Prague's Ultimate

A Prague stag weekend packs an almighty punch. This city is teeming with bars, beer and a bevy of Czech women – it’s enough to make you dizzy. But, we’ve only gone and created the ultimate stag do package (from £177 per person) - filled with strippers and shooting.

Guided Bar Crawl

Three tiled images - including one of the back of a DJ performing to a crowd to a purple backdrop, a semi-naked dancer posing above a crowd in a club, and a bartender setting fire to drinks

First things first - bars and booze. We’ll get you on first name terms with this city’s nightlife as soon as you arrive. Prague is as legendary as you’d expect… with a bevy of gorgeous Czech ladies as an added bonus. The capital’s nightlife is split into the Old and New Town. The Old Town is the home of the big clubs – Karlovy Lazne and Zlaty Strom being the biggest – and is a maze of underground bars. Whereas, the New Town, over 650 years young, is all swanky bars and strip clubs. Your guide will tailor the bar crawl to your group and take you to a minimum of three of the most popular venues. We’ll even throw in a pilsner each.

Strip Boat

Three tiled images - including one of a beer being poured, a woman reclining back on a boat, and a woman in underwear reclining back on a seat

What you can do on land… take it to the water. You may have been on boats before, but you’ve never experienced anything like this before. Trust us. You and your group will cruise the Vlatava River, taking in the spectacular scenery, whilst getting a lap dance. One of the best strippers in the whole of Prague (we only work with the finest) will perform a fully nude striptease… to a backdrop of landmarks. You’ll get one beer each to rehydrate, as well as an English-speaking guide to help you off the boat when the time comes.

Goldfingers Strip Club Entry

Three tiled images - including one of two women's hands cupping a woman's breasts, and two of the interior of Goldfingers

We reckon you’ve not had your fill of strippers just yet… We’re taking you to one of the most famous strip clubs in the whole of the Czech capital, just off the legendary Wenceslas Square – home to the largest number of Prague strip clubs. Goldfingers is an established name in the city, set in a grand former theatre. The interior is luxurious, with VIP lounges for additional privacy, and the girls are some of the greatest you’ve ever seen. You know what they say about Eastern European women… Goldfingers specialises in stripteases and Cabaret-style shows, but you’ll often come across jelly wrestling, body painting and acrobatics.


Three tiled images - including two of the back of men shooting guns in a range, and one of bullets on a target sheet

Prague stag weekends can only mean one thing… shooting. Our shooting activities are the most popular in the city – it’s why you come to Prague (that and the Cezch women). This is, by no means, for the faint-hearted – you’ll be shooting 28 rounds in total. Your first weapon is the M16 rifle, with a possible firing range of 800m. Up next is the 357 Magnum Revolver, notable for its stopping power (handy on a stag do), before you come up against the pump action shotgun - a gun in which the handgrip can be pumped back and forth to eject the spent rounds – hence the name. You’ll even get a beer each, after the activity…

Return Airport Transfers

We don’t expect you to come all this way and get a taxi. We’ll provide return airport transfers, along with an English-speaking guide to make for a smoother process (Czech is a hard language…), to take you to your accommodation and back to the airport after a very long weekend.

Prague City Hotel

This is a top hotel base around the infamous Old Town. Set in a traditional old building, Prague City Hotel is just a 10 minute walk to the drinking district (it’s also got major attractions). The guest rooms are cosy and comfy – exactly what you’ll need when you stroll in the next morning – and you’re also surrounded by restaurants for that important hangover breakfast.

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Last Updated - 27/11/2018