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Last Updated 29/03/2016

The affluent, fashionable and sought after East London has massively risen in popularity over the years, developing into a trendy, hipster-filled hot spot. Set against a backdrop of quirky restaurants, and effortlessly cool pubs and clubs – you’re sure to find some quirky and unique venues for your stag weekend. The idiosyncratic East End encompasses many districts, each with their own distinctive ambiance and vibe. From Shoreditch, to Brick Lane, to Hoxton – London’s East End is brimming with life.

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Shoreditch is, without doubt, one of the East End’s most notorious drinking districts. Renowned for its distinctive and unusual atmosphere, the Bohemian paradise draws in hundreds of independent-thinking, bushy bearded hipsters from across the globe - and the nightlife is electric, all year round. The Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch is a mellow spot to relax with a good pint. The eclectic, retro-industrially decked out venue is a stag do haven - boasting live blues music, as well as filling Cajun-BBQ food.

Two tiled images, one of a barman making cocktails and one of a cocktail in a skull mug with maggots on the top

Another fantastic place to chill in Shoreditch is the only all-day dim sum eatery and bar, The Drunken Monkey. There’s an epic range of everything – cocktails, draft beers, exquisite food, and a late night line-up of epic DJs. Situated in Shoreditch’s famous Hoxton Square, Zigfrid Von Underbelly is spread over two floors - with a party space upstairs and an underground club and live music concert venue downstairs. You can even grab yourselves a craft ale and head out onto the luxurious smoking terrace overlooking Hoxton Square.


Three tiled images of a cocktail in the Night Jar, the bar staff making cocktails and the bar area

Just minutes from Shoreditch, we arrive in trendy Hoxton – a district way ahead of the trends. It’s a Mecca for edgy artists, cool street graffiti and hip bars. The indulgent, speakeasy style bar, Night Jar, is a must visit on any stag party celebration. You’ll be transported to a world of vintage sophistication, covering decades of decadence - from pre-prohibition to post-war. This Hoxton gem boasts a huge range of rare spirits and exclusive experimental cocktails, as well as hosting live music events on most nights of the year.

Brick Lane

A short drive from Hoxton, we arrive in the East End’s Brick Lane – the scene of Jack the Ripper’s infamous murders, and home to some of the most fantastic graffiti art in the city. This area is extremely popular with the city’s edgy and artistic crowd. Set within central Brick Lane, Danger of Death is an excellent place to start your night out – the low-lit, intimate drinking den boasts an extensive drinks menu, and attracts the most stylish of drinkers from across the city.

Three tiled images, one of the interiors of The Blues Kitchen, one of a bar with lots of spirit bottles, and one of the interiors of Zigfrid Von Underbelly

Another awesome hipster haunt is the former brewery, 93 Feet East - a hip bar and nightclub boasting a spacious courtyard with heated seating and a retractable roof – it is the ideal place to party throughout the seasons. Hosting live music and DJ sessions, 93 Feet East is an incredible venue to celebrate your stag weekend.

London’s edgy East End nightlife scene will channel your inner Bohemian, leaving you chilled out and eager for more. You can find out even more about the wealth of activities and accommodation on our London stag weekends page. And, if you liked the look of this area - check out our Shoreditch Hipster bar crawl