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Multiple red cocktails containing strawberries and mint

Yates - Cocktail Workshop & Nibbles

A cocktail with a herb garnish

Cuban Cocktail Workshop & Tapas

Multiple red cocktails containing strawberries and mint

Yates - Cocktail Workshop

A row of three different cocktails in front of a pile of crushed ice

Slug & Lettuce Cocktail Workshop

A pale cocktail in an ornate rocks glass, garnished with mint and blueberries

Revolution - Cocktail Workshop & Nibbles

Four cocktails lined up on a bar, all different colours and sizes

Las Iguanas - Cocktail Workshop

A martini glass of gin with a green olive in, and a blurred bottle of gin in the background

Gin Tasting

A woman posing in a sparkly silver dress

Ultimate Girl Band Dance Party

A woman wearing a black afro, sunglasses and a red top leaning over and smiling

70's Dance Class

The 'Glee' TV show logo and the words 'dance class' on a sky blue background

Glee Dance Class

A woman dancing on her knees in a puddle of water

Street Dance Class

A black and white image of women dancing in 'western' themed outfits

Line Dancing Party

A woman dancing on a grey floor in front of a white wall

Old School Hip Hop Dance Class

St James Hotel - Afternoon Tea

A massage bed with a brown neck cushion at the end

Mobile Spa - 30 Minute Treatment

A woman wearing towels around her body and hair lying face-up, with a pair of hands cupped around her face

Spa Day Inc Treatment

Chocolate truffles dusted with cocoa powder and a sieve

Chocolate Making Workshop

A person spreading tomato sauce on a pizza base on a table covered in flour

Pizza Making Class

A woman wearing a blue fascinator and veil

Fascinator Making Experience

A woman wearing a large fascinator made out of flowers and smiling

Flower Crown

Multiple pairs of white knickers with customisations

Knicker Customisation

A woman wearing make up and posing

Jewellery Making

A group of people playing bubble football in red and blue inflatables

Bubble Mayhen & Old School Sports Day

Women sitting and posing on red and blue inflatable bubbles

Bubble Mayhen & Goggle Football

A roll of brown paper alongside a frame and paintbrushes

Nude Life Drawing

A woman wearing a blue fascinator and veil

Fascinator Making Workshop

A woman straddling a man in an unbuttoned shirt, pulling his tie

Foreplay Lesson

A woman singing into a mic, to a blue backdrop

Lip Sync Battle

Close up of a woman's face with yellow lips, to a blue backdrop

Tantalise and Tease Workshop

A group of people riding segways through a forest

Forest Segway

A man lying on his front and holding an inflatable surrounded by water

It's A Knockout

A group of people stood around an obstacle filled with water, in the jungle

Jungle Challenge

Two people wrestling in large 'sumo' suits and hats

Sumo Wrestling

A person riding a segway with just their legs and wheels visible

Off-Road Segways

A crossbow laying on a table with two targets visible in the background

Crossbow Shooting

Arrows with a large target visible in the background


A split image of a double-decked pleasure boat on water and a woman serving from a hot buffet

Friday Party Boat, Buffet & Unlimited Drinks

A long white pleasure boat with glass windows

Saturday Party Boat & Buffet

A large pleasure boat on still water

Party Cruise incl. BBQ Meal & Strip Show

A close up of a pizza with toppings and rocket

Revolution - Cocktail Workshop & 2 Course Meal

A pale cocktail being poured into a coupe glass from a metal cocktail shaker

Slug & Lettuce - Cocktail Workshop & 2 Course Meal

A dark red cocktail being strained into a coupe glass, with other drinks nearby

Slug & Lettuce - Cocktail Workshop & 3 Course Meal

A red cocktail in a martini glass with a cherry garnish

Yates - Cocktail Workshop & 2 Course Meal

Bierkeller - Bavarian Snacks & Drink

A top-down view of multiple plates of Latin American food

Las Iguanas - 3 Course Meal with Cava & Cocktails

White Zizzi logo placed over a split image of food and a bottle of Prosecco with a full glass

Zizzi - 4 Course Meal with Prosecco & Wine

White Zizzi logo placed over a split image of a pizza and a bottle of Prosecco with a full glass

Zizzi - 3 Course Meal with Prosecco

A burger in a bun with an egg on top

Yates - Brunch and Bottomless Prosecco

White Ask Italian logo over a table of Italian food

Ask Italian - 3 Course Meal

A chicken pasta meal with shavings of Parmesan and a bottle of wine lying on its side in the background

Bella Italia - 2 Course Meal

A slice of pizza, topped with black olives, being removed from the full pizza, served up on a table

Bella Italia - 3 Course Meal

Belgo Bar and Restaurant logo over a person eating from a plate of food

Belgo Restaurant - 3 Course Meal

The Belgo Bar and Restaurant logo over an image of a bowl of mussels

Belgo Restaurant - 2 Course Meal

White Zizzi logo placed over an image of a pizza

Zizzi - 2 Course Meal

A steak and chips meal on a white plate with a fork

Yates - Steak Meal & Drink

A wooden box containing bread, crudites and dips

Slug & Lettuce - Finger Food & Prosecco

Las Iguanas - 2 Course Meal

A top-down view of a salad

Las Iguanas - 3 Course Meal

A large burger on a piece of paper with chips and sauce

Yates - Beer & Burger

Multiple large platters of food including chicken and burgers

Yates - 2 Course Meal

Multiple small chocolate desserts on a dark grey surface

Yates - 3 Course Meal

A top down view of various large bowls of food

Slug & Lettuce - 2 Course Meal

A waffle covered in fruit on a white plate with a fork

Slug & Lettuce - 3 Course Meal

A top-down view of a pizza on a square plate, dough balls and the corner of another pizza

Pizza Express - 2 Course Meal & Drink

A steak and chips meal on a plate on a wooden table

Revolution - 2 Course Meal

A slice of tart and a ball of ice cream on a plate on a wooden table

Revolution - 3 Course Meal

A number of tables at a modern restaurant, under purple light

The Balti House - Indian Banquet Meal

A man with a microphone in front of a large 'Glee' logo

Glee Comedy Club Entry, Food & Drink

A view over an audience in front of a stage containing a large 'Glee' logo and a standing man

Glee Comedy Club Entry & Food

A bowling ball scattering 10-pin bowling pins


The inside of a large party bus with purple lights and benches

Private Party Bus -16 Seater

The interior of a large party bus

Private Party Bus - 32 Seater

Three greyhounds racing beside each other across a sandy surface

Night at the Dogs & 3 Course Meal

Six greyhounds racing around a corner on a sandy track

Night at the Dogs

A box of cocktail making equipment in Revolution

Revolution - Reserved Area with Mojito Box

A split image of Ketel One vodka and some maroon booths

Revolution - Reserved Area with Vodka Box

A split image of some seats in Revolution and some glasses of drink with lime and ice in

Revolution - Reserved Area with Gin Box

A roulette wheel and table, surrounded by people

Casino Entry & Complimentary Bet

A group of people dancing under falling multicoloured confetti

Rock City Guestlist Entry - Friday

A group of women clinking glasses of champagne together

Yates Guestlist Entry

The interior of a large bar with booths, raised seating and modern lighting

Revolution Guestlist Entry

A metal ice bucket with two bottles of wine in, in front of a lounge-style seating area

Pryzm - Celebration Booth Package

A black and white image of a large dance floor filled with people

Pryzm Silver Booth Package

A view over a large dance floor filled with people

Pryzm Gold Booth Package

A red sofa and chairs around two tables, one with multiple black glasses on

Pryzm Booth Package

Three people clinking white flute glasses behind two bottles of champagne with sparklers attached

Pryzm VIP Booth

The exterior of a Slug and Lettuce bar, with outdoor seating and purple awnings

Slug & Lettuce Bar Entry

A person wearing camouflage overalls and a mask aiming a paintball marker from behind a tree

Outdoor Paintball - Half Day Session inc. 400 Balls

A split image of people playing human table football and bubble football

Bubble Football, Human Table Football & Penalty Shoot-out

A person wearing camouflage overalls and a mask aiming a paintball marker from behind a tree

Outdoor Paintball - Full Day Session inc. 400 Balls

A person wearing camouflage overalls and a mask skidding across the ground and aiming a paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - Full Day Inc 100 Balls

A double barrelled shotgun cracked open, containing one green shotgun shell

Clay Pigeon Shooting - 25 Clays

A group of people playing human table football inside a large inflatable pitch

Human Table Football

A woman in a white vest top and cap posing with a football and showing a red card

Bubble Football with a Sexy Referee

A man aiming a shotgun into the sky with an instructor looking over his shoulder

Clay Pigeon Shooting - 50 Clays

A split image of arrows with targets in the background and a view down the side of a Kalashnikov-style assault rifle being aimed

Air Rifles, Archery & Cobra Slingshot Shooting

A group of people playing goggle football with an orange football

Old School Sports Day & Goggle Football

A split image of an archery target with arrows in and a shotgun lying on grass next to orange clays

Archery, Laser Clays & Laser Tag

A group of people playing bubble football in red and blue inflatables

Bubble Football Session

Two lines of blue go karts

Outdoor Karting

A scoped rifle resting on a surface next to rounds of ammunition

Rifle Shooting

A split image of a woman covered in soap suds and a quad bike being driven down a grass track

It's A Knockout & Quad Biking

A split image of an archery target with arrows in it and a person jumping through a large tyre

Archery, Assault Course & Rifle Shooting

A split image of a man climbing over a net and a person aiming a rifle at a target

Archery, Assault Course, Crossbows & Rifle Shooting

An off-road buggy driving round a corner on a dirt track

Dirt Buggies

A split image of a quad bike and an off-road buggy being driven

Quad Biking & Dirt Buggies

A split image of a Land Rover driving over grass and a quad bike driving through a wet field

4x4 Off-Road Driving & Quad Biking

A split image of a Land Rover driving over grass and an off-road buggy on a dirt track

4x4 Off-Road Driving & Dirt Buggies

A 4x4 vehicle driving down a dirt track with a person standing nearby

4x4 Blindfold Driving

A split image of an archery target with arrows in and an off-road buggy driving on a dirt track

Archery, Quad Biking & Rage Buggies

A person following through after hitting a golf ball from a golf course

Golf - 18 Hole

A split image of knives stuck in a wooden log and tomahawk axes stuck in a wooden log

Knife & Tomahawk Throwing

A split image of knives stuck in a wooden log and a person aiming a bow and arrow

The Hunter Games

A number of laser tag guns lying on a wooden surface

Outdoor Laser Tag

A number of laser tag guns lying on a wooden surface

Laser Clays

A split image of a shotgun lying on grass near orange clays and a person aiming a bow and arrow

Archery & Laser Clays

A man wearing a paintball mask and a pink bib with a target on crouching next to a wooden fence and holding a paintball gun

Outdoor Paintball - Half Day Inc 100 Balls

A man aiming a shotgun into the sky, with an orange clay visible

Clay Pigeon Shooting - 25 Clays

One man and a helper firing a gun into the sky

Laser Clay Shooting

A man wearing an orange cap and jacket, firing a gun

Air Rifle Shooting

A fake skull at crazy golf in Nottingham

18 Hole Adventure Golf

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LNOF Guide to Nottingham

Notorious Nottingham has much than just folklore on offer.

When you think of Nottingham, you might think of Robin Hood dashing about the forest, loosing arrows and wooing the fair Maid Marian – but there’s much more to it than that. True, the city is proud of its arrow-slinging, tight-wearing philanthropist hero, but there is also a world of buzzing nightlife and entertainment to explore on your Nottingham hen do.

Nottingham’s nightlife is famously a haven for stag and hen parties, with a huge choice of bars, clubs and restaurants stretched out like a nocturnal playground across the city. For a bit of style and sophistication, head to the Lace Market and check out its array of lively bars and tasty restaurants. If you fancy a slightly more exuberant (shall we say) night out on the town then head out into the thriving nightlife, making sure to drop by the gargantuan mega-club, Pryzm, for one hell of a party.

The sense of history is everywhere in this ancient city, the locals are understandably proud of a hometown with more than its fair share of castles, cobbled streets, ye olde inns and ancient markets. There are even a few tongue-in-cheek ghost tours and medieval banquets scattered around to ramp up the whole Middle England thing, while the legend of Robin ‘nice tights’ Hood carries on in museums and visitor centres everywhere. There are plenty of real ale pubs, but you also have the choice of dozens of modern wine and cocktail bars too – you know, the kind where beautiful individuals perch on stools, answer their mobiles very loudly and tilt their head back to laugh heartily no matter who’s calling.

Make sure to keep an eye on the festivals in the area too. If you’re lucky enough to be passing through at the right time, you could catch Splendour Festival, the Goose Fair, the Caribbean Carnival or even the Robin Hood Beer Festival.

Whether you want to spend your hen weekend exploring ancient Nottingham, spooking yourself on a ghost tour or drinking mad cocktails in a funky bar, this diverse city is definitely for you.

Customer Reviews for Nottingham

Our average hen feedback score for Nottingham is 4.85

Average Rating from 87 reviews

Trustpilot Rating
9 stars


We all had a blast, cocktail making was really good and there were lots of free drinks.”

10 stars


The hotel we stayed was lovely the staff was very welcoming and helpful and it was situated right in the heart of Nottingham. The cocktail making session was brilliant we played lots of fun games and the service was fab. Overall we had a brilliant weekend, I will be recommending last night of freedom to my family and friends.

10 stars


We all had an amazing weekend, all the events planned went ahead with no issues and were all easy to access. We were made to feel welcome and special which was even noted by the bride to be who had no idea what we were doing until we got to each place. The process of booking right up to leaving was made easy and stress free by Last Night of Freedom, would recommend to everyone. Thank you x”

9 stars


“Fabulous weekend for my sisters hen in Nottingham! Great value and LNOF made everything so easy for us! Would definitely recommend the Beyoncé dance class!!! X”

10 stars


“Our cheerleading instructor was fantastic!!The Slug and Lettuce provided an excellent buffet as part of our cocktail making experience and very accommodating. Again highly recommended.

9 stars


“The cocktail making was absolutely amazing. Big thanks to Dec.”

9 stars


“Cocktail Making and hotel were excellent , the nude life drawing was an experience but not a hunk, very strange! Wasn't advised that you get drink in the room, but good experience! The boat had a roast dinner not a BBQ as we thought. Very small but okay.”

10 stars


“The weekend was absolutely amazing, everything was just perfect, the whole group had a fab time. Cocktail making was so much fun and lasted ages! We were all a bit worst for wear! And the party boat in the evening was great. Cheap drinks and lots of dancing! The hotel was great too, staff really friendly, comfy beds and amazing breakfast! All together a perfect weekend. Thanks for taking all the stress out of it and providing an outstanding service! ”

9 stars


“weekend was fantastic and we couldn't fault the hotel the staff were lovely. ”

10 stars


“Laura the dance instructor was fantastic she made a great morning for us and we could nearly dance at the end. Thank you so much for a memorable day.”

6 stars


The comedy club was brilliant and extremely helpful, the entrance to the club was awful. The club staff were rude and unhelpful. I found I had to demand and explain why we were there it was as if they had no idea we were booked in!!!
The hotel we stayed in was extremely good though and we were all together in rooms next to each other. The hotel facilities were closed Sunday which was a shame as we'd been told we could use these during our stay. Over all it was ok. ”

10 stars


I couldn't be more pleased with the service provided by Last Night of Freedom - especially Chris Rawlison who did a great job getting this all booked for us.

We had a ball we really enjoyed the comedy club and the meal we had was amazing. The Holiday Inn Express was very clean and tidy and the staff were lovely. We had a range of ages from 31 - 62 years and all had a great time with no complaints - the spa was nice too and Georgia who did the treatments (Hilton) was so friendly and a joy.

All in all we had a fabulous time and I would definitely use yourselves again and have already recommended you. Thank you Nicola Rigby ”

7 stars


“Very close to the nightlife and centre! go carting was awesome but the boat wasn’t that good for people of our age!”

8 stars


“Nottingham is a great place to hold a hen night as here are many other hen and stag nights taking place there. Everything is within walking distance making it really easy to get about. The hotel was clean and friendly although you are likely to be woken up by other parties. It is a great place for a night out! The boat trip we went on was fab, something a bit different and really good food.”

9 stars


“Brilliant weekend, happy with everything, no complaints really. The only thing is that the Jacuzzi at the hotel wasn’t working, and it would have done wonders for me the day after!”

7 stars


Riverboat cruise was worth the money only grumble is that there were far too many groups on board and was very difficult to move around.”

8 stars


“fun fun fun ”

10 stars


Had a really great weekend, the only down side was that we had sent details of who should have been sharing rooms with who to the hotel and they got it all wrong, but it didn’t take too long for them to sort it all out.”

8 stars


“We had a great hen weekend in Nottingham. The nightclub was fantastic and hotel had good sized rooms and bathrooms. The spa was ropey and dirty though and the comedians at the comedy club were below par.”

8 stars


“I was a little uncertain as to the instructions on the voucher and what would happen when, but everything turned out ok. We booked a river cruise with travel to nightclub included - this wasn't fully explained on the voucher but staff on the boat explained it well. In all it was a good night and the VIP club entry was worth it.”

7 stars


“Hotel was lovely, close enough to city centre, burlesque lessons were fun, although the woman was a little strange.... meal was lovely, a further range of English meals may have helped a little... altogether a good night, perhaps in the package could be introduced free admission to clubs/free drinks in bars etc to tempt people to stay out in the nightlife.”

7 stars


“Firstly I want to say a massive thank you. The dancing lesson was brilliant. The teacher was fantastic and our hen loved it. All of the organising done by yourselves was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend your website to anyone else organising a hen do.

The attitude of the bar staff in the hotel wasn’t great but as I said I was more than happy with the service we received from you. Thank you again ”

9 stars


The weekend was brilliant, The boat cruise was great craic and the free drinks was a plus! :D Loved the cocktail classes! The nightlife was brilliant and would love to go back!!”

8 stars


Had the best weekend ever!! Cruise was really fun and the cocktail classes were brilliant!! The nightclub was excellent!! Everything was class really!!”

9 stars


We had a brilliant weekend. The river boat cruise was great fun and all drinks were free for the 3 hours we were on it. At the cocktail classes we had loads to drink and they just kept on coming. Great value for money!! Thanks a mil x”

9 stars


Everything was perfect except for the location of the hotel, we would have preferred if the hotel was in the centre of the city rather than having to get so many taxis everywhere.”

10 stars


“We had a fantastic time in Nottingham, and the weekend was brilliant value for money. I would definitely recommend Last Night of Freedom :-)”

10 stars


“Brilliant time.”

10 stars



First of all there were 16 of us girls on the hen do ranging from ages of 23 to in the 40's. The tapas meal on the Friday night was OK, the nightclub Was BRILLIANT! The river boat cruise was hilarious but not for the faint hearted!!. ”

6 stars


“The hotel was really nice, the burlesque dancing was great & the boat was fun. The only downsides are as follows:

- Lack of instruction on what to wear for the burlesque class resulted in uncomfortable people.

- We were on a different boat to the itinerary for the disco BBQ & it was a carvery not a BBQ.

-We had Friday & Saturday night tickets to the same club - didn't really want to go to the same place 2 nights in a row.

Apart from these little things everything else was great ”

9 stars


Brilliant location, fantastic hotel, service, breakfast outstanding, the nightclub was brilliant. I would recommend booking somewhere to eat before arriving, as majority of places stopped serving by 9.30pm, so Fri night was a bit of a disaster for food. We however found a great place to eat on the Saturday night "peachykeens" which was fab. Taxi firm D&G cars were the best priced taxi cabs.

We all enjoyed the tank driving and Zorbing, although for the price would have expected 2 zorbing runs, didn’t get a photo as stated either, and was made to sit around for an hour before activities started! But having said that no regrets!”

8 stars


“We had an excellent weekend, the Dirty Dancing was amazing - we really had the time of our lives.”

9 stars


“Weekend went fully as planned.

Hotel was of a high standard for a typical hen do location! Staff were friendly and assisted with any questions and ordering cabs. Comedy club went down well on the Friday and started the weekend off nicely for the girls to get to know each other.

The nightclub was a really good end to the night (followed by Food Factory over the road of course)!! After a much needed yummy brekkie we had the mud buggies. We had a great afternoon and a good laugh with the other stag / hen do's there. Saturday night we went out for another fab evening. Thanks to all at Last night of Freedom for their help and answering all my questions before the weekend! ”

9 stars


I thought the venue was really good, all needs and age groups were catered for...A good night was had by all!!!”

6 stars


Great hotel - not quite central location but great facilities in the hotel and great breakfast. Paintballing was good but the lunch provided was horrible! Nottingham ok for nightlife - not the best”

10 stars


The 'love boat' was so much fun! Strippers/G-string waiters certainly enjoyed their job and the hen had a brilliant night and we have some ace pictures!!”

9 stars


I recommend using this company to organise your hen weekend. Everything went to plan and the MTV dance experience was brilliant. All my girls had a great time and the accommodation I couldn't fault. Thanks for a brilliant weekend!”

6 stars


“enjoyed my day but one complaint the dance instructor was to serious and had no sense of humour as it was a hen party.”

9 stars


The hotel was perfect - close to the town centre but with parking and not horrible and dingy like some 'hen do' hotels are.

Spa facilities were fabulous and the staff all really warm and friendly. The Boat trip was a fabulous laugh-good fun and again the staff were very helpful.”

8 stars


Really good atmosphere on the boat. We were expecting a bbq however a carvery was provided when we arrived. The food was average - room for improvement. Dj was great - overall had a good night! Would recommend!! ”

10 stars


All the girls have commented on what a fab time they had, we had such a laugh singing and dancing and would definately arrange it again for another hen, top weekend away!!”

7 stars


The hotel was great. The cheerleading didn't seem to last that long - it was really fun though. The comedy club was very geared towards men.”

10 stars


My Hen Weekend in Nottingham was fantastic, the hotel was lovely, and the Dirty Dancing Party was the best!! All my chicks had lots of fun and laughs. I want to go again!!”

8 stars


We had a really good time. The hotel was ideal and the Breakfast was really nice (all you can eat!) the jacuzzi wasnt working unfortunately! But rooms were really nice and staff helpful.

The Tapas on the Friday night was OK and the boat party was excellent - really enjoyed this - the meal was a bit rough but that was to be expected! ”

9 stars


Cocktail making was fantastic and was suitable for everyone in the group of all ages.

Hotel was nice and we enjoyed the spa facilities however there was no on-site parking. Location was excellent, central to everything. The booklet I received with all the vouchers and information was clear and easy to look after.

It was relaxing to know that everything was organised and booked so all we had to worry about was turning up and having a great time! A fantastic weekend was had by all, thank you LNOF! ”

9 stars


Hotel was fabulous and was situated directly in the centre of Nottingham. The comedy club was excellent. The trip went without a hitch!”

10 stars


“it was brilliant!”

9 stars


The Dirty dancing experience was amazing and something i will never forget! ”

8 stars


“It was great 2 things though was i thought a mini bus would have been included and also when we went to the dirty dancing place it was awfuly hot no fan or air conditioning....but minor things as it was reallly good.x.”

9 stars


I thought the weekend was brilliant and the activities were great, the only let down was the bar staff at the hotel as they took such a long time to serve you everytime you went to the bar. ”

9 stars


I couldn't of asked for my friends Hen do to go any better. It was an absolutly brilliant weekend and full of lots of other hen and stag parties.”

9 stars


Thank you very much we had the most amazing weekend ever. The hotel was lovely including the breakfast, a good fry up is exactly what you need to start another day of activities/drinking!

The Dirty Dancing experience was brilliant, only bad comment would be its a shame that they dont record a video of it for you, other than that it was perfect. Nottingham is definitely the place to go. Thanks again and i would reccomend your company to everyone.”

9 stars


“brilliant x”

10 stars


We had a fantastic time at the MTV dance babes experience and we are still laughing about it weeks later!”

10 stars


“I was the HEN and i had no clue what was happening.

WOW was i pleasantly surprised the hotel was fab, the activity was soooooooo good and the whole weekend was just what i had hoped for so thanks alot!!”

10 stars


“Fully enjoyed it was wikid thanks ”

8 stars


“Cheers guys it was fab.”

8 stars


Last Night of Freedom is the only place i would ever use if organising an event again SUPERB!!

10 stars


“Excellent venue hotel and activities top marks all round!!

10 stars



8 stars


“thank you really made it a fun weekend!!”

9 stars


Dirty Dancing really was the time of my life

10 stars


Thanks for a fab weekend

10 stars


The dirty dancing experience is a must do activity the songs were hilarious and the dance............. well we tried and we laughed and thats what its all about. Thanks guys.”

9 stars


A massive thank you to all at Last Night of Freedom for the dirty dancing experience in nottingham.

The people who ran the event made our hen party extra special and were so friendly and welcoming. We had a fab time and the hotel, activities and nightclub passes just added to the event. thanks again.”

7 stars


“The hotel was great & the cruise was brilliant! The fame factory experience was not as good as we expected-the makeup lady did not seem to have any idea what to do.Nottingham pubs were really good but the club wasn't great. ”

7 stars


We had an awesome weekend, however our room breakdown was not as we had requested. ”

7 stars


The medieval banquet was really good fun, entertainment and food were great, plus because the drink was included in the price we had plenty of money left over for champagne later in the evening. ”

8 stars


“Me and 7 of my close friends had a day at a health spa.The day was great, staff were very friendly at the spa where they looked after us very well.lunch was put on for us which was again very good. Fab weekend had by all and was made very special by everyone involved...”

9 stars


“What a fab time!!!!! I have just had the best weekend of my life with 24 of my greatest friends!!!! ”

8 stars


“it was a good central location as people were travelling from the north and south. ”

9 stars


The comedy club was the best night - full of other people on hen/stag parties. fantastic music played at the venue afterwards.”

7 stars


The singing was great fun and got us all in the party spirit. The dance instructor was a bit of a poser, trying to show off his 'funky' dance moves but we all enjoyed learning the dance and it was certainly memorable! ”

9 stars


We booked the Dirty Dancing Themed hen party in Nottingham through LNOF. The guys at the venue were really friendly, welcoming helpful and professional. The dance instructor was very professional and took himself and his dancing very seriously -which we all thought was hilarious! The group had a fabulous time and would recommend the venue, party and LNOF.”

9 stars


Brilliant weeekend, friday getting dressed up and going out casual in flipflops was fab walking in to pubs people were very friendly, manager of two bars offered us free drinks and the dj"s got us all dancing. saturday recording experience was the best thing i have ever done realy good fun the people were friendly and could not do enough to get hot and cold drinks and tender to our ever need. Partying on the sat night was a good laugh nightclub was clean and there was no trouble to spoil our night.”

9 stars


We had a cracking weekend, thoroughly enjoyed by all one member of party commented "I have never laughed so hard and so much all in one weekend". The Dirty Dancing themed party was just fantastic. 10/10 for this, the staff were brilliant and could not have done anymore for us. The experience was enjoyed by all especially the Hen and we all left on a high with great memories to treasure forever (also with black mascara eyes where we cried laughing!). Our night at the club you booked us into was great, we dressed as cowgirls and dressed the Hen as a saloon girl which got plenty of comments. We even managed not to fall off the revolving dance floor which was a bonus!! I would like to say a huge thank you on behalf of all 22 of us to yourselves, and the venues you use for an outstanding weekend which I am sure will never be forgotten. All I need now is for someone else to be getting married so I can organise another Hen Weekend through yourselves, Thanks again. Anyway well done to all involved your end and a million thanks to you all...... superb, you are doing a great job, keep it up! ”

10 stars


Overall a very good night. Well priced drinks on the river boat - happy hour.”

8 stars


The night was great. The bride definately enjoyed it!

9 stars


Last Night of Freedom were very helpful in organising a great hen weekend to Nottingham, always able to answer questions and accomodate what was asked or requested. The staff at the recording studio were great, made our session there so enjoyable. The Thai resturant were also very accomodating and friendly, food was great too! Generally our weekend away was fantastic and we wanted to do it all over again! Would certainly recommend using Last Night of Freedom to others.”

9 stars


An excellent night, enjoyed by all! Casino was great most people left a few quid up apart from the hen who was too drunk to stand let alone be sensible at the blackjack table!! Apart from a few minor admin errors everything went well. I would recommend to anyone.”

9 stars


Bride said it was the 2nd best day of her life (1st being her wedding day) with all her favourite girlies and having so much fun! Accomodation, pole dancing and night out all fantastic! Will definately use you again, thanks very much to steve!!”

9 stars


everyone really enjoyed the night on the boat it was something different to do and something we'll all remember!we did feel that there could have been a few more bar staff as it took forever to get a drink!! Michelle x”

8 stars


“Had a great weekend to remember!!”

9 stars


“I just wanted to let you know about my experience on my Hen Weekend. It was the best experience ever. It was booked for 30 women All ages and it all went smoothly. The booking process was easy and all the information received was clear. We did have one problem, 2 days before we were due to go, the venue where we were having our meal on the friday night had closed, however after a couple of phone calls the team came up trumps and sorted it. Friday night - meal at an excellent restaurant - Wow what a meal! All 30 guests were pleased with the meal and service. We then went onto the nightclub and had a brilliant night of drinking and dancing! Saturday Activity - Singing and Photos - Best Experience EVER!!! The guys at the activity venue worked so hard, i never thought the experience would be so professional. We all sung loads of songs, all had our make up done and then had 100's of professional photos. It was amazing i cannot express how good it was. Food and drink was on hand. The Staff certainly made this activity!!!! The quality and amount of songs and photos are really good. Saturday Night -A night at the Dogs - once again, a great night, suited everyone. Hotel 3* - Fantastic - Good sized rooms all on same corridor, breakfast was gorgeous. Overall the whole weekend was certainly great value for money, All 30 women whose ages varied from 18 - 60 really enjoyed the weekend it could not be faulted in any way. My hen weekend was in June and people are still talking about it! all people can say is ' it will take a lot to beat that weekend'!!!! Thank you for making my Hen weekend so memorable. Many Thanks Kate ”

9 stars


The boat cruise we went on was fantastic it was not what any of us were expecting at all {which is in a good way} ha ha, we then went onto the nightclub which is just brill I think its the best club ever we have all been to we just spent all night looking for each other seing as theres so many rooms ha ha. I would defo use last Night of Freedom again thanks for the great hen night the hen and everyone else loved it.

8 stars


We had a great weekend, the singing experience was excellent. And the nightclub was fabulous!!!”

8 stars


“very commercial...lots of chavs!!!!”

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