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Marchbrook Paintball

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Get ready for paintbattle.

Marchbrook Paintball

The hills are alive with the sound of warfare. Paintball warfare. This place is the ultimate paintballing venue, set in the dense woodland of Wrexham – the paintball zones actually replicate real battlefields.

Hellside is for those with nerves of steel. Situated on a hill with wooden barricades, it’s your job to protect your command post, the Enigma Machine, and fight off the insurgents. Camp Cartel is for the brave. The South American drug cartel has kidnapped a senior political figure’s son, and you must rescue the family from the drug lord. Then, you’ve got Battle of the Undead – what’s dead, doesn’t always stay dead. And, that’s not forgetting The Uncivilised War, where it’s every man for himself.

This. Is. War.

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