Meet the Team

Get to know the LNOF family

Specialists in Stag & Hen

We're a team of funny, charming, witty, like-minded thinkers and planners. We're also solid tens... not that we like to brag. Here's the LNOF family.

  • Matt Mavir

    Matt Mavir

    Head Honcho

  • Andy Hindmarch

    Andy Hindmarch

    Digital Director

  • Garry Hodgson

    Garry Hodgson

    Weekends Director

  • Cheryl Hooper

    Cheryl Hooper

    Operations Director

  • Will Johnson

    Will Johnson

    Finance Director

  • Stephen Madgwick

    Stephen Madgwick

    Office Manager

  • Steve Telford

    Steve Telford

    Sales Team Leader

  • Adam Cutts

    Adam Cutts

    Sales Team Leader

  • Major Green

    Major Green


  • Jan Docherty

    Jan Docherty


  • Claire Wright

    Claire Wright


  • Liam Ross

    Liam Ross

    Snr Graphic Designer

  • Chris Dean

    Chris Dean

    Snr Full Stack Developer

  • Scott Reed

    Scott Reed

    Snr Developer

  • Scott Reed

    Aimee Barber

    Content & Marketing Manager

  • Sean Palmer

    Sean Palmer

    Suppliers Manager

  • Lois Cooke

    Lois Cooke

    UK & Ireland Team Lead

  • Katie Doyle

    Katie Doyle

    Overseas Team Lead

  • Andrew Lambert

    Andrew Lambert

    Product Dev Manager

  • Emma Lane

    Emma Lane

    Hotel Account Manager

  • Jen McMahon

    Jen McMahon

    Operations Executive

  • Hannah Naraynsingh

    Hannah Naraynsingh

    Operations Executive

  • Paul Collins

    Paul Collins

    Sales Executive

  • Peter Cudd

    Peter Cudd

    Sales Executive

  • Shauna-Lee Burns

    Shauna-Lee Burns

    Sales Executive

  • Marija Ward

    Marija Ward

    Sales Executive

  • Marija Ward

    Mal James

    Sales Executive

  • Katrina Harvey

    Katrina Harvey

    Sales Executive

  • Christie Hulley

    Christie Hulley

    Sales Executive

  • Natalie Thompson

    Natalie Thompson

    Sales Executive