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Last Updated 09/10/2015

Behold the selfie – the craze that is taking over the world (literally). You simply can’t have a hen weekend without hundreds of images documenting the night’s shenanigans (and the volume of wine consumed). It is, after all, tradition nowadays to suffer from some unfortunate (read: hideous) pictures of you munching away on your Doner kebab, that inevitably end up surfacing on Facebook the next day. So, to help you out, we’ve rounded up some handy tips on how to take the perfect selfie during your hen party…

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Find Your Signature Pose

An image of a woman holding a princess alarm clock and putting her foot in the sink whilst taking a picture of herself and a man on the subway taking a selfie

via Buzzfeed and virallane - Ah, the old foot in the sink selfie

The trick behind a good selfie (which was voted Word of the Year in 2013 and even put into the Oxford Dictionary) is a mind-blowing signature pose (as you can see from this woman, who has found a magnificent way of showing off her new alarm clock). Posh Spice, Madge, The Queen – they all have their own pose down to a T and you sure as hell should too. As this is your last night of freedom, you can even go a little crazy (we’re not talking legs behind the back of your head kind of stuff, don’t worry) and aim for something different to the standard I’ve-had-so-much-tequila-that-I’m-not-even-sure-what-my-name-is-and-how-to-get-home pose.

Background Check

Two images of a woman sat on the toilet taking a selfie and a two girls taking a selfie with a man on the toilet in the background

via mybs.com - Ah, the toilet selfie - what a delight

We cannot stress this point enough. Before sharing a snap with the world, always check the background (especially for your dirty clothes) – you don’t want your photo going viral on your hen weekend (we’re sure you have seen those images doing the rounds on Facebook, with rather unfortunate, err, things in the background). This shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you take selfies in a club, although keep an eye out for those photos at the end of the night when you have inevitably had too much wine and are struggling to put one foot in front of the other on the completely level and firm pavement.

Lights, Camera, Action

Two images of a woman stood in a bidet and taking a picture and a woman taking a picture whilst looking in the mirror

via Buzzfeed - We hope this woman does not know the functions of a bidet

This one may be pretty obvious. If you don’t have good lighting, you might as well give up this selfie taking lark now. The right lighting will make you look absolutely flawless (not that you don’t anyway, of course) – so be sure to take advantage of natural lighting. Or, when you are in a club, stand next to the laser beams and just hope for the best.


Two images of a woman stood next to a camel with the camel licking her face and a blurry shot of a woman's face

via ShazzaRazza and tumblr - A camel eating your face makes for a great selfie

There’s a subtle art to taking pictures, and that subtle art is staying still. Whilst we understand that may be a tad difficult because, as we have mentioned previously, you will be drinking an unholy amount of wine on your hen weekend, but you don’t want a blurry Facebook album on your hands. The trick is: stand on your left foot, hold your right one behind your back, grip your left ear lobe and look an absolute fool (we’re kidding – just lay off that tenth bottle of Pinot).

Switch up Your Filters

A close up image of Madonna from her Instagram and a close up image of a heavily made up woman for a beauty pageant

via Madonna Instagram and Complex - a filter can cover all manner of sins...

The selfie is nothing without a good filter. This is your hen weekend and, towards the end of the celebrations, you may be looking a little worse for wear (10 cocktails can really do that to a person) – so stick an Earlybird filter on your photo (Instagram’s most used filter according to the Huffington Post, FYI) and bask in the thousands of likes your selfie is sure to get (well, it will as long as you follow these tips).

Do NOT Knock People Out With Your Selfie Stick

Two images of a woman on the phone whilst holding a selfie stick and a man holding his selfie stick above his shoulders

via Instagram and Reddit - These two are being wildly reckless with their sticks in a crowded place

Voted one of TIME’s 25 best inventions in 2014, the selfie stick is a necessary evil on your hen weekend. Whilst you may not relish looking a fool as you pose for an actual stick in your L-plates and willy hats, these gadgets can come in particularly handy after ten or so cocktails. You shan’t be dropping your phone in a pitcher of Strawberry Woo Woo with one of these in your clutch bag. However, watch where you put your stick (namely, keep an eye out for the Bride) when you attempt to take a picture after drinking the bar dry – a black eye does not make for a great wedding photo.