may be a bit fancy, but if there’s a time for that – it’s your last night of freedom, whether you are a stag or a hen. And, you’ll be in good company at this place. Albert Einstein was a regular visitor during his stay in Prague. Café Louvre, one of Prague’s top cafes (but still a secret), is over 100 years old and steeped in history. It has an art gallery on the first floor, a restaurant serving all manner of Czech cuisine on the second floor, waiters in waistcoats and an interior straight out of a French fantasy. All of this is set alongside a separate room filled with billiards tables to continue that earlier competition…

04. Duplex

www.duplex.czFour tiled images - including one of a dancer posing above a crowd in a club, people on a club dancefloor, a woman in a metal frame above a crowd and the outdoor terrace at Duplex

Duplex is a giant glass cube, looking over Prague and keeping it in Czech. Whilst its whereabouts may not be a secret, it’s a little harder to pass the velvet rope than you might think. Duplex is Prague’s most exclusive bar, and recipient of many prestigious awards – including membership to The World’s Finest Clubs website. The extensive DJ portfolio is endless, featuring huge, international stars, and the crowd features the likes of Mick Jagger, who celebrated his 60th birthday at the venue. They’ve got dancers, Pilsner on tap and a gorgeous terrace to enjoy the balmy Prague night on your stag or hen weekend.

05. Bio Oko tiled images of people sat in Bio Oko, Prague

Forget Odeon and embrace Bio Oko. Set a little out of Prague city centre, this alternative cinema is quirky to the end. This place showcases cult, independent and arthouse films in a truly unique setting. The main hall is packed with various seating: vintage striped deckchairs, bean bags, comfy chairs and even an old-fashioned car with sofa seats. The cinema has a seriously cool vibe and also boasts a bar, serving craft beer and homemade snacks. This is movie-watching in the past, projected into the 21st century

06. Hemingway Bar tiled images - including one of a yellow cocktail in a jar, a black and white image of Hemingway Bar, spirit bottles in a cupboard and a cocktail with a lamp

Dedicated to keeping the memory of Ernest Hemingway, a beloved patron of bars with a legacy of cocktail drinks in his wake, alive - this is a walk on Prague’s sophisticated side. This swanky/speakeasy/American-style cocktail bar is a generous glimpse into the author’s era and hobbies. It’s brimming with leather armchairs and dark wood furniture, but its real pièce de résistance is absinthe. The bar, well hidden from the beaten track, is renowned for its exciting menu, featuring the ever-so-mysterious Green Fairy. Absinthe has first place in a long list of drinks – drinks that may cause more harm than good on your stag or hen weekend… - and you can toast to the old guy at one of his many portraits lining the walls, before passing out.

07. Black Angels

www.blackangelsbar.comFour tiled images - including one of the interior of Black Angels, Prague, one of people in 20s style clothing posing next to the barm whisky in a decanter on a table and a bartender serving people at the bar

Black Angels is another prohibition era-style bar. Tucked away on the second lower level of the Hotel U Prince, you don’t just stumble upon this bar. The venue, with a huge statue of a black angel perched atop the bar, boasts a range of drinks, inspired by America’s golden age – the Manhattan, the Sazerac and the Sidecar all feature on the enviable menu. The bar has even dipped into the trends of today with a Tiki line of cocktails – a fruity hair of the dog may be just what you need… There’s even a cigar menu if you truly want to embody the dazzling 20s (or see yourself as a Hugh Hefner kind of guy).

08. Unijazz

www.unijazz.czFour tiled images - including one of a room visible through a window, two of people sat in Unijazz, Prague, and one of an empty room filled with furniture

Unijazz is a charming combination of library, games room, live music venue and exhibition room. It has even been known to host huge events, and chess tournaments… It’s a secret den for the young crowd of Prague, with a bar to keep you hydrated throughout the excitement. Formerly a milk institute, the venue is hidden in an unassuming passage. All you’ve got to do is find the right door, ring the bell and head to the top floor. It boasts a relaxed bohemian vibe - a vibe that you will welcome with open arms the morning after, on your stag or hen weekend.

09. Nová Vzorkovna

Three tiled images - including one of the interior of Nová Vzorkovna, an image of a band playing on stage taken through a fence and the exterior of the bar

Prague is a different kind of capital, and this bar wholly embraces weird. This DIY bar is mish-mash and eclectic – a space created for art and music. It’s Prague’s most alternative venue for drinking and dancing, a house-party style bar that is decorated with old chairs, sofas, a wood-burning stove (perhaps unwise), two pianos and stereo equipment. All of this is easily movable for one of the many impromptu gig nights. It’s a space for everyone, and the entire bar/home can change on any given night. They also serve Czech Pilsner, sausage and cheese… to maintain that cool pub atmosphere.

10. John Lennon Wall

An image of the John Lennon in Prague

The Lennon Wall is a point of contention in Prague, but it’s one of the city’s biggest icons. Despite never having visited the stag and hen paradise, John has been immortalised forever in brick. Seen as a pacifist hero for many young Czechs, an image of Lennon was painted onto the wall, alongside political graffiti and Beatles lyrics. It’s been a long and winding road for the council, who have attempted to whitewash the walls several times, but the paint just keeps on coming. You know what they say… all you need is love.

Now you know the secrets of Prague, get to grips with our activity and accommodation options on the Prague stag weekends and hen weekends page.

Last Updated - 14/02/2023

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