Pink Bride Squad Collection

The pink Bride Squad collection offers an eye catching selection of baby pink and gold foil designed items. This is a smaller collection than some of the others which we have but it still has all of the essentials covered, sashes, gift bags, photo props, they're all available and at a great price too.

There are two sashes in the collection, the bride to be one and the bride squad sash too, both are in a baby pink colour with a gold foil design which also has two crowns, by missing out all of the other sash designs some of the collections have this is a lot simpler, also everything is sold individually, no packs of six of anything for example.

Also included within the collection are the bride squad balloons, a pack of ten white balloons with bride squad written in gold, these balloons are suitable for filling with either helium or air depending on what you want them for. The bride squad gold tattoos are a great way to get everyone involved and offer something a little bit out of the ordinary too.

The bride squad shot glass is fairly unique in terms of collections, the clear plastic glass has a gold bride squad design and a baby pink beaded necklace, great for drinking games. The bride squad photo props is a collection of eight different props, all on theme and all designed so you can take some great pictures during the event.

The how well do you know the bride card game is great for breaking the ice and getting everyone talking, everyone puts down their answers to fifteen questions about the bride and then she reveals the correct answers, the person with the most correct answers wins. finally the gift bags are simple but really classy, a baby pink paper bag with a rose gold bride squad foil design, they come in a pack of five and are great value for money.



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