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A hen do doesn’t solely have to be about drinking the night away. Whether you’re teetotal, pregnant or just don’t fancy a hangover, follow these tips to have an amazing weekend without getting tipsy.

Top Tips

Book active activities for the weekend.

From dance classes to go karting, there are loads of things to do all over the UK and in Europe to keep your group away from the bar. Some of these active activities even require you to be sober for health and safety purposes, like axe throwing. And who wants to do a dance class with a hangover? The answer is nobody. Use the active filter on any of our locations to find an activity that’s right for you.

Suggest a spa day for the group.

At home, the hotel or at a luxurious spa there’s a wealth of options. Relax, have a treatment and let the stress of life melt away. This is a classy hen do activity that the bride will thank you for suggesting – especially as it will provide the bride-to-be with some much-needed rest bite from all the wedding planning.

Plan something for the morning after.

If you have a fun event planned each morning, then you’ll think twice about hitting the cocktail the night before. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a whole group activity – for example, you could get up early and watch the sun rise, surprise the bride by decorating her room, set up breakfast for everyone or just take some time in the morning for some self-care.


Don’t have a say in the activities for the hen do?
No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Simple yet effective buddy system.

Tell at least one person you trust on the hen do to watch your back for the weekend. Trust us, having someone in your corner will be a huge help. If they’re an amazing friend, they might even not drink with you. Being the sober pair in the group can be hilarious, watching the rest of your friends make a fool of themselves.

Try a Mocktail

If your group has opted to do some activities like cocktail making or bottomless brunch, don’t fret. Most bartenders know how to make non-alcoholic versions of cocktails on their menu. Simply ask the restaurant or organising company beforehand if they can make some mocktails as well as their alcoholic versions. Even if you don’t ask before the event, your bartender should be more than happy to accommodate on the day.

Be prepared for peer pressure and the urge to drink.

Hen dos are generally heavy drinking events, and your mates are very likely to encourage you to join in. Stick to your guns and remember why you’re staying off the drink in the first place. Finding good motivation is a fantastic way to stand your ground. There’s a wide variety of reasons to abstain from drinking; just remember that any reason is a good enough reason.

Spot the mocktail

Being sober on a hen do has so many benefits.
Here are just a few:

You’ll save a ton of money.

Alcoholic drinks are expensive, not to mention the drinks you don’t remember buying. There will be no reluctant check of your bank balance the morning after to be filled with the dread of how much you spent in just a few hours. Sober life saves so much money.

No hangover.

Loose the headaches, stomach aches, horrible feelings the morning after. You’ll be able to actually enjoy the second day instead of it being a write off. More time for fun.

No gaps in your memory.

You’ll actually be able to remember the whole weekend. No moments where your mates tell you what you did the night before and no cringing at past you. You’ll have lifelong memories of the fun night or weekend you had, with no regrets.

Feeling fresh!

Check out all of our hen do activities to find things to do without alcohol on a hen do.

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