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Two steins of beer, one illuminated by the backlight

Blackfriars - Geordie Beer Tasting

A Newcastle Falcons player running with the ball and being tackled during a game of rugby

Newcastle Falcons Rugby Tickets - South Standing

A large group of people running in inflatable bubble football bubbles

Bubble Football & Goggle Football

A man wearing camouflage overalls and a mask standing near tyres and a plume of white smoke

Outdoor Paintball - Full Day Inc 100 Balls

A yellow and green off-road buggy landing after going over a jump on a dirt track

Rage Buggies

A blue quad bike being driven over a green metal obstacle

Quad Biking

A black rally car drifting round a corner on a gravel track

Rally Driving

An off-road buggy racing on a track

Rally Buggies

Multiple go karts racing on an outdoor track

Outdoor Karting

Two go karts racing on an indoor circuit

Indoor Karting

A person wearing overalls and a mask aiming a laser gun at the camera

Indoor Laser Tag

A person wearing camouflage overalls and a mask skidding across the ground and aiming a paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - Full Day Inc 100 Balls

A man wearing a paintball mask and a pink bib with a target on crouching next to a wooden fence and holding a paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - Half Day Inc 100 Balls

A man wearing camouflage overalls and a mask standing near tyres and a plume of white smoke

Outdoor Paintball - Half Day Inc 300 Balls

A man wearing camouflage overalls and a mask standing in front of a large, snow-covered military vehicle

Outdoor Paintball - Full Day Inc 300 Balls

A black and white image of a large vehicle with a man crouched in front aiming a paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - Half Day Inc 300 Balls

A man firing a black shotgun into the sky

Clay Pigeon Shooting

A man aiming a bow and arrow at a wicker archery target


A man wearing a full-face paintball mask and camouflage overalls aims a paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - Half Day Inc 100 Balls

A group of people in camouflage and helmets, firing airsoft rifles in a forest

Outdoor Airsoft

A split image of a quad bike being driven off a metal obstacle and a man aiming a shotgun into the sky

Clay Pigeon Shooting & Quad Biking

A split image of a man in a paintball mask and go karts racing on an outdoor track

Outdoor Karting & Paintball

A split image of an off-road buggy driving through a field and a man aiming a shotgun into the sky

Clay Pigeon Shooting & Mud Buggies

A split image of an off-road buggy in a field and a quad bike being driven over a metal obstacle

Mud Buggies & Quad Biking

A split image of a man in paintball overalls and mask running with a paintball gun and a black off-road buggy driving on a dirt track

Mud Buggies, Outdoor Paintball & Quad Biking

A split image of an off-road buggy driving on a dirt track and a person turning a quad bike round a tight corner

Mud Buggies & Quad Biking

A man in a mud covered helmet

Quads & Buggies

A split image of go karts on an outdoor track and a black land rover driving down a slope

4x4 Off-Road Driving, Outdoor Karting & Paintball

A split image of multiple go karts on an outdoor circuit and a yellow 'rage' off-road buggy

4x4 Off-Road Driving, Outdoor Karting & Rally Buggies

A split image of a quad bike driving down a grass track and a people playing paintball in a forest

Outdoor Paintball & Quad Biking

A split image of an off-road buggy driving down a muddy track and a man aiming a bow and arrow

Archery, Paintball, Rally Buggies & Tomahawks

A split image of a man aiming a shotgun into the sky and a blue quad bike being driven over an obstacle

Quad Biking, Clay Pigeon & Mud Buggies

Split image of Messi stood next to a blue inflatable zorb, and a group of men playing archery tag

Battle Zone Archery & Bubble Football

A group of horses racing past the finishing line on a grass racetrack

Newcastle Racecourse - Premier Enclosure Tickets

Horses crossing the finishing line of a grass racetrack, with a large crowd watching on

Newcastle Racecourse - Race Day Tickets

A horse and yellow-jacketed jockey racing down a dirt track, ahead of another horse

Northumberland Plate Day - Grandstand Tickets

A horse and a jockey running across short green grass

Newcastle Racecourse - Ladies Day Grandstand Tickets

People playing goggle football on an astroturf pitch

Old School Sports Day & Goggle Football

A pair of legs sticking out of the top of a blue inflatable bubble

Bubble Football & Old School Sports Day

The back of a man running to a giant footdart board


Split image of the back of a man running to a footdart board, and people playing in inflatable balls on a field

Footdarts & Bubble Football

A woman in a white vest top and cap posing with a football and showing a red card

Bubble Football with a Sexy Referee

Men standing in a large inflatable football pitch, tethered to ropes and playing football

Human Table Football

A man falling over on a large red and blue inflatable

It's a Knockout

A man paddling a black kayak through rolling rapids


Men wearing helmets and life jackets paddling a blue raft through water

White Water Rafting

An image of a blue and white boat on the River Tyne, and a man in a pirate costume

Themed Party Cruise & Buffet

A large blue and white pleasure boat on the River Tyne

Party Cruise & BBQ

An amber cocktail being double strained into a chilled coupe glass

Glass House - Cocktail Workshop

A man in a suit, holding a glass of whiskey on a table

Glass House - Whisky & Bourbon Tasting

A glass of whisky and ice next to a large, lit cigar

Glass House - Scotch Whisky Tasting

A bartender pouring red cocktails through a sieve and into martini glasses

Jalou - Cocktail Workshop & Food Platter

A red cocktail in a Kilner jar style container

Players - Cocktail Workshop

Four cocktails lined up on a bar, all different colours and sizes

Las Iguanas - Cocktail Workshop

A man's hand holding a shot of vodka, with three other shots in the foreground

Vodka Tasting

A man's hand holding a crystal glass stem, with rum in

Rum Tasting

Three shots of tequila on a wooden board, surrounded by slices of lime

Tequila Tasting

Whiskey being poured through a sieve and into a tumbler, over ice

Whiskey Tasting

Tomato sauce being spread onto a pizza base

Pizza Making Class

Two martini glasses being filled with red cocktail from metal cocktail shakers

Buddha Bar - Cocktail Workshop

A metal spirit jigger being filled from a bottle of gin over a cocktail shaker

Buddha Bar - Premium Cocktail Workshop

A stack of glasses surrounded by blue flame, with people in the background

Buddha Bar - Premium 'Fire & Ice' Cocktail Workshop

A recording studio desk with speakers, amplifiers, screens and a sound mixing desk

Recording Studio Session

A man working at a large sound mixing desk

Recording Studio Session - Deluxe

Various multicoloured cocktails and half an orange

Tiger Tiger - Cocktail Workshop

A row of three different cocktails in front of a pile of crushed ice

Slug & Lettuce Cocktail Workshop

An old school 'boombox' style radio in front of a graffiti'd wall

Old School Hip Hop Dance Class

A split image of a cocktail being double strained into a glass on a bar top and a plate of meat on skewers

Buddha Bar - Cocktail Workshop & 2 Course Meal

A split image of a woman drinking from a red cocktail and a bowl of curry next to a bowl of rice

Buddha Bar - Cocktail Workshop & 3 Course Meal

A light coloured cocktail being carefully strained into a couple glass

Slug & Lettuce - Cocktail Workshop & 2 Course Meal

A dark red cocktail being strained into a coupe glass, with other drinks nearby

Slug & Lettuce - Cocktail Workshop & 3 Course Meal

A cocktail being poured into a martini glass

Tiger Tiger - Cocktail Workshop & Food Platters

A coupe glass filled with red cocktail

Tiger Tiger - Cocktail Workshop & 2 Course Meal

The interior of a party bus with red lighting

Party Bus & 2 Course Meal

Revolution - Cocktail Workshop & Nibbles

An image of two bowls of food and a bowl of crisps overlaid with a coupe glass filled with red liquid

Tiger Tiger - Cocktail Workshop & 3 Course Meal

A split image of a red cocktail garnished with a drumstick lolly and a wooden tray of food

Buddha Bar - Cocktail Workshop & Asian Tapas Platters

A split image of a wooden box willed with food and a wine glass being filled from a metal cocktail shaker

Buddha Bar - Premium Cocktail Workshop & Asian Tapas Platters

A close up of a pizza

Revolution - Cocktail Workshop & 2 Course Meal

A man lining up a shot on a blue pool table, with another table visible in the background

Spot White - Private Pool Room Hire with Food Platters

A martini glass filled with red liquid and with a cherry garnish

Yates - Cocktail Workshop & 2 Course Meal

A split image of a person holding a bow and arrows with a target in the distance, and a carabiner hanging from a rope

High Ropes & Axe Throwing Session with Lunch

White Zizzi logo placed over an image of a pizza

Zizzi - 2 Course Meal

White Zizzi logo placed over a split image of a pizza and a bottle of Prosecco with a full glass

Zizzi - 3 Course Meal with Prosecco

White Zizzi logo placed over a split image of food and a bottle of Prosecco with a full glass

Zizzi - 4 Course Meal with Prosecco & Wine

A burger being held up in a pair of hands

Man Vs Food Challenge

Close up of a slice of pizza, topped with black olives, being removed from the full pizza, served up on a table

Bella Italia - 3 Course Meal

A burger in a bun with an egg on top

Yates - Brunch and Bottomless Prosecco

A wooden box filled with different types of food

Slug & Lettuce - Finger Food & Prosecco

A plate of food overlaid with a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket

Tiger Tiger - 2 Course Meal, Bubbles & Nightclub Entry

Champagne bottles being held in the air with sparklers attached

Tiger Tiger - 3 Course Meal, Bubbles & Nightclub Entry

Las Iguanas - 2 Course Meal

A top-down view of a plate of salad on a wooden table

Las Iguanas - 3 Course Meal

A platter of olives, bread, meats and salad

Glass House - Champagne & Deli Platter Package

A top-down view of multiple plates of Latin American food

Las Iguanas - 3 Course Meal with Cava & Cocktails

Multiple chefs in a large kitchen preparing many large metal trays of food

Za Za Bazaar - World Banquet Dinner & Welcome Drink

A top-down view of a fish dish on a white plate

As You Like It - 2 Course Lunch

A plate of steak, chips and salad

Revolution - 2 Course Meal

A pastry dessert on a plate with a scoop of ice cream

Revolution - 3 Course Meal

A bowl of food with meat, vegetables and sauce

Prima - 2 Course Meal

A sauce-covered dessert with a flag in it

Tiger Tiger - 2 Course Meal & Nightclub Entry

A plate of nachos topped with chicken

Tiger Tiger - 3 Course Meal & Nightclub

Two plates of pasta and a plate of tomato and mozzarella salad

Bucca di Beppo - 3 Course Meal

A chocolate dessert with a ball of chocolate ice cream on top

Cafe Rouge - 3 Course Meal & Drink

Pizzas and dough balls on a marble table, with a pizza cutter

Pizza Express - 2 Course Meal & Drink

A top-down view of two large plates of food

Slug & Lettuce - 2 Course Meal

A waffle covered in fruit on a white plate with a fork

Slug & Lettuce - 3 Course Meal

An image of food overlaid with a wine glass being filled with red wine

Tiger Tiger - 3 Course Meal, Bubbles, Wine & Nightclub Entry

A large steak on a wooden board, with a topping and salad

Tiger Tiger - 3 Course Meal, Beers & Nightclub Entry

An image of 5 playing cards and some casino chips on a green surface

The Straight Flush Casino Experience

Five red playing cards and casino chips on a green surface

Royal Flush Experience

Five greyhounds racing side-by-side on a dirt track

Night at the Dogs - Saturday

A microphone with lyrics on the screen in the background

Karaoke Pod Hire - Friday

A close up of red playing cards next to stacks of casino chips

Poker Lesson & Welcome Drink

A man in lederhosen, dancing on a table with people looking on

Stein Bierkeller - Entry, Food & Stage View Seats

The exterior of a black party bus with the top of the Millennium Bridge in the background

Private Party Bus Hire - 1 Hour

The exterior of a white stretch limousine

Limo bus Hire - 2 Hours

Women dancing inside a party bus under blue and purple lights

Party Bus

An illuminated 'Ohso' sign overlaid with a woman dancing in a bow-tie and bunny ears

LNOF Party Bar Crawl with Sexy Host

An ice bucket with bottles of vodka in being filled up from a soda tap

Madame Koo - VIP Platinum Drinks Table

A box of cocktail making equipment in Revolution

Revolution - Reserved Area with Mojito Box

A split image of some seats in Revolution and some glasses of drink with lime and ice in

Revolution - Reserved Area with Gin Box

A split image of Ketel One vodka and some maroon booths

Revolution - Reserved Area with Vodka Box

Some prosecco and different drinks with empty glasses around, waiting to be filled

Players - VIP Drinks Package

A group of people inside a bar watching football on a TV

Bar-B Guestlist Entry

An ice bucket containing bottles of vodka, a bottle of champagne and two champagne glasses

Bar Beyond - Silver Drinks Table

A group of women clinking glasses of champagne together

Bar Beyond - Platinum Drinks Table

An ice bucket containing a bottle of champagne next to a glass of fruit, two champagne flutes and shot glasses of fruit puree

Bar Beyond - VIP Premium Drinks Table

A glass of champagne with others out of focus in the background

Bar Beyond - Gold Drinks Table

A clear ice bucket containing three bottles of vodka, resting on a bar top with bottles in the background

Tiger Tiger - VIP Drinks Table

The exterior of a Slug and Lettuce bar, with outdoor seating and purple awnings

Slug & Lettuce Bar Entry

Three semi-circular, comfortable leather chairs with wine glasses and cutlery laid out in front of them

The Living Room Guestlist Entry

A group of people dancing in The Empress

Empress Guestlist Entry

The body of a woman wearing black lingerie and sitting on a bed

FYEO - Lap Club Entry & Drinks Voucher

A view over comfortable booths and raised bar seating at a large bar venue

Revolution Guestlist Entry

A view down the bar at Florita's on a busy evening

Florita's - Guestlist Entry

A buddha-style with a bar and red lights in the background

Madame Koo - Guestlist Entry

A roulette wheel and table, surrounded by people

Casino Entry

A close up of a woman's face as she lies on a white towel receives a massage to the head

Village Newcastle - Spa Day Inc Treatment

A roll of brown paper alongside a frame and paintbrushes

Nude Life Drawing

An indoor swimming pool

Living Well Health Club - Spa Day

Line of three full champagne flutes

Champagne Tasting Session

Two glasses of champagne next to some baubles

Glass House - Champagne & Cupcake Package

Finger sandwiches and dainty treats on a high tea stand

Glass House - Afternoon Tea

A glass of wine surrounded by white china, with an out of focus glass in the background being filled from a wine bottle

Hilton - Champagne Afternoon Tea

The top level of a cake stand, filled with small cakes and pastries

Hotel Indigo - Afternoon Tea

A split image of two glasses of champagne being clinked together and a filled cake stand

Hotel Indigo - Sparkling Afternoon Tea

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LNOF Guide to Newcastle

For a proper night out - you need a Geordie

We have a motto: for the suit, you need a tailor, for the bouquet, you need a florist and for the party - you need a Geordie.

Newcastle has always had more to offer than its stereotype of wild nights drinking by the Tyne River, where lasses gan oot with nee coats on - but the city has re-invented itself in recent years with a major facelift and now holds its own as a buzzing cosmopolitan city, and we’re still as football-mad as we’ve ever been.

But don’t fret, pet – despite art galleries, music venues and award-winning bars and restaurants adorning the stunning River Tyne, our precious homeland has retained its broad smile, straight talking, shameless sense of mischief and unrivalled nightlife.

Osborne Road is one of the most popular places to start the night (though it usually gets going from around 2pm) - a picturesque tree-lined street in the suburbs, full of upmarket bars and gorgeous girl with happy punters spilling onto the streets. In the city centre you have the notorious Diamond Strip (of Geordie Shore fame), known for its trendy bars and clubs with sultry vibes and painfully beautiful lasses and, of course, there is the iconic quayside – where swanky bars are met by magnificent riverside views.

We’re proud of our Geordie homeland and know it like the back of our hand. So, check out our Insider’s Guide to Newcastle Nightlife to feast upon our expert knowledge and ensure you have a proper night oot on the tiles of The Toon. Whey aye.

Customer Reviews for Newcastle

Our average stag feedback score for Newcastle is 4.88

Average Rating from 184 reviews

Trustpilot Rating
9 stars


“A Big thanks to the team at Last night of freedom for sorting out the activities. We all had a blast and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks guys. ”

10 stars


“Amazing time, everything ran smoothly and all the set up was easy once numbers and people were confirmed. Would definitely recommend lnof to anybody planning a stag in newcastle.”

9 stars


Can't speak highly enough about Last Night of Freedom's services - been outstanding from start to finish. Hotel was great, good location and really helpful staff. Newcastle is a fantastic city, loads of really good bars/pubs. River Cruise was outstanding, really really good fun and reasonable priced booze. Foot Golf was good, although the event co-ordinator left a lot to be desired. Felt like he half-arsed it a bit, hung about on one of the greens for us, played two games. Gave out a bottle of beer to the winner then left pretty quick after that”

7 stars


Really good organisation.

10 stars


Brilliant weekend! Bubble football was especially fun!!”

9 stars


Very pleased with the hotel and your services, if i ever get married again I would use you guys again lol ”

9 stars


Absolutely brilliant weekend, LNOF is definitely getting recommended. ”

8 stars


Great place. Ideal for a stag party

10 stars


Everything was faultless. Thank you for an amazing weekend.”

10 stars


Weekend was savage,thanks very much ”

10 stars



9 stars


The service from Last Night of Freedom was outstanding. Made it easy from start to finish.”

9 stars


Have to say the organisation and promptness of everything was very good from LNOF so thanks for making it so easy. Nightlife was good, activities were good, hotel location was great and having the transfers sorted made everything much easier. Thanks.

10 stars


We had a brilliant time for my stag in Newcastle, there were no negatives, only positives!!! Also the Last Night of Freedom team were great, with organising and making a few alterations for us aswell, it's safe to say I would highly recommend this company to anyone. And I am pretty sure we will be back to Newcastle soon. Many Thanks.”

9 stars


What a weekend, great city with friendly people and excellent nightlife. Would highly recommend it as a place for a stag/hen do.

9 stars


Great trip to Newcastle. It is a perfect stag-friendly location with loads of bars and clubs, locals who like drinking and enough places to keep you entertained all weekend! We played Zorb football which was good fun and helps clear out the alcohol from the night before.”

10 stars


Everyone of us 15 had such a good weekend, and couldn't think of anything we would change. Could not fault any part of the full plan. Excellent time had by all, thank you LNOF.

10 stars


Excellent weekend. Activities that we took part in were great to break up the drinking sessions. Staying at the ramada encore hotel. Rooms were very clean and breakfast was awesome”

8 stars


Very easy to organise with plenty of correspondence and having Jen hand deliver our tickets to the accommodation made life much easier, would recommend to anyone trying to organise a large group as these guys takes a lot of the heartache out of it for you! Thanks again Jen!”

9 stars


Great fun

10 stars


A massive thank you. I had a brillant weekend and all thanks to you. Everywhere we went everything we did was great.i have never seen so many drinking places ha.and where else can u get a greggs at 03.00 in the morning. I will remember your help and newcastle for a long time ha thankyou.

10 stars


Fantastic service from start to finish. Great job guys!!”

9 stars


Had a fantastic weekend in Newcastle from start to finish, best weekend I had out in a long time. ”

10 stars


“They loved it and it all went smoothly, would definitely recommend you to future stags! Thanks again Leanne :) ”

10 stars


Fantastic location and an all round great time.

9 stars


Great weekend which ran smoothly, will definitely return.”

9 stars


Great weekend. LNOF were excellent ”

9 stars


“We really had a great time. Hannah and the girls on the bar crawl were fantastic! Would use the company again! Thank you for all your help!”

10 stars


“The preparation for the weekend was most impressive, LNOF were absolutely fantastic, so well organised and equipped to deal with and accommodate every little issue, made the weekend so much easier for me and I would recommend to anyone considering a stag night or hen do. Thank you again to the whole team at LNOF, especially Sammy, Katie and George, who were fantastic. ”

10 stars


great weekend, well organised. highly recommend the party bus.

8 stars


The quads and buggies were great fun! Buggies could have maybe been a little more structured as a race format which would have been better but still good fun.”

10 stars


Brilliant Weekend that ran smoothly with thanks too the guys at LNOF. Communication throughout was excellent and anything needed, they were there too help with just a phone call. Will strongly recommend!! 10/10 service

9 stars


It was a fantastic weekend from start to finish. I can't thank LNoF enough for organising it all. The nights out, the events during the day, the location and accommodation were all brilliant and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

9 stars


We really enjoyed the whole weekend. Thanks to all the reps we met along the way. ”

10 stars


Staff at LNOF were excellent!! Very helpful, always. Accommodation was great, friendly staff. Brekkie very decent. All in all a STAG to remember, well done guys.

8 stars


Karting was excellent!

9 stars


Using LNOF made arranging the weekend so much easier, not just for me but for the rest of the lads too. We were placed in a great hotel in Newcastle with friendly and helpful staff who were in good spirits with us! The paintballing we booked was good, but the nightlife was the main attraction. So many bars, clubs and pubs that accommodate for everyone. Most important of all is the guys of LNOF! They were so helpful in regards to the booking, we had to make a few adjustments in the time we booked to when we actually went, they were very accommodating to us. All in all, a good weekend and I will highly recommend anyone to use LNOF!

9 stars


“It was our first visit to Newcastle and we had a fantastic weekend. Great variety of pubs, restaurants and clubs. Most people were easy going. Would visit again. ”

10 stars


“Would recommend the comedy club and the zorb football, for anyone, both were great fun, our whole group enjoyed both. Night life was great aswell - loads of pubs to choose from. ”

9 stars


Brilliant weekend. Will use you again definitely. ”

9 stars


Newcastle was a fantastic experience all the bars were lively with friendly people. The hotel was in a very good location about a 5 minute walk to the center off the night life. The strippers was the highlight of weekend. 14 of us went to Newcastle and we all loved it and we would all go back.

9 stars


“Really pleased with everyone connected to LNOF, very good service and helpful. Used Tiger as venue on Saturday for food and the service wasn't great which was a shame.”

9 stars


“I thought the weekend was very good, everything that was booked through you went very smoothly and had no problems at all. ”

10 stars


“Spot on weekend from start to finish. It took away the stress of organising everything and it all ran like clockwork.”

9 stars


“The weekend overall was fantastic. Last Night of Freedom could not be more helpful. The hotel was excellent quality, in a great location - much better than I anticipated. Newcastle was a great night out for me and the lads. Lively with loads and loads of bars! Just what I wanted. Overall, I had a great weekend and I'd recommend LNOF to anyone looking for a stag weekend in the future!

9 stars


“The hotel was very expensive to drink in. But, this was made all ok by the excellent service provided by LNOF. Great time and I would definitely recommend LNOF to a friend. Thanks guys!”

8 stars


“Great weekend had by all. LNOF made it very easy to organise from start to finish regarding payments, activities etc. ”

9 stars


Great weekend, the go karting was brilliant perhaps a little decoration and cleaning in the rest rooms would be good but the Karting supressed this - amazing fun!!. Overall a great time - Tip Try a game of bowling at Lane 7 Newcastle !!!”

10 stars


“AMAZING. Last Night of Freedom are ace I will deffo book with them again.”

9 stars


Great service from LNOF staff, everything was a breeze. Zorb football was outstanding although the football hardly moved and Archery / Tomahawk throwing was a great laugh”

9 stars


“Had a great weekend in Newcastle. The accommodation was of a very high quality close to Quayside which was ideal for walking to bars. The party bus was well organised and great fun. All In all we everyone said they had a great weekend away.”

10 stars


“14 of us went up to Newcastle and had a fantastic weekend with great memories from start to finish , everything was as it said so big thanks to Last Night of Freedom for helping to organise a fantastic weekend , 10 out of 10 and highly recommended , bubble football is a must for a great laugh , all the locations were great and easy to find and close to the night life .”

8 stars


“The weekend was great. The human table football was absolutely brilliant. Although the pub crawl was good, the people leading it were an hour late (I know he had staff issues) but in fairness the 2 girls who turned up were fab and we had a great evening. The Indian meal although good, wasn't quite as advertised. 4 course Indian banquet was really what we had. We have a nice starter of bhajiis and then some mixed dishes and rice. Some naan's came but only 9 between 13. Food was good though. Aside from that all was advertised and I would use Last Night of Freedom again. Thanks”

10 stars


“Superb weekend the, accommodation was top notch. Would recommend using you to anyone, thanks for a quality weekend!”

10 stars


“The whole weekend was amazing. The tickets for the football were outstanding seats and the dogs on Saturday night were also great. No complaints, would definitely recommend the company to others.

8 stars


“We had a great weekend thanks you you guys. Great communication throughout ensuring everything ran smoothly. ”

7 stars


“Newcastle is a very good place to go. The city is a pure party town And there is something for everyone. If you go on the weekend I would also recommend a trip to the dogs on a Saturday afternoon as a good place to kick off the stag day. Floritas nightclub is also a great place to party with lots of bars around it to go in before.”

8 stars


“Great weekend in Newcastle would recommend this to all going on a stag night and the day out of shooting and buggies was brill also ”

9 stars


“brilliant weekend would recommend newcastle to any one”

9 stars


What a brilliant stag do! Great activities (well organised, professional and fun), fantastic nightlife (top, top totty in the Toon) and great mates. I could not recommend Newcastle as a stag do venue more highly....i just wish I could do it all again (and remember more of it too)”

10 stars


We had a great time on my cousins stag do, the activities were well organised and close together so we didn't need to rush around and got in plenty of drinking time, when we returned to the hotel in the afternoon!

The hotel was great, very comfortable and when we eventually got back to the hotel in the early hours we all slept well. The night life is great and very friendly, with lots of eye candy for those allowed to look!

Many thanks to the LNOF guys. A weekend to remember! ”

8 stars


Newcastle was awesome the accommodation was ideal for a stagger! Spot on!”

9 stars


I want to say a big thank you to you for organising my stag weekend just gone by. It was excellent and my 10 male comrades will be recommending you guys going forward.

I want to say a massive thank you to the hotel for the service provided, I can’t thank them enough (for arranging transport, ordering pizza, printing directions & boarding cards)first class service. The entire group were very happy with the accommodation. Please pass on a massive thank you to the hotel management from us.

The comedy was great and the meal was excellent (Steak went down well after one or two lemonades beforehand!!!) The quad biking was good despite the cold weather (It helped the hang overs from night before) do I was surprised that the full group where not aloud to bike together for health and safety reasons. So we were put into 2 groups.

The night life was great with "Sam Jacks" the starting point on both nights and then onto Perdu and finishing in "For your eyes only"!!!). Finally, thank you Last Night of Freedom for all your professional service and assistance, I could not have done it without you. It was a pleasure dealing with you and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone and that goes for my 10 mates too. ”

9 stars


“Absolutely great weekend very well organised.”

9 stars


Was a cracking weekend lots off laughs all weekend in plenty of drink.”

8 stars


Night went smoothly, however bus could do with a make-over to make it more glam-not that appealing at least the down stairs wasn't ”

10 stars


You guys were a great help and everything was superb for the weekend, money well spent thanks”

9 stars


Cracking nights out! The comedy club was surprisingly funny and took the stag under their wing!

The Saturday night / main event was even better! The stag loved every minute of it, even though he was wearing fancy dress!!! ”

8 stars


“Great city, pubs and clubs are brilliant. We had a large group (25) and had no problems getting in anywhere. Hotel was in good location and lap dancing club and nightclub entries we had for both nights were great. Can't comment on go karting as Friday night was so good we didn't make it on the Saturday. Would definitely recommend Newcastle as a stag venue and Last Night of Freedom as organisers.”

10 stars


“Brilliant Newcastle is a top place to go people are so friendly! Holiday inn express good hotel and great staff! Night life is amazing and the planning we brilliant! Loved every minute of the weekend.”

9 stars


Had an amazing time in Newcastle for my friends stags. 14 of us booked through Last Night of Freedom and we didn't encounter one problem. big thanks to Steve Telford who was brilliant help. will be back for the next stags!!”

8 stars


Great weekend! Turned up in the rain and thought the worst but it cleared and had the best night ever on the Friday! Followed by quad biking Sat morning! This was brilliant! The stag fell of as well which made it even better! lol. Sat was another great night! Thank you LNOF and Newcastle for a top weekend!!”

9 stars


“We had a brill time but on Friday the comedy club was a very big letdown. The acts were very poor standard to the point where most upped and walked out. the rest was an amazing time thanks. ”

9 stars


We had a great time in Newcastle, there were 9 of us in a mixed group of ages. Over 2 days we took part in 2 activities, 2 nights hotel, and 3 meals for great value. The weekend was none stop and really well planned out for. Many thanks guys, top job.”

7 stars


“A great weekend had by all! ”

9 stars


We had a great weekend up in Newcastle and even though there was a great big group of lads going around we didn't have any trouble getting in any of the pubs we went in too.

Everything went smoothly besides the go-karting taking slightly longer to complete than what we thought it would have done. ”

9 stars


“Great city, great people, lots of variety and a very accommodating hotel.”

8 stars


“The service made stag easy to organise.”

9 stars


“Excellent, the only way to describe the whole experience!!”

9 stars


What a weekend, well organised, excellent locations and activities, nothing but praise for Last Night of Freedom and can't recommend Newcastle highly enough!”

9 stars


“Could not of asked for anything more from the weekend!!!”

8 stars


Newcastle is the best city I've been in. Nightlife is brilliant drink is very cheap and the laugh over there was excellent.”

10 stars


“Awesome weekend !! Great ALL Drinks 60p !!”

8 stars


Newcastle is a fantastic venue for a stag weekend, everyone is friendly and there are a varied range of bars and clubs to visit.

We did go karting, and human table football which was brilliant and completely different, I would definitely recommend it. ”

7 stars


“Paintball session was poor due to too many people and too much waiting around...left after three games.

The club on Saturday night was a great night out! ”

7 stars


“Hotel was decent for the price - a nice breakfast and helpful staff.

Paintballing was well organised although there was a fair bit of waiting around at times - but an opportunity to catch up with people.

Nightclub was OK but not necessarily everyone's scene. Bars in Newcastle were many and varied and I enjoyed the nights out there. I would probably recommend Newcastle as a decent place to go out. ”

8 stars


“Awesome weekend.”

7 stars


The hotel was excellent very friendly staff and accommodation was at a good standard. Newcastle night life was really good, plenty of bars (too many unfortunately) with different themes. Lap dancers was very good although it was a little dated in terms of decor etc, but we didn't really go there for that.

The only disappointing aspect was the go karting . They had far too many participants, around 30 of us including other parties, which took nearly 4 hours to complete.....painful, they told us it would only be a couple of hours??? long afternoon. All in all a good stag do. ”

9 stars


Everything with the trip was very good apart from the karting venue which was OK but the personnel were very unorganised.”

9 stars


Newcastle for a stag trip is great so many pubs and clubs hotel where we stayed was a short walk up a hill but had a bar in to start the day off and one next door, really good weekend and one I will never forget.”

8 stars


“Where do I begin? We went up to Newcastle on the Friday and checked in before going out on the 'toon'. One point of note is that there is a bond of £30 per person per room however, if everyone behaves this will be returned without question. Despite this, still had a wicked night (from what I can remember) and the bar in the hotel open until 5am was just sensational.

Sufficed to say, being up for paintballing at 9am the next day was a bit of a chore but worth it. The only problem really was that the games were a bit far apart and the paint was quite expensive (you HAVE to buy a further £16 worth per person when you arrive, otherwise they don’t let you play - and also, they wouldn’t give us the paint for members of our group who couldn’t make it in the morning due to work commitments, which I thought was a bit harsh to be fair.....) but otherwise, a fun day.

On the Saturday night we took full advantage of the pre-paid entry into the clubs and bars and, to our amazement, in the LiquidEnvy 'super-club' where we ended up, all drinks were 60p - doubles at a £1!!!! The rest I will leave to your imagination......!

A good time all in all and well worth it for the price we paid. Thanks Last Night of Freedom!”

7 stars


“The Battlezone Quads were great fun (so much so that they stopped us all drinking for an hour). Newcastle was a decent venue as it has plenty of pubs, clubs etc and it is a fairly small city so everything is easily accessible.

The Comedy Club wasn’t great, doors opened at 7.15pm and the first act didn't appear until well after 9pm and he was less funny than cancer. The remaining acts weren't much better. ”

9 stars


All 14 of us had a great time in Newcastle, including the stag! Was really easy and reassuring having used Last Night of Freedom, took a lot of the stress out of it. All the activities were well organised and easy to find. The accommodation was very central, apart from being in the PINK triangle it was spot on!!! ha thanks for all your help.”

7 stars


Our group had a great time however the Newcastle doormen did try to hinder this! As the first stag do in Newcastle to do the Cocktail Master class I can certainly recommend this event. The other members of our group had been rather sceptical about this event however afterwards they were all saying it was the best of the three events we did.

The comedy club was very funny however the food was not! We were a modest group with half the group in their 50's, the door staff here and in other areas of Newcastle were aggressive and seemed to have a problem with any all male parties.

We also did the go karting which was in an indoor facility and was very good however we were expecting exclusivity! I would certainly request exclusivity the next time if going on this event. All in all we had a very enjoyable stag party and all events barring the comedy club food went down really well.

Having looked into booking these events on my own there was very little price difference and MUCH less hassle so I can certainly recommend Last Night of Freedom. If ever I have the unfortunate pleasure of organising another stag party (other best men will know what I mean!) LNoF will be my first port of call! Thanks to you all. ”

10 stars


I can honestly say that we all had a great time the people of Newcastle were all very nice and all the doormen were very helpful we had a great time and would recommend it to any stag or hen night BRILL.”

9 stars


Nightlife and bars etc were brilliant. The paintball was organised well. The only disappointment was that the comedy was overbooked Other than that the comedians were excellent. All in all, the weekend was a good one!”

9 stars


“Brilliant great bunch of lads, superb location, friendliest people and police could not have asked for anything better.”

9 stars


“Newcastle is an absolute fantastic place for a stag/hen night, the guys and girls at Last Night of Freedom were more than helpful, thank you very much I would recommend this company to anyone.”

8 stars


“Good overall experience with excellent customer service throughout.”

10 stars


“Fantastic enjoyed by all! ”

8 stars


“Overall great weekend, glad I used your services as it took all the hassle away. Thanks Declan.”

8 stars


“Had a right laugh! Not laughed as much ever, the accommodation was sound, the nightlife was great and the people were all dead friendly. I have a stag do to sort out for next year and will definitely be booking through Last Night of Freedom. ”

7 stars


“The go karting was fairly average and didnt last as long as we had hoped and we were a bit dissapointed with this.

The paint ball was good, a nice afternoon of painful fun. Rather expensive to upgrade though, £30 for 500 extra balls. One other major point regarding the activities, was the distance from Newcastle! It was more like 30 minutes than the 15 we were told it would be. ”

10 stars


Had a superb weekend in Newcastle, fantastic nightlife and quality hotel. Had some wicked laughs, even went to St James’s Park to watch a game, ended up in shearers. Absolutely quality weekend of what I can remember, Stag enjoyed himself too and loves his Mankini!!!!! Would definitely recommend you guys in the future, thanks for all your help. ”

9 stars


Had a wicked time in Newcastle... wish it could have gone on all week! Comedy club was well worth going to and although we had a good night in the club would have liked to have gone through the smaller bars as well. Would have been better if our free entry was for later but other than that we had a blast!”

6 stars


“I was surprised to see that transport to the activities was not provided.”

9 stars


“What a Weekend it was in Newcastle by far the best night out in the UK, so many places to go and so many people to see. The Hotel was great also..... Newcastle is the place to go for a Stag Do! ”

9 stars


“Was excellent, groom carried home twice. Newcastle is a brilliant venue for it.”

8 stars


The weekend was quality. The stag got suitably "battered" on the first night, making paintball more fun on the next day. It’s now 2 days since I got back and I'm still feeling a tad ropey!”

8 stars


“Had a really good weekend, karting was excellent. Nightlife good, dressed up the stag and had no problems with getting in anywhere. Overall brilliant weekend and would recommend Newcastle to anyone....”

10 stars


“We had a great time in Newcastle, the hotel that you put us in was first class and in a great location close to the bars. The night life was equally as good and every one had a fantastic time. Last Night of Freedom also made organising the stag do easy and I will be using this company again if we arrange any other 'lad's' holiday's.”

9 stars


“Great weekend, good organisation! Last Night of Freedom were helpful and quick to respond, Newcastle's nightlife was brilliant!”

8 stars


Had a great weekend Quad biking and on the Party Bus in Newcastle. All of the group had a truly great time.”

7 stars


“Excellent go carting and rugby match on the Saturday, with excellent nightlife. Sunday the quad biking was cancelled and left a sour note for the end of the stag do.”

7 stars


“The hotel we stayed in was clean, adequate and exactly the right level for what you need when on a stag do. We enjoyed the rifle and crossbow shooting - the guy and his mrs running it made it a good laugh. We were only refused entry into one bar for being in an all male group, and I was actually expecting that to happen more.”

10 stars


The weekend was very well organised which made it more enjoyable for everyone who took parts in the activities. Great weekend all round...”

9 stars


The stag weekend was absolutely fantastic, right from booking it the service we have received has been top class, the hotel in Newcastle was great, the staff were very helpful, the rooms were excellent.

We thought the paintballing was ok, there were a few comments on the fact that the guys who were running it didn’t seem to know what they were doing, but all in all it was ok.

The nightlife in Newcastle is fantastic, everything is within a ten minute walk of the hotel and I would really recommend it.

So in finishing I would really recommend Last Night of Freedom to anyone who is thinking of booking a stag do they are fantastic.”

7 stars


“Newcastle wasn't as good as we thought it would be in terms of nightlife. Some bars were far too busy that you couldn't get served and the average age of the women was about 40!! The Curry was good, the Go-Karting very good and the Dogs not very good as the venue was far too small.

In all a good weekend and I would use Last Night of Freedom again.”

8 stars


Had a great weekend, everyone had agreat time. Friendly staff at the hotel and activity.”

8 stars


Fantastic weekend in Nottingham, great hotel, great activities - nightclubs a little uninspiring but with guest list and free entry I can't complain too much, we still got drunk and loved every minute of it. Would recommend this package to anyone looking for a great weekend away with the lads.”

9 stars


Weekend was awesome, as a best man the pressure was on to make the weekend successful not only for the big man but also for 13 other guests.....Last Night of Freedom made that possible and relieved the stress! ”

9 stars


Had a quality weekend in Newcastle, comedy club was funny as. Tiger tiger is the business. Awesome layout, nice hotel and everyone was Very drunk, Wicked.”

10 stars


We had a great weekend and enjoyed the northern nightlife. The stag came back with a few bruses from paintball but it was all good fun! thanks!”

9 stars



8 stars


“Our weekend was very good. The cocktail making activity was so much fun, involved everyone in the group and really set our night off with a bang. I was impressed by how well it was organised by you, and would recommend your service to others. ”

9 stars


Excellent weekend. Particularly enjoyed sat night were we managed to stay up drinking to 8am. Everything ran like clockwork. Thanks for a great weekend.”

7 stars


“Good weekend! Ideal location, Great Nightlife, Great last night of freedom! ;-)

9 stars


“Great go karting venue. Really freindly staff. ”

9 stars


“I thought the weekend that was arranged by LNOF was great, the itenarary was well organised and gave full details of locations of venues and what was included with each place we went to. The hotel accomodation was ok but I thought the breakfast in the morning was a bit limited.”

9 stars


Newcastle is a great place for a stag do. Tons of hen parites there for the picking also ;-) Great nightclubs available so get on guest lists”

10 stars


“just the place 4 a stag”

10 stars


“what a wkend, plenty o fun, drink no trouble at all ”

10 stars


“bring on the nxt stag in newcastle ”

10 stars


“really good plenty o drink and fun”

10 stars


“very good have to go back”

10 stars


“very good, would go again”

9 stars


We had an A1 time thanks 2 Last Nite of Freedom u really made the stag wkend everything we booked with u was 10 out of 10 will book with u again thanks.”

9 stars


“good accomadation”

8 stars


Very friendly service when arranging stag do. Location was great, accomodation ideally positioned close to bars and clubs. Everyone had a great time.”

8 stars


“Hi there - our weekend was from 3rd to 5th April. It was a great weekend - the highlight was the karting which was excellent. The guys that run the karting should be recommended - brilliant day.

The only improvements I would suggest would be more detail on your website. The Curry and Comedy club started a little earlier than I would have expected - 6 o'clock start - if that info had been on the website, I could have advised my group accordingly (some arrived in Newcastle at half 5 so it was pushing it a bit). Secondly, the karting was in Durham so a taxi was required. Again, if this info was at hand earlier I could have ensured I had the transfer arranged well in advance. However, these are only minor concerns.

Overall - Last Night Of Freedom was an excellent choice for sorting out Stag do Activities, and the whole group were really impressed. I would definitey use your website again.”

9 stars


“Having the hotel and activities organised via Last Night of Freedom meant there was nothing to worry about on the actual weekend.

The hotel was very conveniently located and the nightclub well within the perfect Bigg Market location for a perfect night of drinking and humiliation of the stag.”

7 stars


Newcastle as a whole is a very good city to visit as a stag group. We had no problems or hassles in any of the pubs or clubs we visited. ”

9 stars


I've got to say that Newcastle must be one of the best stag party location's ever, we had a brilliant weekend, good choice of activity's and plenty of drinking/party venues which is essential for a good stag party.

Thank you to Last Night of Freedom for a well organised stag party to remember. :) ”

7 stars


Newcastle itself was absolutely great, the hotel was class, good rooms and bathrooms and a nice lounge. The casino and nightclub tickets included in the tickets both seemed a bit too formal for a stag do.”

7 stars


“Had a good weekend and the paintballing was fun”

7 stars


“Newcastle was a great venue and LNOF very helpful.”

10 stars


“Newcastle was amazing and everyone had a wicked time. Last Night of Freedom staff were very helpful. ”

7 stars


“Everything was booked as planned and we had a great time.”

10 stars


The hotel was ideally situated and a vast improvement on one used for a previous stag-do in Newquay this year (don't worry: that wasn't a LNOF affair). The rooms were excellent, well-lit, with plenty of space and excellent shower facilities. More to the point, it was possible to actually sleep in the beds, which may sound obvious, but if you'd been in Newquay you'd understand my point.

I should probably mention the staff at this juncture. All of the staff were highly professional and extremely helpful at all times. Quite how they managed to deal so brilliantly with such a huge number of drunk stag / hen do parties is beyond me, but they did. Maybe they deserve a medal, I don't know ...

Newcastle was a fantastic city in which to have a stag thingummy. The town was clean and tidy and the people were all very nice, even though we couldn't understand a word they said. (Just kidding ... we had a Geordie to English translator with us.)

If you're after a wild night-life, or maybe just a restrained night out on the beer, it is the ideal place. It caters to all tastes (even some quite dubious ones), and has a veritable plethora of pleasing public hostelries and clubs. I would particularly recommend the pubs by the Quayside but there are some excellent clubs in the middle of town too, particularly that one on the main drag where - for reasons best known to themselves - both Wolverine and Spiderman were drinking. The trouble is, I've forgotten the name of the place.

Best of all, no matter where you end up, you're never too far away from the hotel to walk back, which is a relief after spending the equivalent of the Third World's national debt on beer and kebabs. Well ... I say that, but if you wake up in Cleethorpes in the morning, you're probably a little too far away to walk back, unless of course you're a very keen walker.

In terms of activities I would suggest that it is wise to keep it simple and not try to do too much. The quad biking is brilliant and I cannot promote it enough. The bloke that runs it is a certifiable nutter - don't tell him that you work in an office if you want him to leave you alone - and needs to put in several more hours work before he takes his stand-up routine on the road with him. But on the plus side, he knows what he's doing, and his wife makes a great cup of tea.

All in all it was a big success, as indicated by the blood-drained, alcohol-drenched sea of hungover visitors at breakfast on Sunday morning.”

9 stars


Had a fantastic time, everything was great and everyone said they would go back to Newcastle, the Hotel and the Greyhound racing and would book through yourselves again.

8 stars


The off road buggy driving was great fun and apreciated by all, the weather was wet before the activity which made the whole day much more challanging but fun.”

8 stars


Had a mega weekend in Newcastle apart from some taxi drivers getting lost picking us up from paintballing, there was no hassle when we were out on the town at all and would recomend Newcastle every time.”

10 stars


“Hotel was superb, Newcastle is the PERFECT place for a stag weekend”

7 stars


“newcastle is a top place , hotel well situated in the centre of town, one of the best lads weekends away we have had. ”

10 stars


Newcastle is definetly the place to go for your stag do guys, was my stag do and I had the best weekend ever, would highly recommend paintballing there to, awesome laugh with your mates. ”

8 stars


“Accomodation, night club and rally kart were fantastic ”

9 stars


We had a fab time thanks.

The initial booking was made with Last night of freedom. The booking process was good and Cheryl was brilliant. To make changes to the booking I then dealt with Gary from the admin team and he too was absolutely excellent. He was very professional and efficient.

The team were really proactive and even called me the day before we went to offer me an extra space on the party bus as they had a cancellation and knew we needed another place. Only issue is that I was overcharged which we luckily spotted and later got refunded for.

The weekend was fab from start to finish though it did not all go to plan as we couldn’t jet ski as the sea was too rough. The provider (Rubber Soul) offered us surfing instead which was good. Their instructors were brilliant. The hotel was excellent too.

The party bus was awesome once it came but it was very late arriving at the venue. The choice of bars it took us to was excellent especially the one with the bucking bronco.

Quad biking was awesome – everyone said it was the best quad biking we have ever done. All in all a fab weekend so thanks very much. ”

9 stars


Party Bus was ace - need more hen nights on it however as the ratio of men to women was not great.

Quad biking superb - need to make it clear its in the country and not just going round a field - you will get more interest. ”

9 stars


Newcastle is an exellant location for a stag do! I totally recomend it and last night of freedom really made it easy for me as best man to organise. me and all the other lads really did have a great time. thanks for your services.”

8 stars


Your service was second to none. I never once worried about whether my tickets would arrive on time or if we had been booked into the right hotel. The down side is that the cross bow and shooting activity is very very basic. For £55 per head I expected a higher level of entertainment - not to go to someones back garden. All in all though great weekend

7 stars


“The weekend as a whole was good.”

8 stars


Fantastic weekend in Newcastle!!! Paintballing wasn't great though, not enough free paint balls, and extra 100 were £8- too expensive! Hotel was great, good beer and food, and close enough to town to go out and about. Staff were very friendly and helpful. Would definitely recomend you for stag partys. Cheers”

9 stars


The Weekend was excellent we stayed at a great hotel in the town centre. The night club was massive with loads of entertainment. Can't imagine a better place than Newcastle for a stag and we will be back hopefully for more stags. we have told the hens they should have gone to newcastle as well there gutted”

8 stars


I would recommend Newcastle as a destination for any stag weekend. Nightlife was awesome, hotel was central and in easy walk of bars, clubs etc. Everyone came away feeling that they had a great weekend. Downside - The karting was quite far outside of Newcastle and we would have had to get taxis if we hadn't taken the cars. ”

8 stars


painballing great, we were late and they waited for us. We all had a top night

7 stars


Organisation of the activity was great: welcome pack turned up promptly, minibus service was efficient and Karting was well organised”

8 stars


The activities were all great but a couple of things maybe to change. The clay pigeon shooting was great but about 15 minutes from the centre of town, maybe make people aware of this before hand. It ended up costing us quite a bit in taxis. Also no food avail there, would be better to have maybe bacon butties, etc on the go! Club was v good and easy entrance.”

9 stars


Great weekend, nite life & day time great, pubs such good time we never made vip club. Go karting great laugh. Hotel breakfast ok, location fantastic right in middle of everything. Everyone had great time, money well spent.”

9 stars


It was the best way to spend my Last Night of Freedom. The hotel was an ideal location for the night life and the paintball was great to get all the lads together just wish id have had more than an hours sleep the night before! Would totally recomend it and wouldn't have changed anything.”

9 stars


“The hotel we stayed in was in a great location and very good. We had the best weekend ever and cant wait till someone else gets married as we'll be right back in Newcastle.”

10 stars


Great Weekend great hotel would recomend Newcastle to anyone

7 stars


Had an excellent weekend. However, the club wouldnt let half the lads in as they had kilts on. So to arrange for a scottish stag party to go to a club that wouldnt let half in was VERY dissapointing.”

8 stars


The Hotel was located close to many bars and pubs although the taxi drivers kept getting it confused with another Hotel nearby which caused some confusion but by then we'd already had a few on the train so it was probably our fault to be fair, and as the best man I got the stick for it! Apart from one lad who nearly ended up in the Tyne it was a great weekend. Staff at the Hotel were really friendly and managed to keep us well supplied with Peroni despite us drinking them out of it on more than one occasion. Comedy club was a bit crowded but the acts were really good. As for the Mexican meal, well it was a bit out of the way but I don't think the Stag minded too much as there were less people to see him in his we decided we had to parade him through the cite centre when we got back!”

9 stars


Fantastic venue, Newcastle was a friendly place with lots to do. Many other stag and hen do's there enjoying themselves too.”

9 stars


Excellent weekend, everything went so smooth. Karting was excellent and so was the accomadation. Went straight into the club with VIP passes. Perfect

8 stars


The hotel & its location were fantastic, only 2 min walk from train station & right near the centre so the action wasn't too far away. Everything we wanted to see or do was within walking distance. The nightlife in Newcastle was great & everyone in the party had a fantastic time (apart from one guy who bottled it & took a train back home half way through the first night!).”

9 stars


“The boys, most of whom did not know each other before the weekend, had a great time in Newcastle. Perfect nightlife, backed up by a really enjoyable clay pigeon contest on the Saturday morning, none of us wanted to leave. Thoroughly recommend it, make sure you visit the casinos too!”

9 stars


“Newcastle, clays and carting. The accomodation was clean, central and perfect for a stag do. Clays was hysterical - highly recommended. How they left us incharge of live ammunition - naked - i will never know. Carts was the perfect wind down.Clubbing was fantastic with loads of options. The organisers were happy to suggest places and made everything flow really well. No one got killed which makes it a total success. Only comment is that one of the coaches was organised at the last minute and could have had a happier driver!”

8 stars


“The bar maid in the hilton hotel on the sunday morning was possibly the most ignorant and rude person ive ever had the displeasure to meet totally unbelievable. Apart from that the rest was brilliant.”

10 stars


everything was brilliant. thankyou”

9 stars


“Great location in the heart of Newcastle, fantastic go-karting activity, and the hotel was excellent.”

8 stars


“When organising the Quad Biking for a large group, it would be better in advance to know the limited number of quad bikes, so an extra event can be added.”

9 stars


Great city for a stag party. All the bars and clubs were very accommodating. On the downside the paintballing was a bit out of town and you do get stung in the pocket when you have buy extra balls. All in all though it was great and i would recommend it as a stag destination. Great hotel, worth the bit extra to stay in such a good location.”

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