Hen Weekends in Prague

Prague has an awesome reputation - the architecture is grand, the activities are bold and the nightlife is even better. Home to the largest club in Central Europe - you won't find anywhere better to celebrate in style.

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LNOF Guide to Prague

Baroque meets Renaissance with a large slice of Gothic thrown in for good measure.

Prague is a historical hotbed of creative art and liberal thinking, where exclamations of delight are guaranteed from any guest who isn’t lucky enough to have been before. Though it now has just as strong a reputation for hosting wild hen weekends, as it does for anything with more cultural resonance. Add to the pot a series of breathtakingly elegant buildings - in a city just bursting with surprises - and a willingness to party 'til the ridiculously wee small hours, and you've got an eclectic mix of customs and influences that is completely unlike anywhere else on earth.

With a trip to Prague, you are definitely set for the kind of eyebrow-raising 48 hours of successful, celebratory bonding that hen weekends should have. Your friends will never stop thanking you for setting the standard in foreign getaways, whilst boyfriends and husbands will struggle to contain their envy as you count down the days.

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I thought Prague was more of a stag do place but it was actually so good for hens. The city itself is so pretty and drinks are ridiculously cheap. I'd definitely recommend it.

Katie DoyleOverseas Team Leader

You can expect lots of people to tell you before you embark on your hen weekend in Prague, which the place will be awash with beer-swilling idiots, but that doesn't do the diversity of this great city justice. While you're there, you will see the most gorgeous architecture there is, wander around winding streets with immense character and charm, dance in clubs that will pump music and booze as long as there's still someone who wants to carry on - and sit outside cafes and tea-rooms by cobbled walkways as you discuss life, the universe and the price of Czech socks.

It can easily feel that all of the historical stuff about Prague being the centre of Europe is really true. Yes, some of the old image has suffered with the introduction of a few strip clubs and banging clubs in the last decade, but don't worry - there'll be plenty of the 'real’ Prague left for you to look at. There's a flair for the arts and for street performance that transcends the hippy buskers or corner bookshops all around you. Scratch the surface and you'll find one of the most cultured, exquisite, charming places you ever did see.

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