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Last Updated 14/12/2016

It was 17 years ago when Last Night of Freedom was set up in the bedroom of our Head Honcho. A lot has changed since then (fortunately, we’ve all got better haircuts) and LNOF has grown into one of the biggest stag and hen companies in the UK, not that we’re showing off or anything. So, to celebrate our 17 years in the business, we are looking back at our top 10 stag weekend locations from the years 2000 – 2016.

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01. Newcastle Flies to the Top

Three tiled images - including two iconic Newcastle bridges and one of the quayside

Our Geordie homeland, Newcastle, flies straight up to the top – and it’s easy to see why (nope, we are not biased). This resolutely cool and cosmopolitan city is jam-packed with stunning architecture, legendary clubs and gorgeous women. From the illustrious Diamond Strip, the suave Quayside and the seriously rowdy Bigg Market – The Toon has an unrivalled nightlife. For a proper stag weekend, make it a Geordie one.

02. Prague’s in at Number Two

Three tiled images - including two of Prague's famous bridge and a large, grand building in Prague

Prague doesn't stray out of the top 10 in 2016, as it holds on against many of its European competitors. The Czech capital is a beautiful city with aesthetic splendour and architectural style, but stags tend to be more attracted to the city's awesome nightlife and cheap beer. The cobbled streets around Wenceslas Square and Charles Bridge – home to all sorts of bouncing bars and epic clubs - are where you will spend most of your time celebrating ‘til the early hours. It’s going to be an unforgettable last night of freedom.

03. Bouncing Budapest

Three tiled images - including the famous Budapest baths and two famous buildings in the city

Budapest is simply the Buda-best, as it climbs a place on the leader board. With cheap alcohol, strip boats aplenty and some of the rowdiest pubs, bars and clubs – this is Hungary’s biggest place to party.

04. Dublin  05. Nottingham  06. Amsterdam

Three tiled images of Dublin, Nottingham and Amsterdam

Dublin, Nottingham and Amsterdam have always been extremely popular stag do destinations. Combining attractive culture, adrenaline pumping activities and awesome nightlife, it’s no surprise why they are firmly positioned within our top 10 - and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere soon.

07. Riga  08. Bournemouth  09. Krakow  10. Liverpool

Four tiled images of Riga, Bournemouth, Krakow and Liverpool

Rowdy Riga is always a huge stag do draw with its Olympic bobsleigh track and heaving nightlife scene, whereas Bournemouth’s sunshine, beaches and palm trees are a big draw for more refined groups. Cracking Krakow is renowned for its exciting bars and cool clubs, where Liverpool offers upmarket, trendy bars and a mischievous nightlife scene. All four have truly earned their place in our top 10.

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