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As one of the oldest cities in Poland, Poznan has been making waves for the past several hundred years. In fact, it was here and in nearby Gniezno that the Polish state was first established.

Image of Poznan's central square

Today, Poznan is affectionately thought of as one of ‘Poland’s most beautiful and historic cities’, boasting a wealth of iconic landmarks, a stunning Old Market Square and a thriving nightlife that would put many a European city to shame. The bars spill out into the square and stay open until the very early hours, waiting for the last customer to finish their drink before closing (this is our kind of city).

All of this makes Poznan an excellent city for your last night of freedom, with every venue offering something a little different for your weekend away. So, let’s take a tour of this city together:

Breakfast Markets – 08:00

Breakfast markets in Poznan

Delicious pastries for breakfast

First things first - breakfast. You’ll find a whole load of breakfast markets every weekend in Poznan, but the market in Solacz Park is definitely the best place to start the day. Hundreds of local food stalls gather in the lush green fields, serving everything from Polish delicacies and Italian cuisine, to artisan coffee and St Martin’s Croissants – Poznan’s national delicacy.

The Stary Rynek - 10:00

The Stary Rynek central square and the houses in Poznan

The Stary Rynek and the colourful 'chocolate box' houses

Poznan’s Old Market Square is easily the most magnificent and memorable area in Poznan. It is steeped in history and the colourful ‘chocolate box’ buildings that line the square are a natural starting point for a tour of the city. The bustling Rynek is the central hub for Poznan and in the summer, the bars open out into the heart of the square and form a gargantuan beer garden.

A spot of sightseeing – 11:00

Poznan Central Square with close up on Renaissance Town Hall

The beautiful Renaissance Town Hall

The Ratusz (Renaissance Town Hall) – once renowned as the most beautiful building north of the Alps - is one of Poznan’s most iconic landmarks due to the mechanical goats on the roof of the building, which emerge at noon and butt heads 12 times (wait… you don’t do this at noon?), so it's most definitely on the list of sights to see.

Brovaria – 12:00

The Brovaria restaurant in Poznan

Take the weight off your feet in Brovaria

Brovaria, located in the historical Rynek, is the bustling centre of the square and is a bar come brewery come hotel. This quaint venue is an ideal place to kick back and relax with a pint of Lech Beer – Poznan’s very own beer. Inside the Brovaria, you can sit amongst the old brewing tanks and, if you are visiting the city in summer, you can take your pint to the terrace which overlooks the splendid square.

Stary Browar – 14:00

The Stary Browar shopping centre in Poznan

The incredible shopping centre

Next up - shopping. It wouldn’t be a trip to this cosmopolitan city without visiting the world-renowned Stary Browar - a commerce and arts centre hailed as an ‘art, leisure and shopping extravaganza’ . This former brewery, originally built in 1844, has hundreds of shops, galleries and there’s also a beer garden, rooftop terrace, a nightclub and even a hotel.

Citadel Park – 16:00

Citadel Park in Poznan

Lush gardens

Citadel Park - Poznan’s largest urban park - is located in the city centre and is the perfect place to rest and recoup after one too many the night before. The stunning meadow, in the middle of the park, regularly hosts various music and theatre festivals and sees big names in the music scene playing here.

Ratuszova – 18:00

Ratuszova restaurant in Poznan

A fairytale wonderland

Hundreds of restaurants line the streets of Poznan, including Ratuszova, situated in the Old Market Square. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you are transported to a fairytale wonderland. An intricate painting of a picturesque forest covers the ceiling and walls, set against exposed brick, rustic wood tables and enchanting décor. Ratuszova specialises in authentic Polish fare and the beautiful garden overlooks the Rynek.

Lake Malta – 20:00

Lake Malta in Poznan

A wonderful view

After being wined and dined, it’s time to take the train to Lake Malta. This lake is regularly used as a recreational area and is a haven for rowing and kayaking events. A walk along the stunning bay is a fantastic way to get to grips with the city and there are plenty of bars overlooking the lake, where you can relax with a glass of wine, or a pint, and bask in the splendid surroundings.

Sushi Jazz Sarp – 22:00

Busy bars in Poznan at night

The lively streets of Poznan

Poznan has a nightlife that few other cities in Poland can match and The Old Market Square is the centre of the action – jam-packed with bustling bars open until breakfast. This city also has a vibrant jazz scene, so we can end the day in one of Poznan's most popular jazz bars - Sushi Jazz Sarp - where we can sit back and enjoy the music with a (very large) glass of wine. This is the life, isn’t it?

Last Updated - 03/04/2019

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