The 12 Days of

Last Updated 21/05/2018

As you know, us lot at Last Night of Freedom don't like to do things by halves – and we think that we’ve created what can only be described as ‘a Christmas masterpiece’. Yeah, yeah, we know it looks like a million dollar production, but we’re a thrifty bunch and decided to bring it in under the £7million budget that John Lewis had for their Christmas ad - though we reckon they've got serious competition.

Like This?

We had a good laugh making our own LNOF version of The 12 Days of Christmas - but it was hard graft too. We got there in the end – with a lot of laughter, a lot of outtakes and a lot of surreal moments when we looked at each other and asked ‘what on earth are we doing?!’ This tends to happen when you find yourself surrounded by gimps at 9:30am or you’re battling to gaffer tape three inflatable men to an office chair. To give you an idea of what went into this sure-to-go-viral video, this is what it took:

  • 1 videographer
  • 1 photographer
  • 1 film studio (we’ve just built this and we’re too proud to be modest)
  • £3000 worth of costumes and accessories stock
  • 350 photographs
  • 4 hours’ worth of video footage
  • 40 bottles of Newcastle Brown ale
  • 5 bottles of mulled wine
  • 50 mince pies
  • 1 personal masseuse, 1 hair stylist and a bottle of chilled Dom Perignon (Head Honcho can be a proper diva sometimes)

Check our gallery below to see what a mint stag and hen company we really are…

Gimps, Golfers and Christmas Cheer