Mini Cooper Italian Job Challenge London

Mini Cooper Italian Job Challenge

  • Driver / guide in each vehicle
  • Pick up and drop off from anywhere in Zone 1 of London
  • Various games and challenges involved
  • Bottle of bubbly for the winning team
  • Includes blue jumpsuits, flat caps & bars of gold props
  • Maximum 3 passengers per Mini Cooper
  • Duration: 2 hours

Listed number one in best things to do in London by Time Out - this is once in a lifetime. A fleet of impressive Mini Coopers will pick up you and your accomplices in Central London. And, upon arrival – you and the team will don bright blue jumpsuits and tweed flatcaps – before you are given your treasure hunt photo challenge. You’ll even have bars of gold in the boot as you drive away and attempt to complete the mission.

There’ll be a series of challenges to complete during the activity; from trying to befriend a police officer, to finding a member of public to propose to at St Paul’s Cathedral, to driving all the way to Leake Street tunnel and doing a spot of graffiti on the walls.

The team who gains the most points wins a bottle of bubbly and chocolates. This is totally unique and you even get to use some of your favourite Italian Job quotes. All together now: “You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off”.

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