This nocturnal city is a stag do playground.

The Welsh sure know how to party and crazy Cardiff is the place to join them. Thrill-seekers flock to this city in their droves, looking to experience the ultimate night out. Breathe in this city’s magnificence, drink under the stars and head to one of the two main strips – filled with filled with everything from bars, clubs, to mind-blowing strip clubs – to send-off the Groom-to-Be the only way you should, in true Welsh style.

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1. Retro Cardiff

7 Mill Lane, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF10 1FL

The interior of Bier Keller, Newcastle, with wooden benches and seats

Retro, affectionately known as ‘the home of the 90s vibe’, is for the cheesy pop lovers in your group.

This blast from the past is unashamedly brash, loud, colourful and just good fun. Spread over three floors, boasting three whopping bars – and the famous cocktail bar – you and the lads can party like it's 1999 here in your craziest costume; the stranger the better (perhaps leave the offensive costumes at home, gents). The drinks menu reads like one of your favourite childhood sweet shops; Fruit Salad, Blackjack, Parma Violets, Flying Saucers and, of course, the Drumstick are just some of the eccentric cocktails on offer here. Go on, indulge your inner youth and relive those epic teenage memories.

Drunk Stage 1

2. Soda Bar

4-5 Mill Lane, Cardiff , South Glamorgan, CF10 1FL

The interior of Bier Keller, Newcastle, with wooden benches and seats

Soda Bar is one of Cardiff’s finest, independent gems.

This place was designed for those who have grown disenchanted with corporate chains, and has fast become a top spot for celebrating – not least because of its fantastic location on the liveliest strip in the city. As soon as you step through the building, you are transported to another world with the stylish middle-Eastern inspired décor, absolutely mind-blowing selection of spirits and cocktails, as well as beautiful women looking to drink, dance and flirt the night away. Soda is also home to one of Cardiff’s, if not the world’s, best kept secrets – The Attic. Tucked away in the venue, The Attic is the ultimate VIP experience. Kick-back on the plush vintage furniture, neck some bubbly, or dance like a madman on the exclusive dance floor – the possibilities are endless.

Drunk Stage 2

3. Peppermint Bar

63 St Mary Street, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF10 1FE

The interior of Bier Keller, Newcastle, with wooden benches and seats

Peppermint is as fresh as you might expect.

This late night party spot boasts an excellent location on the infamous St Mary Street, as well as a menu that reads like a who’s who of beverages. Open until the very early hours every day, you can expect a young, fun crowd at this place – sampling everything from the impressive flambé of cocktails (banoffee pie cocktail, anyone?), as well as the boutique beer menu for lovers of international hops. Contemporary and cool, Peppermint is the spot for both tourists, and locals alike – it’s basically a green wonderland of booze and gorgeous women. And, with its ideal spot on the main strip in Cardiff – this is the place to celebrate.

Drunk Stage 3

4. Walkabout Cardiff

65-74 St Mary Street, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF10 1FA

The interior of Bier Keller, Newcastle, with wooden benches and seats

This one is for the lads.

During the week, this Aussie venue is the home of sport in the city. You can chow down on some cracking cuisine – including massive burgers and mouthwatering seafood – and watch your favourite team with a cold one. Perfect. However, once the full time whistle blows, Walkabout truly comes alive. Set over two huge floors, this is party central. Drawing in hundreds of likeminded rowdy folk looking for a good time, Walkabout is a must-stop on your crawl in Cardiff. This place serves a whole range of beers to get you in the mood and you can even get your hands on some fantastic Australian beers, such as Fat Yak, Pure Blonde and Castlemaine XXXX Gold.

Drunk Stage 4

5. Maddison Cardiff

71-74 St Mary Street , Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF10 1FA

The interior of Bier Keller, Newcastle, with wooden benches and seats

Set on the notorious St Mary Street – the liveliest district in Cardiff – Maddison is an unparalleled venue.

The bar / restaurant has everything; delicious food, electric atmosphere and a state-of-the-art club, DC. This venue is one of the most popular stops and draws in rowdy folk in their droves. It’s trendy, modern and has a fantastic bar stocking something to suit all your groups’ tastes. There are even plush VIP areas, as well as a rising stage placed directly in front of the epic DJ booth – so make sure you get your requests in. You could even stop by and tuck into some high-class grub here, before hitting the strip and celebrating the stag do in style.

Drunk Stage 5

6. Playhouse

32 Saint Mary Street, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF10 1AB

The interior of Bier Keller, Newcastle, with wooden benches and seats

As it’s a stag weekend, it would be criminal not to end the night at a top lap dancing club.

Playhouse is one of Cardiff’s leading strip clubs; with the emphasis on luxury. There are plush VIP lounges, super expensive champagne, full waitress service for tables and, of course, over 50 gorgeous women performing regularly on the main stage. The spacious and opulent bar area is the place to see and be seen in – basically, you can live the life of a high roller here. Due to its superb location on St Mary Street, you are also just a few minutes’ walk from the previous clubs mentioned in this crawl, if you fancy staying out way past your bedtime.

Cardiff's nightlife is notorious - and you can experience it, and find out even more on our Cardiff Stag Weekend page.

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