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Pale cream cocktail topped with blueberiies and mint

Revolution - Cocktail Workshop & Nibbles

Four cocktails lined up on a bar, all different colours and sizes

Las Iguanas - Cocktail Workshop

A martini glass of gin with a green olive in, and a blurred bottle of gin in the background

Gin Tasting

Woman beinding forwards in a red vest, afro wig and sunglasses

70's Dance Class

A group of women dressed as vintage cowgirls

Line Dancing Party

Retro boombox with colourful backdrop of graffiti

Old School Hip Hop Dance Class

A mic on DJ decks

Recording Studio Session

Close up of a woman wearing red lipstick and the corner of a mic

Recording Studio Session Deluxe

A man being pulled through water on a float

It's A Knockout

A massage bed with a brown neck cushion at the end

Mobile Spa - 30 Minute Treatment

Close up of a woman's face with yellow lips, to a blue backdrop

Tantalise and Tease Workshop

The silhouette of a man climbing on a net

High Ropes Course

Men looking down at an orange football whilst wearing one goggles

Old School Sports Day & Goggle Football

A split image of rage buggies and someone doing high ropes

Clay Pigeon Shooting, High Ropes & Rage Buggies

A blonde woman in black underwear straddling a man, and pulling his tie

Foreplay Lesson

Two chocolate-covered women rubbing chocolate on a woman's face

Chocolate Making Workshop

Under arm shot of someone in a striped vest, spooning red sauce on a pizza base

Pizza Making Class

A beautiful woman holding a football and a red card

Bubble Football with a Sexy Referee

A woman wearing a blue fascinator with a black background

Fascinator Making Experience

Close up of a woman with brunette curls, wearing a flower crown

Flower Crown

Many pairs of knickers laid out, with different designs on

Knicker Customisation

A woman holding a finger to her lips

Jewellery Making

People playing in inflatable zorbs on a pitch

Bubble Mayhen & Old School Sports Day

Women sat on top of zorbs

Bubble Mayhen & Goggle Football

A top-down view of multiple plates of Latin American food

Las Iguanas - 3 Course Meal with Cava & Cocktails

A dusky pink cocktail being poured

Slug & Lettuce - Cocktail Workshop & 2 Course Meal

A red cocktail being made and poured into a cocktail glass

Slug & Lettuce - Cocktail Workshop & 3 Course Meal

White Ask Italian logo over a table of Italian food

Ask Italian - 3 Course Meal

Las Iguanas - 2 Course Meal

Colourful plate of salad, served with a fork

Las Iguanas - 3 Course Meal

A huge burger on a white plate

Cafe Rouge - 2 Course Meal & Drink

A delicious looking dessert on a white plate

Cafe Rouge - 3 Course Meal & Drink

Circular plate of salad, alongisde another plate and a jar of berries

Slug & Lettuce - 2 Course Meal

Waffle on a white plate, topped with fruit

Slug & Lettuce - 3 Course Meal

Food and pots of sauce in a wooden tray, alongside two wine glasses

Slug & Lettuce - Finger Food & Prosecco

Two pizzas and a plate of dough balls

Pizza Express - 2 Course Meal & Drink

Steak with garlic butter, chips and lettuce on a plate

Revolution - 2 Course Meal

Slice of cake on a plate, served with ice cream and sauce

Revolution - 3 Course Meal

A full audience with a stage in the background

Comedy Club Entry

A delicious looking dessert on a white plate with flower being sprinkled on it

Comedy Club & Meal

A split image of some seats in Revolution and some glasses of drink with lime and ice in

Revolution - Reserved Area with Gin Box

A box of cocktail making equipment in Revolution

Revolution - Reserved Area with Mojito Box

A split image of Ketel One vodka and some maroon booths

Revolution - Reserved Area with Vodka Box

The purple exterior and outdoor seating of Slug and Lettuce, Bath

Slug & Lettuce Bar Entry

Interior and seating at Revolution

Revolution Guestlist Entry

A golf ball set up on a white tee

Golf - 18 Hole Course

Two men in a cloudy field, aiming a gun to the sky

Clay Pigeon Shooting, Quad Biking & Rage Buggies

A black and white image of two rage buggies

Clay Pigeon Shooting & Rage Buggies

A man firing a gun and causing sparks to fly

Archery, Assault Rifles, Axe Throwing & Crossbows

Three axes stuck in the base of a tree

Archery & Crossbows, Assault Rifles, Axe Throwing

Two men shooting a gun to the air

Clay Pigeon Shooting - 40 Clays

A split image of a man driving a quad bike through rough terrain and a man shooting a gun in the air

Clay Pigeon Shooting & Quad Biking

Close up of a man driving a quad bike outdoors

Quad Biking

A man driving a rage buggy

Rage Buggies

A white golf ball on the grass, perched on a white tee

Golf - 9 Holes

A gun being loaded

Clay Pigeon Shooting - 30 Clays

The back of a man in a superhero costume, driving a quad bike on an off road track

Quad Biking & Rage Buggies

A man firing a shotgun, and the cartridges coming out of the back

Archery, Blind 4x4 Driving, Laser Clays & Segways

A man firing a cross bow at a target

Archery & Axe Throwing & Blind 4x4 Driving

An axe sticking out of some wood

Archery, Axe Throwing & Clay Pigeon Shooting

A man aiming a laser whilst in camouflage gear

Pulse Ranger Outdoor Laser Tag

A split image of a quad bike and a man shooting a gun

Clay Pigeon Shooting & Quad Biking

A man on his knees outdoors and aiming a paintball gun in front of him

Outdoor Paintball - Full Day Inc 100 Balls

A man in a pink target bib, crouching down the side of a fen and holding a paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - Half Day Inc 100 Balls

Stationary rage buggy in a muddy field

Rage Buggies

A man driving a quad bike up a muddy hill

Quad Biking

Three clays and a gun lying in the grass

Clay Pigeon Shooting

A split image of some arrows in a target and a person on a high ropes course

Archery, High Ropes & Quad Biking

Some tyres going through muddy terrain

Clay Pigeon Shooting, Quad Biking & Rage Buggies

The back of a buggy outdoors

Quad Biking & Rage Buggies

A split image of wheels in the mud, and clays and a gun in the grass

Clay Pigeon Shooting & Rage Buggies

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LNOF Guide to Bath

Relax in one of the UK's most beautiful cities for your hen weekend.

This gorgeous paradise has everything required for a perfect hen weekend getaway. Bath is home to a wide range of amenities and attractions, and it will certainly keep all of the girls happy at all times throughout the hen weekend. Located just 24 miles away from Bristol, this is the perfect hen destination for indulging in extremely stylish and classy surroundings on your last night of freedom.

For those groups who want a little more to their weekend than going out getting rather tipsy on the night - there are several attractions to explore. You’ve got the beautiful Roman Baths and the historic Bath Abbey, or you could indulge in some retail therapy in one of the various shopping areas within the city, which offer the big name stores and the small independent shops alike. Or, if you really want to add a touch of sophistication to your weekend, then there are sumptuous afternoon tea options.

With all of this to do during the day, it's only natural that you will want to round off your weekend with a fantastic night out - and Bath is a city which has absolutely fantastic nightlife. There are wonderful cocktail bars, spectacular late night venues – including the breathtaking, French-Moroccan inspired Po Na Na – as well as mega clubs. Opium is one of the best in town – a spicy hotbed of Victorian and Renaissance décor with a feel-good spirit. Bath will spin you around and leave you breathless.

Customer Reviews for Bath

Our average hen feedback score for Bath is 5.00

Average Rating from 3 reviews

Trustpilot Rating
9 stars


Easy to book, good range of activities and very helpful!

10 stars


'Pink Ladies Dancing' was absolutely amazing, we had such a good laugh. I would definitely recommend this activity. We are still laughing at the video, and the bride to be wants us to do this in the wedding!!! Awesome day thank you.

9 stars


We had a wonderful time, it was very well organised. Bath was a beautiful place to go and all 11 ladies had a fantastic weekend all efforts were much appreciated. ”