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Brno is the Czech Republic's surprise package, and one of the friendliest cities we've come across. It packs a solid punch - and it's strewn with pubs, bars, clubs and gorgeous women...

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The Czech Republic is famous for two things: Budvar and Prague. The Czech capital has hosted more stag weekends than the locals could shake their sticks at, and with so many people having been before – we reckon people might prefer something a little different. Brno stag weekends give you the best of both worlds; a trip to the Czech Republic without the worry that you may bump into an old school friend or neighbour in every bar you go into.

Brno packs a mean punch when it comes to stag weekends. This is, after all, the biggest beer drinking nation on the planet (always a good starting point when trying to find a suitable location for the forthcoming celebrations) and, add to that some excellent activities and bars and clubs that are open ‘til daylight - and you have a diamond of a place indeed. And, we haven’t even mentioned the Czech women…

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We got my best mate fake arrested on his stag do in Brno, he'll never live that down.

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For a city which has spent the majority of its existence defending itself, it is remarkably welcoming. The troubled history of Brno has left some outstanding scenery - including castles and grand buildings of varying importance. It’s a major centre for technological advancement, and the city is a hotbed of exhibitions and international conferences, as well as a permanent fixture in the Moto GP circuit. A huge student population keeps the atmosphere young and energetic, whilst the large number of theatres, art galleries and museums draws culture seekers from around the globe. A stag weekend in Brno is bound to be one to remember.

Despite being much modernised, Brno is a relative newcomer to the tourism game and, as such, its inhabitants are still welcoming and fun, whilst there is a distinct lack of people and businesses trying to take advantage of the tourists. Another positive is that prices of beer and food are still incredibly low – half a litre of lager costs around 60p in some places. We’ll see you there…

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