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Once upon a time, a gentleman would ask his beloved for her hand in marriage, and to celebrate their impending romantic union, his chums would treat the fellow to a jolly good knees-up with a stag do. This stag do was a place of beer and banter, and the most rowdy of stag groups may have pushed the boundaries with a traditional lamppost cuffing. But it's got out of hand...

Man taped to lamppost

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Fast forward to 2015 and think you’re still safe? THINK AGAIN, SON. Expect to be gaffer taped upside down in a tree with your manhood on display, interrogated in a police cell for three days, be medically induced with a permanent lob-on thanks to a Viagra spiking, have your scrotum waxed and your pubes stuck to your face. IT’S TRADITION. Gentlemen, stag do pranks got serious. Here are some of the worst...

Ahoy, Captain!

Man with pube beard next to Captain Birdseye

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In Sweden, the stag tradition is a little different. The stag party surprise the groom-to-be with an impromptu ‘party’ a few days before the wedding, kidnapping him for some stag do debauchery. This fella was very gently kidnapped by his mates and taken aboard a boat, where he was accessorised with a traditional fisherman’s beard, and they all boozed it up at sea. So far, so civilised. It was when they got back to dry land and the group went to a sauna (as is part of the normal culture here) that the groom got a nasty surprise. All of his mates were completely clean shaven in the nether regions - suddenly that fisherman’s beard wasn’t looking quite so hilarious…

Stick Him to a Lamppost

Three men gaffer taped to lampposts

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Handcuffing your mate to a lamppost is so old hat. It may have been a classic, but things have stepped up a notch these days. You’ve got to gaffer tape or cling film your pal to within an inch of his life - preferably above ground level - and piss yourself laughing whilst you watch passers-by gawp at his exposed bits and wait for the emergency services to rescue him? Ah, friendship eh!

Larger than Life

Obese stripper dancing for man

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It’s not big and it's not clever (actually, it is big, it’s absolutely massive), but this has long been a classic stag do prank. Oh, that silly, silly groom shouldn’t have spent so long banging on about all the red hot stripper action he was going to whilst away from the missus, should he? Only proper that you take him down a peg or two. Traditionally, the stag is blindfolded and teased by this bountiful beauty before the blindfold is whipped off and he meets his temptress. Hey, big is beautiful – you work it, sister.


Man with pubic hair glued to his face on his stag do

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You’ve got to respect the dedication of 40 men shaving off their pubic hair in order to give their mate a new face for his stag do – haven’t you? Mark Longley got this treatment on his stag weekend, and a whole lot more. His best pal, Steve, who organised the prank, posted online: “I was honoured [to be asked to be Best Man] and thought it was very nice of him... but also very silly because he's now on his stag do, on a train to Bognor, gaffer taped into a wheelchair, wearing just a pair of incontinence pants, clown shoes, stupid socks, a penis drawn on his chest and there's all these strangers writing on him - and he also has loads of his mates’ pubes glued to his face.”

Fake Bungee Jump

Wise words from the 'instructor'...

We know better than anyone that a stag do is the time for some heart pounding, adrenaline pumping, hardcore adventure action, so what could be better than a blindfold bungee jump for the stag on his last night of freedom? We'll tell you - a FAKE bungee jump.This stag prank is massively on the rise and we’re big fans, for it’s all a bit of fun, no one gets hurt, and no one has to lose their pubes in the process. Simply put the fear of God into him and then watch him belly flop into a paddling pool.

Stag Kidnap

Man being kidnapped in woods and wearing a Borat mankini on a bicycle

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One of the most recent stag do crazes is to ‘professionally’ kidnap the groom-to-be, and this prank has really escalated over the last few years. Poor Ollie McAninch was ambushed by a group of blokes with smoke grenades and bats, bundled into a van, gagged, dressed in a Guantanamo Bay-style jumpsuit, driven 100 miles and dumped by a roadside with a bicycle and a Borat mankini. The poor fella got shingles as a result of post-traumatic stress and was so contagious that he couldn’t see his fiancée for a month. Who needs enemies with friends like these?

Back, Sack and Crack Wax

Do it like the Aussies

So, bet you’ve argued with women before about how hardcore you are and how they shouldn’t complain about waxing? Well, if you’re man enough, maybe you can handle the back, sack and crack wax. Double dare you. This is standard stag do craic these days (sorry, couldn’t resist), but even if you can handle the pain, it’s still a risky game. One groom-to-be had this done on his stag weekend and had such a bad reaction to the wax that he couldn’t consummate his marriage on his wedding night. Talk about a passion killer.


As far as we know, this hasn’t been done, but our research guided us to this absolute beauty – a man’s plan to prank his brother one day when his brother gets married. It requires dedication, planning, a high budget and a touch of evil, but it is prank perfection...

a man in his thirties side by side a makeover of him as an old man


‘I’ll take him to a bar and get him wasted. While we’re at the bar I’ll have a team working on his bedroom. For 24 hours they will be painting his walls white, pulling all the stuff out of there, tiling his floor to make his room look like a hospital. Then they’ll set up the hospital bed, heart monitor, curtain etc. Once I hear that the room is done, I’ll put him in my car, totally passed out, and take him home, where a professional make-up artist will give him a make-over to look like an old man. After that, my friends and I will also get old man masks and make-overs and we’ll dress as in old people’s clothes. We’ll put my brother in a gown and into bed and hook him up to a load of different machines. And we will simply wait for him to wake up. When he does, we’ll tell him a story about ‘this night’ and how he got in an accident on his way home and has been a coma for 40 years. Then we’ll wait to see how long it takes him to figure it out. Damn, the reaction will be priceless. It’s going to be awesome.’

Last Updated - 15/08/2017

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