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As you may have heard (it has been mentioned in the media a couple of times…), Prince Harry, 33, has announced his engagement to American actress, model and humanitarian, Meghan Markle, 36. After dating for just over a year, Harry popped the question whilst they cooked a roast chicken in his cottage. How romantic. Apparently she didn’t even let him finish the question before saying yes (we hear you, Meghan). The loved-up pair are set to tie the knot in spring 2018 and we for one cannot wait. But first, the stag do… Here are the answers to the questions on everyone’s lips.

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Who Will Attend Harry’s Stag Do?

Despite the unofficial viral Facebook group, which would suggest that over 29K people are confirmed as attending Harry’s stag do, a reliable source has informed us that Harry’s stag do invites list is a lot less extensive.

Harry’s older brother, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (rumoured also to be his Best Man) is at the top of the invites list, with Markus Anderson following closely behind – he was the one who reportedly introduced the pair, after all. Harry’s father, Charles, Prince of Wales, and Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, are also reported to be attending – the ultimate Dad Lad pairing, we’re sure you’ll agree. Harry’s best friend and ‘wingman’ of old (don’t worry Meghan), Tom ‘Skippy’ Inskip is allegedly on the stag do guest list, as well as Olympic athlete, Usain Bolt and comedian, Jack Whitehall. Of course, we’re pretty sure a select few from the Metropolitan Police protection squad will also be tagging along for the weekend’s antics.

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Where Will They Go?

Our source has informed us that, despite the *ahem* events of last time he visited in 2012, Prince Harry wishes to host his celebrations in the ultimate stag do destination, Las Vegas, but would be open to other locations put forward by his fellow stags. Bookies are currently offering odds of around 12/1 for Harry’s stag do to take place in Sin City, with Berlin (16/1), Amsterdam (20/1) and Barcelona (18/1) closely followed. Will he get naked again? Probably… Will there be carnage? Absolutely.

What Will They Do?

It is supposed that the event itself will take place around April 2018, and it is reported that there has already been talk of another Vegas pool party taking place. Our source has also suggested that Harry would love to go Super Car Racing or take part in a sky dive for the ultimate send-off.

When it comes to drink, we know Harry loves nothing more than neat whisky, Champers and even a cocktail or two (not necessarily all at once, but maybe), so we can presume that his stag do will have free flowing booze and cocktails fit for a King, all night long.

As far as stag do games and fancy dress go, nothing has yet been reported. However, we think we are safe in saying that after the last time, Harry and his crew will not be wearing any sort of costumes within the public eye. Although, we think it would be rather fitting if all of the stags dressed as fox hunters and Harry as a fox. Perhaps personalised T-shirts will be the order of the day, although the stag members' nicknames on the backs of the shirts, still remain up in the air - we're guessing there'll be a ginger reference in there somewhere... We were also wondering how comfortable Harry would be putting bank notes with his grandma’s face on, into strippers’ bras. Maybe he’ll be happy to set up a direct debit instead, to save (her) face.

If Harry chooses to host his stag do in an Eastern European country such as Budapest or Prague, we’d be happy to arrange a stag prank on the Groom-to-Be, such as a stag arrest or even a fake bungee jump. So, Wills, if you’re reading this (we know you are), feel free to hit us up. We’re sure HRH would see the funny side…

The Royal Family on the balcony at Buckingham Palace

Prince Harry’s ‘Best Bits’

Widely known as the royal ‘wild child’, HRH has provided his fair share of tabloid fodder over the years. With his ‘bad boy’ rep and scandalous past coming to an end, we’ve rounded up the very best of Prince Harry’s ‘best bits’.

1. Dressing as a Nazi
Probably not his best move, Harry, then 20, wore a Nazi outfit to a ‘colonial and native’ party in 2005.

2. Getting Naked in a Vegas Suite
In 2012, Harry stripped off and showed the world his crown jewels, whilst reportedly playing strip billiards in a Las Vegas hotel suite.

3. Nightclub Brawl
When coming out of Pangaea nightclub in London, Harry was struck by a member of the paparazzi’s cameras. Subsequently, Harry popped the paparazzi’s lip.

4. Booze and Bongs
In 2002, Harry was sent to Featherstone Lodge Rehabilitation Center for admitting to smoking weed and drinking alcohol.

5. Cheating in School
As Harry was such a poor student, it was claimed that he cheated his way through A-Level art. Rebel.

6. Bromance
A video leaked in 2009 showed Harry mouthing “I love you” to a friend, then preceding to kiss and lick him on the face.

7. That Vegas Pool Party
Harry was spotted partying, cosying up to girls and getting drunk in a Jacuzzi with his bodyguards in Sin City. Round two on the stag do, anyone?

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