Purple Bride Squad Collection

Having a purple collection has caused a real buzz around the LNOF office, we're so used to everything being pink or black that this purple bride squad collection is a real breath of fresh air. Not only is the colour a new one for us but the designs are fantastically well put together, the sashes in this collection or something we've never seen before and the gift bags are simply exquisite. As well as the purple being different, the iridescent silver text on everything shimmers under lights making this a collection which really stands out.

The sashes included in this collection are made from quality, durable paper, and they don't have a back making them much lighter than they would otherwise be, they come with a glittery silver ribbon to tie them and this forms the back of the item too. There are two designs available, the Bride Squad sash and the Wifey for Lifey sash which is a lighter shade of purple allowing the bride to stand out more. Both have shiny iridescent text in a really fun font.

The collection also includes a great range of table wear including paper cups with a "down the hatch, she found her match design", a pack of twenty paper straws complete with a diamond ring decoration and a pack of diamond ring design confetti. To top all of this off there is a fantastic bride squad banner to decorate the venue with, the banner has "bride squad" text and a diamond ring on either side and is a shiny silver colour. The pack of balloons within this purple bride squad collection are a mixture of purple and silver chrome colour. The purple ones have a "She said yes" design on them and the silver ones have "Wifey for Lifey".

No collection is complete without some photo props and this pack contains ten props in total, again all of them fit in with the theme well and will make for some great pictures. In our opinion though the stand out item in this whole collection has to be the bride squad gift bags, these are quite possibly the best gift bags we have in our whole range, the purple bags have a ribbon handle, a silver name tag and Bride Squad written in silver across the front, they are an exceptional item from a beautiful collection.



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