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Hen Party Pin the Willy Games

So the bride’s about to sign herself away to the same willy forever and you need to make sure she knows exactly what that means. With a Pin the Willy Game you can not only make sure everyone’s having a hilarious time but also remind the bride that she’ll be missing out on. We must say, after seeing some of the cartoon ‘packages’ lined up, we’ll bet that she won’t want to go back to the groom again. And it doesn’t matter what her type is – from Geek to Hunk, to Fireman, you can pin the willy on whatever kind of man you like.

We have loads of different pin the willy games to choose from.
Pin the tail on the male.

As far as hen n party game ideas go, this one has to be a winner. You’re group will have a great time, big or small (the group size, we mean). Pin the Willy is also a portable game that’s great no matter if you’re travelling abroad or stopping in your hometown.

Reasons Why Your Hen Party Needs a Pin the Willy Game

Break the Ice. You’ve got a right old mix of girls and even though they’re all dead canny, you aren’t sure how well they’re going to mix with each other. You’re worried they might end up like chalk and cheese. Fortunately, the humour of Pin the Willy on the Man transcends all ages and backgrounds. We aren’t sure what it is about willies but they have been peak hen humour for decades and show no sign of decreasing in popularity. It really is one of the few hen games that will get your mother, ex-uni mates and work pals all crying with laughter together.

Avoid a ‘Stuffy’ Hen Do. Okay, so ‘classy and stylish’ hen do’s are in at the minute. Everyone wants to be picture perfect so they can share their night with the world. And that’s great – we appreciate a good Instagram post as much as the net person. But when you’re planning your perfect hen night, you absolutely cannot afford to inject at least a little bit of tacky fun into it. Avoid a ‘stuffy’ do and make sure your night is as funny and memorable as it is beautiful. And with the wonderful illustrated willies on Pin the Junk on the Hunk and Stick a Dick: Hunk Edition, who wouldn’t want to post that on their stories?

Improve Co-ordination. Look, the benefits of Pin the Willy transcend entertainment. You’re going to improve some seriously important motor skills, too. If you find yourself clumsily bumbling through life, then you might want to start training your hand-eye co-ordination with this game. You don’t even need to be having a hen party. Seriously, just set this up in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, wherever! With just a few minutes a day you could have superhuman abilities.

LNOF Buyers Guide to Pin the Willy Games

Stick a Dick - Hunk Edition On White Background

Hottest Hunk: Stick a Dick - Hunk Edition


Let’s be real here. You’re only in it for one thing. With Stick a Dick: Hunk Edition, you’re more than catered for.

  • Improved Design

  • Sexy Nude Poster

  • Reusable Sticky Willies

  • Arguments Over Who Takes Him Home

This Pin the Willy game is the new and improved version of our extremely popular, classic hen game.


Pin The Junk on The Hunk Packaging

Weirdest Willies: Pin The Junk on The Hunk


If there’s one thing that most of our Pin the Willy games have in common, it’s ridiculously designed penises. But Pin the Junk on the Hunk really takes it to the next level.

  • Sexy Cartoon Man

  • 80 x 55cm Poster

  • Disturbing Willy Designs

  • Non-Photo Image

You might never be able to look at a real one again after seeing these.


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