Women Value Hen Do More Than

Last Updated 15/11/2016

A hen do is your chance to shine. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, a weekend of pure, unadulterated joy and cocktails and, according to our new research – it cannot be sacrificed. One in three hens confess that the wedding would be called off if the Groom banned the hen do. That’s not sleeping in the spare bedroom or the silent treatment for a week, but actually called off.

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The surprise results risk ‘I Do’ becoming ‘I Don’t’ if the Groom turns Grinch on your last night of freedom. And, the research goes even further… It turns out that it is, in fact, the ladies that value the weekend more than stags. Less than a quarter of men (23.4%) surveyed reveal they would stop the wedding without one, big blowout, compared to a massive third of women (33.2%) asked.

Our Managing Director, Matt Mavir, had plenty to say on the survey, carried out in August 2016: “There has been a huge growth in hen dos in the 15 years we have been in the business. Popular myth says women dread ‘hen party hell’, so one in three women admitting the wedding would be off if the man banned the hen do, will come as a big surprise to some. Ten to 15 years ago, ‘no hen do - no wedding’ would have been unheard of. Men need to take note, woe betide the stag who tries to call time on the girls’ big night out, weekend or even whole week away.”

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For those who won’t let any man stand in their way (we’re with you, ladies) – we have all sorts of offerings to satisfy the most sophisticated to the adrenaline fuelled. View our hen weekend locations and activities here.