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Lesbian Strip Dinner

A woman wearing just her knickers, with a whip held behind her back

Dominatrix Show

Some men driving a beer bike

Beer Bike

A man driving a red quad bike in the country, with two people driving in the background

Quad Biking - 30 Mins

A man's legs riding a Segway in the street

Segway Tour

Two go karts whizzing around a go karting track

Indoor Karting

A man in overalls driving a kart

Indoor Karting - 3 Races

Five bullets on a paper shooting target, with a gun in the background

Shooting - Hand Guns

Empty bullets on a paper shooting target


A gun next to five bullets

Shooting - Mixed Arsenal

The back of a man aiming with a gun

Shooting Plus

A man playing laser quest

Laser Tag

A man aiming with a paintball gun in camouflage gear and a mask, whilst standing behind a half fence

Outdoor Paintball

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LNOF Guide to Brno

Czech out those flights and get planning.

The Czech Republic is famous for two things: Budvar and Prague. The Czech capital has hosted more stag weekends than the locals could shake their sticks at, and with so many people having been before – we reckon people might prefer something a little different. Brno stag weekends give you the best of both worlds; a trip to the Czech Republic without the worry that you may bump into an old school friend or neighbour in every bar you go into.

Brno packs a mean punch when it comes to stag weekends. This is, after all, the biggest beer drinking nation on the planet (always a good starting point when trying to find a suitable location for the forthcoming celebrations) and, add to that some excellent activities and bars and clubs that are open ‘til daylight - and you have a diamond of a place indeed. And, we haven’t even mentioned the Czech women…

For a city which has spent the majority of its existence defending itself, it is remarkably welcoming. The troubled history of Brno has left some outstanding scenery - including castles and grand buildings of varying importance. It’s a major centre for technological advancement, and the city is a hotbed of exhibitions and international conferences, as well as a permanent fixture in the Moto GP circuit. A huge student population keeps the atmosphere young and energetic, whilst the large number of theatres, art galleries and museums draws culture seekers from around the globe. A stag weekend in Brno is bound to be one to remember.

Despite being much modernised, Brno is a relative newcomer to the tourism game and, as such, its inhabitants are still welcoming and fun, whilst there is a distinct lack of people and businesses trying to take advantage of the tourists. Another positive is that prices of beer and food are still incredibly low – half a litre of lager costs around 60p in some places. We’ll see you there…

Customer Reviews for Brno

Our average stag feedback score for Brno is 4.73

Average Rating from 22 reviews

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“The guided bar crawl and laser Tag were great fun and brilliant value.


Our guides were amazing. Will definately recommend LNOF to friends.


I just come back from an absolutely cracking stag do in Brno, it really was a brilliant weekend. I did have some reservations pre-stag but soon realised I was worrying about nothing. Silvia met us at the airport and had maps of Brno, gave us some info about pick up times and what the plans was for the evening pub crawl. The private transfer coach was quite luxurious and we actually had the same coach and driver for the whole weekend. The hotel was clean, presentable, in a great location, quiet, friendly staff, breakfast was unique (Czech continental buffet) which included a rather odd hot dog style meat, but very impressive spread all the same. We had 5 rooms in our own wing of the hotel, single beds so didn't have to share doubles. Pub crawl was good, Silvia joined us for the 5 pubs and gave us some advice on places to go afterwards, clubs, pubs and strip clubs which where not like anywhere else, it didn't feel seedy and the 'dancers' didn't constantly hassle you to buy them drinks or have private dances. Activities where Shooting Plus and Karting. Shooting plus was the only negative I can think of from the whole weekend, and this is mainly down to the fact we didn't get all the guns we where expecting nor the number of bullets we where expected, nor the free round of beers afterwards, although the location didn't really have any facilities to provide us with a free beer, unless Silvia produced some cans from her bag. But we got to shoot a Dessert Eagle, pump action shotgun, .357 magnum revolver and a Scorpion rifle that had red dot lazer sight. We didn't get the M16 Sub machine gun and about 10 bullets less than expected. The second negative was that the group (15) had to be split into 4 groups to go into the range area. This meant it wasn't a group activity and the others had to sit and wait outside for their turn. I'm being a little picky, but the professional instruction was very basic, 'you put bullet here, you hold here, you click here' and being asked if we knew how to use a Scorpion after we told the guy we hadn't used a revolver was comedy. We did get to keep out targets and where able to compare hits with the rest of the stags afterwards. Overall I think the Shooting was overpriced and would have preferred to spend the money on another activity. The second activity was the indoor karting which was 100% better than the shooting and 100% fun, it was brilliant. We where split into 2 groups and had private race time on track for 15 minutes, where our lap times where timed and clocked. Then the second group raced... we then had time for lunch before we had our second races.. we decided to put the fastest drivers in one group and the slowest drivers in the last race.... So overall we had 30 minutes of track time which doesn't seem a lot but it was more than enough. The track was only 26 seconds long and after 15 minutes your whole body and arse in particularly are hurting so much that you need the rest. A few of the guys had to retire early as they're bodies hurt. Regardless of the aches and pains this was a great stag experience and would defo recommend. After transferring back to the hotel, we had some time to chill out before heading out again. The drink prices are still cheap, 85p for a large tanker style beer, you get served at the table so no need to get whips going or taking it in turns to queue at the bar. The service is quick and you pay at the end before leaving. Brno is very much a hidden gem... we only came across 2 other stag do's the whole weekend, this was was very pleasant and I'm glad it wasn't overrun with stags. We respected the locals and the bars we drank in and in return we where not treated like a stereotypical stag do looking to cause mayhem. Overall, big thumbs up and fully recommend as a potential stag destination.


Had a fantastic weekend in Brno. Our guide Sylvia was superb and really was a good laugh. The transfers and activities took the hassle out of wondering when and what to do. Would definitely recommend Brno and LNOF to anyone else.


“Brno was a good, cheap stag destination. Really good beers and some great food. It was a little quiet around the streets and you have to be speak to the right people to find out where is going to be busy that evening but once you find it, you'll be out all night.”


Our weekend was awesome. The service you guys provided was fantastic! The shooting was one of the best things I have ever done and I am so glad you you guys where able to sort it at such short notice (Less than 24 hours) Thanks again!”


Brilliant weekend in Brno. The group had a great time and so did the groom, although he was stitched up completely. We stayed at a nice hotel which was brilliant. Our guides diane and Sylvie were very friendly and hospitable.”


Brno was EPIC! The beer was cheap, about 80p a pint, the go-karting track was amazing and the women gorgeous. What more do you need?? ”


We did the the machine gunning and go karting, the go karting was immense and anyone booking will love the indoor track! :) Brilliant weekend! ”


Amazing clubs to party in until it's time for breakfast back at the hotel. The locals are always ready to have a few drinks with you too and Absinthe is everywhere!!

Brno itself is very beautiful and has some great sight to see during the day. It's worth paying the extra for the bar crawl as with most bars/pubs under ground they can be tricky to find. ”


Had a great time in Brno. Paintball and karting are a must while there, so much better there! Bars are great, really cheap beer, in strip bars make sure you don't run a tab. Brno was a great place to go, felt safe all the time but then again there was 21 of us. ”


“Really liked our stag weekend in Brno, lovely vibe and lots of good cheap beer!”


“Had a great time - Sylvia looked after us brilliantly, and although disappointingly we weren't able to drive tanks, we were instead able to shoot guns.

The bloke at the karting track wasn't quite so pleased to see us, but was cheering up a bit when we left. Would definitely use LNOF again. ”


“We we're worried about Brno as had heard mixed reviews - we need not have been! We had an ace weekend.The people out there were really friendly, the beer cheap and the reps were ace, despite our drunken antics! Top marks for the hotel and their staff - extremely helpful. Good work Last Night Of Freedom! Thank you Kristina and Paul for your help.”


Had a great stag do in Brno. We were picked up from the hotel by Sylvia, the Last Night of Freedom guide. She spoke excellent english, lived locally so knew the area really well, had a great sense of humour and did I mention she was stunning!!

Had steak and stripper dinner, a great way to start the stag do. Sylvia was great, she quickly and happily dealt with all food and drink orders and got us into some decent bars and clubs. Giving a good run down of the music and clientele expected in each.

Sylvia picked us up and arranged taxis in the morning to take us to the shooting range. Never shot a gun (hand cannon)before and it was awesome! Got to keep the four targets we shot at as a nice memento, once again, Sylvia sorted the organising and got us taxis back to the hotel.

Had another cracking night, visited more bars and clubs (Sylvia recommended) and found a quality lap dance club. All in all, Sylvia was a cracking guide, beers were about £1 a pint, loads of bars (gotta go to one called 'Pub' where you pour your own beer at your table/booth and 'compete' against other tables/bars!!) a number of clubs to go to, a few lap dancing clubs, we were a group of 8 guys and had no problems whatsoever getting in anywhere with or without the guide, seemed a really fun safe place to go out at night, nicely concentrated so no walking for miles.

Would highly recommend Last Night of Freedom and Brno for a stag or just lads weekend away. ”


“First of all the idea of the guides being lovely Czech ladies was a great idea. Unfortunately the bars that we were taken to on the first night were dead apart from the club we were recommended at the end.

The shooting was a big waste of money as far as I was concerned but I know a couple of guys in the party liked it... they go shooting a lot so if it's your bag then that's something you can consider. The go-karting was double booked so we had to go to a second site... however, the track and cars were awesome.. the highlight of the weekend for me.

Evening time and the steak (which was actually pork) and strip was next... I would recommend the strip show for the stag. The girls were very game! Casino - pretty dead and if you're a big casino player you'll probably be disappointed. If it's your first time or you don't go regularly then it'll be fine (the drinks were free!).

Winding up after the casino we headed off to a strip club (another highlight and what you would think of a proper stag weekend. All the girls were stunning!) then we decided to go back to the club we went to the night before. It was a little late and was winding down. ”


Excellent weekend - quality location and the beer really was as cheap as we'd heard (under £1 a pint). Very helpful tour guide Mischa was on hand to help out with any requests and the lads had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend!”


Great location for stag weekend as not many brits or other stag do's. Food was v good, beer very cheap and bars and clubs great. The city was very nice and the hotel was great having the pool room attached. We all would 100% recommend this.”


“Having got 15 lads together for my brothers stag do in Czech I was a little apprehensive, but Last Night of Freedom made the whole thing painless for me. Our guide, Sylvie, was a beautiful Czech girl who picked us up and took us to our hotel (which was outstanding for our requirements) was a good sport on our pub crawl and organised the whole shooting package with zero fuss.

Although Brno itself was a little quite, I wouldn't hesitate to use LNOF again as it took the hassle out of the whole weekend and meant that i didn't have to babysit 15 lads ... ”


A great weekend, everything was well organised and the activities were spot on!”


Paintballing was awesome beyond belief, we played for about 3 hours and were the only group at the centre. Silvia was spot on as a guide and took us to quality venues for beers, and even brought her sister along....!”


The accommodation was excellent, as was our guide who was friendly and helpful.

The paintballing was brilliant, the food and beer included made it well worth the price paid. The go-karting was good, but I don't feel there was enough track-time.

Overall, an excellent trip - the stag certainly enjoyed himself!”

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