Woo Hoo Hen Do Collection

The Woo Hoo Hen Do collection combines great quality items with a metallic gold finish to add some real bling to your party. There are sashes, decorations, table wear and gift bags and boxes, everything you'd expect but just brighter.

There are three metallic gold sashes included in this collection, Bride to Be, Bridesmaid and Hen Do. The bridesmaid version comes in a pack of two and the hen do version comes in a pack of four. Each sash comes with white ribbon to fasten it together and has a white design on the front. They are roughly 10cm wide and around 130cm long. You can also get the group matching glasses with various designs included for the different group members.

If you are looking to bling up the hen party venue then the woo hoo hen do balloon is a great option, a round balloon with white text on the front will really stand out. To match that there is the foil bunting which combines two different fonts to make a great piece of bunting which can reach two meters long or be made into two shorter ones as seen in the picture. The Woo Hoo Hen Do balloon bunting also has to be considered, eleven individual balloons which spell out the words, at less than £8 that is fantastic value.

In terms of table wear this collection has plates, cups and napkins, all with matching colours and designs and they can be accessorised really well with the table scatter confetti which has stars and other shapes, all gold with a white design.

All collections tend to have a gift bag incldued and this one is no different, but in this case you also have the option of the woo Hoo Hen Do favour boxes for something a bit different. Finally, the hen party advice cards are a great addition any party and a top way to break the ice, while also being a keep sake for the bride.



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