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Palma is primed for you pleasure-seeking party people. The nightlife kicks off late with clubs staying open until 6am to support the buzzing, frenzied nocturnal mayhem. It is also full of history, character and sandy shores - so you can sooth your hangovers the morning after with beer, babes and banter at the beach.

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LNOF Guide to Palma

The island of Mallorca is remarkable.

Rarely is so much culture, music, heat, beauty, snorkelling and pole dancing wrapped up in such a small and perfectly formed area, allowing groups on a Palma stag weekend the chance to take things at as pedestrian or manic a pace as you wish.

For pumping, exuberant, youthful (and predominantly-British) holidaymaking, Magaluf is just down the road. Even closer to hand is Palma Nova, with its breathtaking beaches, boat trips and water-based activities. And then there's Palma itself, consummately more upmarket than Magaluf, but never unfriendly and certainly not lacking in the Spanish penchant for partying ‘til dawn. There's a magnificent cathedral to greet you on arrival, plenty of delightful little old lanes with ancient churches, Cuban and Brazilian clubs sucking you in with their hypnotic beats and magnetic energy, cute restaurants galore and numerous other evening establishments with genuinely friendly clientele from all over the world. Palma is truly the real deal - a total and utter gem for stag weekends, with a style all of its own.

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We wanted to fit in with the locals so we didn't head out until 11, which meant we ended up staying out all night. Hungover is not the word.

David ForrestOperations Executive

Mallorca is a small island with an eclectic nature - a place able to dazzle, deafen, delight and derail any goggle-eyed bunch of pleasure-seekers well before they fly back to normality again. Palma boasts a stunning port, with not only a place of overwhelming history and character, but one with a modern feel, as reflected in its clubs, restaurants and live music venues. Palma Nova, a few minutes' walk away, offers you some of the best snorkelling and pleasure-boating in Europe, not to mention some fine beaches on which to bronze. Magaluf, a little further away again, is well known for attracting a younger, predominantly British market. Between these three super-resorts, you're sure to have more than enough sights, sounds and smells to fill your stag weekend in Palma 10 times over.

As a rule, the Spanish go out late, heading for dinner after 10pm and not starting any serious drinking until around 11.30 or midnight. Why not try it Spanish style for a few days? You'll be dancing and slurring until gone 6am, so pace yourselves, boys.

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