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Celebrate in style in the illustrious capital city. From the fashionable West and the oh-so-cool North, to the hedonistic centre and hipster East End - London is a glamorous hen weekend haven.

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Say goodbye to your freedom in style, by partying like VIPs in the Big Smoke.

Yes, you can look at other contenders in the race to win your hen do vote, but really who are you kidding? London hen weekends are the only ones to pack so much variation under one massive umbrella. And, with virtually all transport links leading to the capital, London should always make your hen party shortlist. Here you can indulge in all manner of gleeful silliness, sophisticated shopping and raucous partying. London can be overwhelming if you don’t plan your time correctly though, which means that this is a city - more so than anywhere - which demands careful planning at the conceptual stage, lest the hen weekend become a series of arguments on which tube line to take next.

Because all who live and work there have witnessed every kind of wild exhibitionism known to the human species, Londoners don’t register shock very easily - which again plays perfectly into the hands of most weekend revellers. The clubs, shops, markets, restaurants, cafes and bars all expect good behaviour, yes, but they also recognise that people visiting the capital have a sworn duty to display their most outgoing and brash side, a compulsion to up their powers of embarrassing dancing and a responsibility to immerse themselves in what can easily seem, when you’re there, like the centre of the universe.

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Me and the girls went to see a show in the West End, then had cocktails in Sky Pod Bar on my best friend's hen do. We all had such an amazing weekend.

Katie RoutledgeSales Team Member

The finest of tastes exist in London somewhere, be it in vehicles, buildings, paintings, clothes, food or music. We’re not pretending that a night on Shepherd’s Bush High St will push the envelope any, or that a few vodkas around the Elephant & Castle will leave you gasping for more. But, the array of stunning galleries, exhibitions, cathedrals, churches, theatres, wine bars, restaurants and cafes will leave no-one unconvinced. You could spend a full day of your hen weekend in London soaking up the cool of Covent Garden alone, its bookstores, outside tables and street entertainment providing a feast for the senses – and, of course, will provide great fuel for conversation at your dining table later that evening.

You’ll doubtless settle in advance on which parts of Landan Taan will be honoured by your presence. Just don’t deviate from this plan too much if you can help it, since it’s rumoured that there are hen parties still going round in circles since 1991 – lost souls who never made their minds up between Szechaun and Tex Mex, between the Jubilee and the Circle Line, condemned to huddle in shop doorways with their now drooping devil horns, forced to sell their L-plates and cowboy hats simply to survive - for goodess sake, girls, don’t let that be you.

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