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With party boat cruises, strippers and beer bikes, those Germans know how to party. One thing's for sure, you're going to have the Rhine of your life on a Dusseldorf stag do. Prost!

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LNOF Guide to Dusseldorf

For the guaranteed Rhine of your life, it’s all about Dusseldorf.

Dusseldorf is a university town and one of the largest centres of art and fashion in the world, so culture vultures, prick up your ears now. Despite being one of the economic centres of Germany, Dusseldorf folk know how to let their hair down. The densely populated city has almost 700,000 residents, who live by the ‘work hard, play harder’ ethic.

Germans have a bit of a bad rep for being serious and straight laced, which potentially drives people away from cities like Dusseldorf, and more towards the likes of Amsterdam, Riga and Prague, with their ‘looser’ attitude towards the rules. However, this German city has its fair share of wildness, kicked off by their beer loving culture (having a beer or two before work is 100% acceptable – we like this place), plentiful drinking hotspots and beautiful Bavarian women at every turn. You’ll spend most of your stag do in Dusseldorf in Alstadt, the major nightlife area in the city centre, bordered by the Rhine River on one side and by Konigsallee on the other; here you’ll find a high concentration of restaurants, bars and nightclubs (read: places that’ll top your steins up).

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Dusseldorf is amazing. The steins taste better than anywhere else in the world and don't even get me started on those frankfurters.

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Dusseldorf’s social calendar is busier than the Kardashians’, with the biggest and boldest being, of course, the world renowned Oktoberfest. Beer tents big and small across the city will fill up with people getting more and more merry as the day draws on… we all know you want to join them. The annual Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf also attract thousands of people wanting to experience the postcard perfect log cabin-style stalls, selling everything from Christmas souvenirs, to edible Christmas goodies, to lashings of mulled wine. If you’re more of a thrill seeker, you can even join the approximately four million people who descend upon the city, to visit the Kirmes fun fair which runs for nine days in the summer.

Dusseldorf has three airports to its name; the biggest airport in the city is Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS), with connections to 175 destinations worldwide, which is probably where you’ll be flying to, but make sure to double check first, as the other two are much further out of the city centre. After all, long and gruelling transfers cut your drinking time, and that’s a stag do sin in our book.

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