five men in carry me costumes
  • five men in carry me costumes
  • two men in carry me costumes
  • three men in carry me costumes
  • three men in carry me costumes

Carry me Theme

Tom, Dick and Carry


About Carry me Theme

We’ve all been there – you’re having an epic night with the boys, you’ve drank the bar dry of all beer, whiskey, vodka, gin and Jägermeister - and, quite frankly, standing up straight without the aid of the bar/one of your mates/a lamppost/all of the above, would be a struggle. In this instance, what you need is a trusty companion to take the weight off your feet – so that all you’ll have to focus on is continuing the party, and getting the next round in.

Well, look no further than these awesome carry me costumes. With the greatest of ease, these little beauts will hoist you upon their shoulders, and carry you around for the duration of your night – using the medium of optical trickery (and a fake pair of legs).

With everything from nimble gnomes, to hefty horses, to courageous clowns – you can rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands with these sturdy fellas beneath you. They also look particularly fetching when worn by the entire group – as, we find, nothing unites the troops like having an army of small men/animals to escort you to the next bar.

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