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Last Updated 28/04/2015

So, you didn’t make it as the best man (condolences), but, hey – you’re still an usher, right? There’s just one teeny tiny problem – what is an usher? We’ve often wondered what their actual roles are, but we've taken time to a shine light on the role of the ushers.

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Before the wedding

Wedding ushers sitting under a tree

via Wedding Ideas Magazine

Unlike the best man, you don’t have to organise the stag do – you just have to turn up, do what you are told and drink the beer – which is really all you have to do as an usher. Make sure you’re available for suit fittings, wedding rehearsals etc. and, in the run up to the big day, you should really get a heads up on the family feuds, as you don’t want to be sitting Aunt Marge next to Uncle Bob who have been fighting ever since Bob got a tad too drunk on the ‘good’ port and smashed Marge’s favourite dish (it’s all very complicated). And unfortunately, lads, hair and makeup isn’t typically provided for the ushers, so you best get prepping your barnet now.

During the wedding

Legs of men sat on a wall

Colourful socks there, lads

Ushers should arrive about 30-40 minutes before the ceremony to direct the guests to their seats and hand out orders of service. This is the most important task for an usher, so you definitely need to arrive on time or risk the wrath of a very stressed bride (we know which one we’d rather go for). During the reception, you’ll need to be on hand to escort the female guests (no, not the bridesmaids) to their tables and help gather people for the wedding photographs. You may also have to announce the toasts, the first dance and the cutting of the cake, so it’s crucial you steer clear of the open bar until after these tasks have been completed. Then, you can have a beer, a dance and, you never know, maybe even pull a bridesmaid.

After the wedding

A wedding car with Just Married on the back and cans hanging off the boot

Driving off into the sunset

So, the confetti has settled, you’re nursing a hangover whilst sneaking a bridesmaid out of your room at 5am and the bride and groom are jetting off on their travels – so it falls on you and the best man to take care of any loose ends. You’ll be in charge of waving off the guests and making sure they go off on their bonny way (whilst keeping a good distance between Marge and Bob) and ensuring everything is left in tip top condition before you leave the venue and the bride and groom return with golden tans and tales of their fairytale honeymoon.