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The Ultimate Guide to Hen Night Games

Congratulations girl, you’ve been selected as chief bridesmaid – you really should feel honoured. Now it’s time to get this hen party started! At LNOF, we know you plan on being the hostess with the mostest, and an essential element to any hen party is the outrageous and wonderful hen do games. We offer a wide range of activities which are bound to get all the girls giggling. With over 20 years of experience in the stag and hen industry, we know a thing or two about hosting an epic hen do party – and the games you choose will set it off to a great start.

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The Best Hen Night Games for Your Hen Do

The kinds of games you incorporate at your hen party depends on what type of occasion it is and who is planning on attending. Whether you’ve got the whole extended family involved or the friends all the way from pre-school to university – we’ve got a game for you. Everyone will be best of friends in perfect time for the wedding.

A Family Affair

We know that a lot of our hens want their families to join in on the action. Whether that’s your grandma, mum, sister, crazy auntie Sue or your second cousin twice removed – we have something which will get them fighting for first place. Let’s hope no one gets too ruthless and competitive before the wedding…

How Well Do You Know The Bride Cards – These are essential for any classy hen party. This game is great for all ages, and all relationships to the bride. Not only are these cards super affordable, but they help to break the ice between the girls who may not know each other so well. There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition - the girl who knows the most about the bride wins a prize (let’s hope your mum doesn’t let you down too much)!

Willy Bingo – Your grandmother will love this one if she’s a regular at the local bingo hall. Pour some drinks, blast some tunes and make your very own Bongos Bingo event. Up to 12 of the girls can get involved in the festivities. With willies of all shapes and sizes, you’ll be lucky to bag the winning line (don’t get too COCKy if you do)!

Advice for the Bride to Be - These Instagramable cards are the perfect little memento for the bride before her big day. Give her some of your top tricks and tips for married life – she’ll certainly be thankful for them.

Childhood friends and throwbacks

These activities take a naughty twist on classic games from your childhood. You’ll be able to reminisce all of your favourite memories with the girls from home.

Pin the Junk on the Hunk – We’ve all heard of pin the tail on the donkey - this versions is a little more risqué (to say the least). We have over 10 different versions of Pin the Willy – some are more realistic than others. You should be fine, you’re used to finding it in the dark.

Dick Head Hoopla – Oh yes, the good old fashioned game of ring toss. Except with a dick stuck to your head and a group of screaming girls trying desperately to hit the jackpot. This game creates quite a lively atmosphere to say the least. You’ll be feeling young and free in no time (just try not to look like a dickhead).

Pink Penis Pony – Giddy-up cowgirl! We all had one of those bizarre ponies on a stick which we used to ride around the garden with. Well imagine that, just instead of a horse you’re riding a willy. The groom can thank us later for your bride’s practice session.

Hen party pass the parcel – An absolute classic. Layer the present with your chosen forfeits and prepare for some vicious competition when the music stops. Why not add some novelties for some extra fun?

The Tomboys

Hen do games don’t always have to be bright pink and fluffy. There’s plenty of options for those of you who wouldn’t be caught dead in a rhinestone tiara.

Hen do dare cards – Unleash your inner stag and become a dare devil with these wild dare cards – girls can too! Simply follow the hen night forfeits when someone doesn’t finish their drink, or make your own rules. The power is in your hands. Muhaha…

Secret missions – Become a bond girl by taking part in missions across the town. It wouldn’t be a hen do without embarrassing yourselves a bit, right?

Willy piñatas – Get all the girls onto their feet for some piñata smashing. Who doesn’t love to take their stress out by whacking an oversized phallic-shaped Mexican papier-mache container? We sure do.

The Cheeky Chicas

At LNOF, one thing we don’t lack is willy shaped products. You name it, we’ve got it in phallic form. These items are perfect for those brides who want one last chance to be single and sexy.

Kamasutra Playing Cards – Most drinking games can’t be played without a pack of cards. Make the party X-rated by incorporating Kama Sutra drawings into the mix. It’ll give the bride-to-be a little inspiration to spice up her married life.

Jizz Game – Spin the balls to determine your fate. Will it be four pumps towards the face, or two in the mouth? Fill the willy with whatever you like, if you’ve had enough practice it will soon show…

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