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Oxford isn’t all about academic prowess, grand old buildings and posh students. Yup, it’s posh, but less so than its reputation. It has a calming pace that encourages daytime drinking, and will keep you drunkenly mellow until way past your bed time. An A* for Oxford, we think.

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LNOF Guide to Oxford

Get ready for your place at Oxford, regardless of grades…

Hen weekends in this city are not just about history, books and posh students. Although, admittedly, when you’ve this many inhabitants involved in academia, the culture and vibe is bound to be dominated by the tastes and whims of its students. And yes, with so much beauty surrounding you at such a relatively close proximity to the capital, there are a whole load of tourists looking for the quintessential English experience. But, there is also all you need to ensure that every one of your assorted Oxford hen weekend guests wakes up on the Monday morning with a suitably bad head and vague, happy memories. Pack your gladrags, dust off your perceptions and prepare for a degree of real class with a punt on the River Cherwell.

There are huge options and fabulous activity ideas to keep you from the endless stream of smart beer gardens, colourful cafes and picturesque pubs during the day. Beautiful areas, such as Cowley Road and Gloucester Green, are perfect for when it comes to shopping and drinking establishments with a vaguely bohemian slant. There’s also the picturesque plethora of university greens, bridges and parks that transforms walking around this adorable city into an unhurried pleasure.

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The glow sports was an excellent ice breaker on my friend's hen weekend. The gin tasting session turned into a massive session - was such good fun. Sore heads all .

Sarah MainContent Editor

This historic suburb, Jericho, is home to many excellent restaurants - and when it comes to putting on your best moves and celebrating in a club - you may be pleased to find that there are just as many cheese options, as there are serious-minded venues. George Street, in particular, caters for those not too proud to shake it to Wham! at 2am (so we’ve heard), but it’s in Cowley that you’ll probably have most of your drunken chats prior to this. This is going to be a weekend of gorgeous pubs, spectacular surroundings and even better memories.

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