Stag Weekends in Reykjavik

Snow-capped Reykjavik is so stunning, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in a mystical land. You drink to excess just to keep warm - at least, that's our excuse.

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LNOF Guide to Reykjavik

You won't find a stag weekend destination anywhere like Reykjavik.

If we started our pitch by telling you that beer was banned in Iceland until 1989, it would hardly hint at Reykjavik being the Barry White-sized stag weekend volcano that everyone at LNOF knows it to be, now would it? Yet, despite that handicap being recently corrected, Reykjavik’s stellar stag qualities are obvious to all, and will arrest your senses way before any of the peculiar local alcohol offerings leave you feeling a bit fragile.

Take a heart-stopping landscape of snowy mountain peaks, and add to it a breed of people so disarmingly cheerful that it temporarily catches you off guard… You may think – what’s the catch? The blonde folk of Reykjavik simply don’t have time for mistrust and misery, figuring out long ago that life is too short, and too cold, to waste on that favoured British pastime of whinging.

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Seeing the northern lights in Reykjavik is up there with the best things I've ever done in my life.

David ForrestOperations Executive

Allowing for the odd quaint little custom – such as their penchant for eating 5-month old, fermented shark meat every February – the fabulous folk of Reykjavik are refreshingly uncomplicated, and embrace life as only those who had no beer up until 20 years ago could! Whether they’re engaged in something as mundane as taking a group photo for tourists, spotting humpback whales and dolphins from a harbour boat, casting for salmon from the city’s fish-heavy river reserves, or trying out some new dance move in a relaxed club atmosphere at 6am on a Sunday morning, that Viking-tinged twinkle in the eye remains a constant driving force, inspiring more than just this particular visitor to plan a return trip as soon as possible.

Stag weekends can sometimes fall flat before they’ve even began, whether through disagreements on where to go, cost, expectation, timing and general compromise on the stag’s original intentions, but any group who have the brass plums to pick out Reykjavik from the off and stick to their guns will be over the moon that they saw it through. From the first view of the mountains

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