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Last Updated 08/03/2017

Halloween is here, so it’s time to get spooky whilst celebrating your last night of freedom. From visiting Dracula’s very own castle to stepping inside a torture chamber, sleeping in an abandoned prison to coming face-to-face with spine-tingling witches; we’ve rounded up our scariest activities. You may need a change of pants…

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Edinburgh Ghost Tour

Two tiled images, one of the bus for Edinburgh Ghost Tour and one of a cloaked man in a doorway holding a candle

The world-famous Edinburgh Ghost Tour, taking you around the darker side of the Scottish capital, is a truly eye-opening and terrifying way to celebrate your send-off into married life. On board the 1960s Routemaster bus, you will have your very own creepy conductor as you experience the scary corners and hidden alleyways of Edinburgh, whilst learning about the witches, grave robbers and ghosts that plague this city. Not only will you take a journey into the horrifying history of Edinburgh, but you’ll also visit some of the city’s most iconic attractions - including Edinburgh Castle, The New Town and the notorious and bar-lined Grassmarket, ideal for those looking for a spot of Dutch courage to get you through. There may even be some spine-chilling surprises awaiting you as you step on the bus. Good luck.

Amsterdam Dungeons

Two tiled images, one of a man in a cloak stood behind a chair with his arms spread and a woman covered in blood and pretending to eat a fake heart

Amsterdam may be renowned for its illustrious Red Light District and uber-relaxed ‘café’ culture, but there’s a dark history just waiting to be discovered. The Amsterdam Dungeons are a must-see on your send-off in the Dutch capital, taking you on a trip through 500 years of the city’s sinister history. As you begin your journey, you’ll descend into the heart of the dungeons in the medieval lift – where you will see if the lift actually works (sounds like fun, right?). You’ll then hear the spine-tingling footsteps of the torturer come ever closer as you enter the torture chamber, before you bump into the witches and receive the fright of your life. This tour is bigger, better and bolder than any you have ever seen and, with 11 shows taking place over 80 minutes, there’ll be shocks at every turn.

Dracula Castle & Transylvania Tour

Two tiled images, one of a fake still of the film Dracula showing his head and the other of Bran Castle

It wouldn’t be Halloween without mentioning the Big Daddy, Dracula. Bucharest, the dynamic capital of Romania, is home to the impressive and intimidating Bran Castle – otherwise known as Dracula’s Castle. You’ll take a tour of this huge structure, before visiting the local town, Brasov – hidden underneath the shadow of the castle. Brasov was said to be a regular haunt of Vlad the Impaler (the legend and inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula), a ruler so terrifying that he instils terror into those that live in the town today. Word to the wise, don’t forget to pack your crucifix and your garlic cloves – you’ll be fending off vampires all weekend.

Dublin Ghost Tour

Two tiled images, one of the Dublin Ghost Tour Bus and one of spooky male models posing for the camera

Dublin was once home to a household name of horror fiction, Bram Stoker – so, of course, it’s only right that you experience this city’s ghostly going-ons whilst celebrating in the capital. The world’s first and original ghost bus tour will transport you to a world of vampires, grave digging and bodysnatching – guaranteed to leave you shaking in your boots (literally). During the tour, you will unearth Dr. Clossey’s gruesome past, a man who is still said to roam the streets of Dublin after dark, discover Dracula’s origins, visit St Kevin’s Graveyard as well as experiencing and unravelling the sheer terror of the capital’s haunted cathedrals. This hair-raising ghost tour will be a journey you’ll never forget.

Prison Guest Experience

Two tiled images, one of the exterior of a disused military base in Riga and one of a guard standing at the gates and pointing

Set in a disused Russian military base, this shockingly realistic prison experience in Riga is not for the faint hearted. This prison was, in fact, used by the Russian army to detain sailors for various crimes committed during their active service and it still has all of its original facilities, which you are going to get to know very well during your overnight stay. On arrival, you’ll undergo a search and a medical assessment, take a mugshot and even receive prisoner registration cards. The staff, who actually used to work at the prison, will then have you taking part in all sorts of torturous physical exercise whilst the guards scream in your face. Once that’s all over and done with, you can relax in your locked cell, or leave it open and go for a wander around the spooky corridors. This is definitely going to be a night to remember.

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