Glow Golf Amsterdam

Glow Golf

  • Game time 1 hour
  • Glow in the dark golf clubs & balls provided
  • Duration: 1.5 hours dependent on group size

This epic activity is a whole other level – take the wackiness of crazy golf and the glow in the dark trippiness of an aged hippy’s hallucinatory mind palace, put that all together and you have a crazy-glow-golf adventure just waiting to happen.

This sea-fairing venue will take you into a world of pirates, villains, neon octopuses and magical black lights, with holes based on the wheel of a ship and mythical creatures. Set close to the centre, this crazy golf/trance disco/80s era Tron-hybrid is a brilliant way to spend a very surreal hour in Amsterdam. There are 15 holes to the course, and club hire and 3D glasses are included. Honestly, why wouldn't you want to play a round of golf that requires the use of 3D glasses?

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