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Battle Zone Archery Newcastle

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Battlezone archery is the crazy, younger brother of the classic sport.

Battle Zone Archery

  • Event Co-ordinator
  • Safety instruction and equipment
  • Outdoor 3G pitch hire included
  • Archery tag - a mix between archery, paintball & dodgeball
  • Bow and arrows
  • Various archery tag games
  • Duration: 1 hour

It’s fast-paced, furious and action-packed. It’s basically a cross between dodgeball and archery, with the ever present danger of getting an arrow where no arrow has been before. You and your group will split into two teams, and you’ll run for the arrows as you would in dodgeball (but for balls) – and then it’s war.

There’ll be various bunkers dotted around the court, with target cones placed in front. You can hide behind these bunkers when it all gets a little too much and arrows are raining down, but make sure you target the cones. One hit on those badboys, and that’s 50 points in your pocket – along with 30 points every time you shoot a player. And, following the rules of dodgeball, if you catch an arrow – you can bring an eliminated player back into the game.

Ladies and gentlemen, may the odds be ever in your favour.

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