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Last Updated 08/03/2017

Stag and hen weekends have long been associated with boozing, awesome activities and ritual embarrassment for the Bride or Groom-to-Be. The weekend was once a time to push the limits and go where no man or woman has ever gone before, but times are changing.

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According to our exhaustive survey of 1,004 stags and hens in August 2016, a number of people have halved their units. Hens drinking 40-50 units have dropped from 6.8% in 2015 to 3.5% this year, and stags swigging the same amount of units have taken a considerable hit – from 11.2% in 2015 to 6.8% in 2016. To add even more salt to the wound, the total number of men enjoying more than 50 units has gone from 19.3% to 16.9%.

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Our M.D, Matt Mavir, had plenty of thoughts on the subject: “We’re seeing a shift in how people want to celebrate their stag and hen dos. The traditional idea centres on excessive alcohol, without much care as to what the actual event is, but we’re seeing people focus more on the event structure and content itself with alcohol taking a back seat. Limiting the amount of alcohol you have on your stag and hen do doesn’t have to limit the fun you have.”

Matt happens to be right, and we have plenty of destinations – from the likes of Eastern Europe all the way to the Costa del Sol – as well as a list of activities, that includes action-packed packages and luxury afternoons. View our hen weekends and stag weekends pages for more info.

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For those that are even more interested in the results, we've got the full breakdown:


  • 0 units - 10%
  • 1-20 units - 48.6%
  • 20-30 units - 22.5%
  • 30-40 units - 11.4%
  • 40-50 units - 3.5%
  • 50+ units - 4%


  • 0 units - 5.7%
  • 1-20 units - 27.6%
  • 20-30 units - 25.6%
  • 30-40 units - 17.4%
  • 40-50 units - 6.8%
  • 50+ units - 16.9%