Mini Highland Games Edinburgh

Mini Highland Games

  • Various Scottish-themed mini games & challenges
  • Includes games such as Tossin' the Caber, Wellie Hurling & Tug o'War
  • Safety instruction & equipment provided
  • Winner receives a bottle of whisky or bubbly
  • Duration: 2 hours

The Highland Games are the perfect opportunity to get out in the fresh air. Celebrating the best of Scottish culture, the Highland Games have been around for yonks – said to have originated in 1889. The games are still hugely popular today and the Cowal Highland Gathering – the largest Highland Games in the world – attracts a massive crowd of 23,000.

The events are synonymous with Scotland. You've got the classics; Tug o' War, Hurling the Wellies, Tossing the Caber (basically, throwing a tree trunk) and Tossing the Hammer, as well as a host of unique and unusual games to sink your teeth into.

Putting the Stane is similar to the shot put, but instead of hurling a steel ball – you'll be chucking rocks. You've got to run for your life, whilst carrying small logs, with The Farmer's Dash and flip a tyre in the aptly named, Tyre Flip. The Haggis Malt Challenge is, essentially, bowls, but with sheep innings and whisky. The person who throws the haggis closest to the whisky, wins. Finally, you've got Weight o'er the Bar, which involves swinging a weight over a bar – no surprises there. Kilts are optional, but certainly encouraged and there'll be a wee dram of whisky for the winner.

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