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Poznan is a city of mystique and intrigue, with a gloriously diverse nightlife at the heart of it. From jazz bars and electro clubs, to its speciality beer and iconic football team - you’d be hard pushed to find a better location for your stag weekend.

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    LNOF Guide to Poznan

    Let's do the Poznan Dance.

    Poznan is one of the oldest cities in Poland and has an abundance of Romanesque buildings as well as a stunning old town (Stary Rynek) that is the bedrock of the city. The bustling Rynek is the centre of the party, with hundreds of buzzing bars and nightclubs that spill out in to the main square and stay open until the last customer has finished his pint. Basically, if you’re still drinking, the barman is pouring.

    The city is split in to six districts and the unique areas have led to a gloriously diverse mix of culture. The Ulica Taczaka – Poznan’s student high street – is dedicated to the house music scene and is chock full of impressive underground clubs open until breakfast. Thereis also an outstanding jazz scene in the city and you can find a wide variety of relaxed and laid-back jazz bars in each district, where you can sit back with an ice cold pint and bask in the exceptional surroundings.

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    Poznan's nightlife is like nothing I've seen before. There's jazz bars, all-nighter DJ venues and everything in-between.

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    One of the highlights of the capital city of Wielkopolska is their speciality beverage – Lech Beer. Produced in one of the largest breweries in Poland, this beer can be found in just about every drinking establishment in the city and is an excellent way to getto grips with the local culture. As an extra incentive (not that you lot need one anyway), the average price of a pint in Poznan is £1.20.

    The football culture in Poznan is ideal for the stag obsessed with the beautiful game, as Lech Poznan - hailed as the greatest and most popular team in Poland - are based in the city. They play in the highest league in Polish football and are renowned the world over due to their fantastically fanatical fans, who invented the iconic ‘Poznan dance’ that has now spread to our beloved Premier League.

    This laid-back city is home to an alluring and intriguing nightlife and with surprises around every corner, you’ll return home with lasting memories of your spectacular Polish stag weekend.

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