Manchester's Northern Quarter

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Manchester’s nightlife has always dominated the north.

It’s second only to London, boasting several different districts – home to those all-important cocktail bars. The Northern Quarter is the alpha of the pack, a vibrant, quirky, hipster, cool (we’ve not got enough adjectives) and stylish area that is bursting with bars and clubs. You stumble out of one and into another… the perfect hen weekend recipe.

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1. The Fitzgerald

11 Stevenson Square, Manchester , M1 1DB

The interior of Bier Keller, Newcastle, with wooden benches and seats

Start your hen weekend in Great Gatsby’s second home…

Well, it would’ve been had he visited. The Fitzgerald is speakeasy personified – a dark and atmospheric cocktail den, tucked away down a back alley and inspired by all things prohibition. Luckily, the one thing that’s not prohibited is the booze – and there’s a lot. Classic cocktails, such as the Old Fashioned, have had a facelift, but are served in cut glassware and china teapots for that touch of 20s style class. Amongst the crushed velvet and flickering candles – jazz bands perform to the crowd every weekend, with the addition of live DJs. Basically, it’s one big Great Gatsby house party, and you can even have an afternoon tea party with a screening of the film for good measure.

Drunk Stage 1

2. Hula

11 Stevenson Square, Manchester, M1 1DB

The interior of Bier Keller, Newcastle, with wooden benches and seats

Welcome to Hawaii, in Manchester.

Hula is a crazy Tiki paradise, taking you all the way back to the tropical 50s six days a week. It’s hedonistic, bright and just a little bit dangerous – especially when you come face to face with the exotic cocktails. Planet of the Apes, Big Kahuna, Missionary’s Downfall, Volcano Bowl and Monkey Mountain Dream are only a few of the fruity cocktails on the extensive menu. The basement bar attracts all sorts of groups every weekend, celebrating amongst the retro, kitsch interior and even a tropical fish tank, for some Romeo & Juliet role play.

Drunk Stage 2

3. Lost in Tokyo

26b Lever St, Manchester, M1 1DN

The interior of Bier Keller, Newcastle, with wooden benches and seats

Get ready for the Far East movement.

Lost in Tokyo, Manchester’s resident basement, Asian-style cocktail bar, transports you to the Land of the Rising Sun – slap-bang in the centre of one of the most northern cities… It’s all based on downtown Tokyo, so expect hanging lanterns, cool murals on walls, leather booth seating – but with room to sit down (unlike actual Tokyo). Influences of Japanese warrior princesses are also seen throughout the building – it’s bang-on for a group of women on a hen do. But, you’re here for one thing, and one thing only… cocktails. Taking inspiration from the big screen, as well as the country, try Memoirs of a Geisha, Gin & Yang and the Baby Godzilla, alongside drinks served in Capri Sun pouches, science beakers and noodle bowls.

Drunk Stage 3

4. Guilty by Association

Stevenson Square, Manchester, M1 1DW

The interior of Bier Keller, Newcastle, with wooden benches and seats

“I swear that the evidence that I shall give, shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

Underground, edgy and urban – this is where Manchester’s quiet cool comes into play. Guilty by Association is one of the most talked about, and popular, bars in the Northern Quarter – all exposed concrete, upcycled furniture and naked light bulbs. And, if you’re in before 9pm – it’s two drinks for £10. Just some of the cocktails include Sassy Bitch (we’re saying nothing…), Melons for Everyone (hello) and Cookie Monster Mess. What’s that? We’ll see you there.

Drunk Stage 4

5. Dusk Til Pawn

Stevenson Square, Manchester, M1 1DN

The interior of Bier Keller, Newcastle, with wooden benches and seats

Grab a bargain on your Manchester hen weekend.

Although, you might have a hard time finding it… Hidden behind a pawn shop façade, Dusk Til Pawn is easily passed on a normal day. The exterior does little to showcase what lies beneath, but once you make it through the door – there’s a speakeasy world waiting for you. The Prohibition feel bar is dark and moody (nope, not your average teenager…), with quirky antiques and even a jukebox signed by Billy Ocean sitting proud by the bar. The winner of The Hidden Gem Award in 2014 knows exactly what it is talking about when it comes to drinks, specialising in cocktails - make sure you try the ‘Pawn’ Star Martini, Old Fashioned and Bloody Mary – as well as bourbon and American whiskies. God bless America.

Drunk Stage 5

6. Noho Bar

Stevenson Square, Manchester, M1 1FB

The interior of Bier Keller, Newcastle, with wooden benches and seats

Hidden behind graffiti covered shutters, Noho is a little gem that really comes alive at night. It holds 180 guests, so there should be plenty of space for your group. They like to have a late party here as often the bar will be open till 4am with their resident DJs playing into the night. Noho serves some really exciting and different cocktails such as Pop Tart, made with rum, caramel and popcorn and City Lights, made with whiskey, pineapple, ginger and basil. It’s definitely the place to go if you fancy trying something new. It’s been described as “the Northern quarters answer to NYC”, so settle in with a fancy cocktail and imagine you’re in the concrete jungle!

Drunk Stage 6

7. Cane & Grain

49, 51 Thomas Street , Manchester, M4 1NA

The interior of Bier Keller, Newcastle, with wooden benches and seats

Cane the meat and get drinking the grain.

We should explain… Cane & Grain is a venue dedicated to ribs, beer and bourbon – with innovative cocktails thrown in (in large measures). It’s three floors of carnage and booze – it’s a hen weekend paradise. The ground floor is ‘The Rib Joint’, where you’ll line your stomach before moving on up. The next bar is hidden behind an old door made up of wooden beer crates, and it’s part speakeasy and skate park (that typical combination). It’s seriously cool and alternative, with craft beer on tap and those all-important cocktails. Steadily (we mean it) taking the stairs to The Liar’s Lounge – you’ll enter a Tiki world. Home to the Zombie (one of the most lethal cocktails known to man), Ray’s Mistake (yours, after the Zombie), All Cain and No Grain and the Painkiller (get 10), you’ll most likely stay here for a huge chunk of the night. Those stairs are no joke after a Zombie.

Drunk Stage 7

8. Terrace NQ

43 Thomas Street, Manchester, M4 1NA

The interior of Bier Keller, Newcastle, with wooden benches and seats

So, you’ve made it.

Terrace NQ is your final stop, and what a trendy stop it is. It has all the elements for a Northern Quarter bar: exposed brick walls, reclaimed gymnasium flooring, and vintage school furniture. It’s like being back at school, but with alcohol… During the week, this place has a busy footfall, but it's the weekend that gets everyone out on the terrace. There’s live music and DJs, as well as a giant collection of cocktails, craft beer and spectacular spirits.

Manchester's Northern Quarter is seriously legendary. To discover even more on the Manc nightlife go straight to the Manchester Hen Weekends page and get your hen weekend booked.

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