Hen Weekends in Las Vegas

Vegas is a merry go-round of casinos, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The City of Sin has different rules to anywhere else - so flaunt your bikini bods and let Vegas dazzle you with its bright lights.

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LNOF Guide to Las Vegas

Sin City will see you now.

Only those with big hearts, big party appetites and even bigger credit card limits need apply when it comes to hen weekends in Las Vegas. You can have as pleasant a meal as you want to in your home town, and if a local nightclub you’ve frequented since your acne days still does it for you then you won’t find any judgement here at LNOF HQ. However, for a totally unforgettable event that will truly unite and inspire your closest friends, America’s most wonderfully wicked city has its doors permanently open to any group keen on giving their bride the big, brash send-off she deserves.

Before you start thinking that Las Vegas is a predominantly male enclave, consider the exquisite service culture in every hotel lobby, restaurant or department store. Then ponder its famously glammed up shows, killer cabarets and star performances, and contemplate the unbelievably pampered existence that is yours if you stay in any of the huge hotels situated on or around the world-famous Las Vegas strip. The house may always win, sure, but being a guest in one of their luxurious palaces for a few nights means there need be no losers amongst your group.

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Vegas is like nothing I've experienced before. My best mate won $4000 on the first night - it was the best start to a hen weekend ever.

Sarah MainContent Editor

Las Vegas hen weekends allow for a sensational degree of excess and glitz. You’ll be spoilt rotten without a doubt, whether by the pool during a sizzling hot afternoon, breathing in some life-saving air con as you decide precisely when to ditch shopping for cocktails, or sipping on a complimentary G&T as you sit between two high rollers on a blackjack table that will happily take a minimum bet just as easily as it will a maximum one. The Devil may well wear Prada… but he lives in Nevada.

With everything organised for you well before you arrive, all you and the girls have to concentrate on is eating your way through the small mountain range of food on offer at every sitting and making your mind up on a preferred poison of choice for the weekend – Cosmopolitan, Harvey Wallbanger or why not both? You don’t have to be a professional gambler to tap into the buzz sweeping through every hotel casino floor – in fact, the less you’ve done it before, the more likely you are to get a kick, and that kick might just as easily come from a spell on the slot machines or a game of bingo as it will from betting big on the next playing card.

Be brave, and bring the party to Vegas. The ladies will love you for it.

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