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A stag do doesn’t have to be about drinking 24/7. If you’re wanting to stay off the drink and don’t skip out on a great time, follow these tips and you’ll be in for a brilliant booze free bash.

Top Tips

Look for active and adrenaline junkie type activities.

Racing your mates in go karts or throwing axes at targets is definitely more fun than sitting in a pub. From coasteering to shooting, a lot of activities required sobriety for your own health and safety. Plus you wouldn’t want to be shooting with a hangover. Use the active filter on any of our locations to find an activity that’s right for you.

Look for an activity that will take up a lot of the day.

Offered across the UK and in Europe, stadium tours are perfect if your stag is an avid footie fan. With guides walking and talking you through the buildings, cities, beaches and the history that comes with them, everyone will be geeking out with their newfound knowledge.

Have something to do the morning after.

Whether its an activity for the whole group or just something for yourself, having a fun event planned each morning will mean thinking twice about hitting the pints the night before. Stitching up the stag for when he wakes up would be perfect! Think of a legendary prank and you’ll be in for the win. Something like a prank wakeup call is a classic.

Slow and steady won't win this time

Don’t have a say in the activities for the stag do?
No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Grab yourself a Wingman.

Tell at least one mate you trust on the stag do to help keep accountability for the weekend. Trust us, having a pal in your corner will be a huge help. They might even offer to abstain from the drink as well. Being the sober pair in the group can be hilarious as you can watch the rest of the group make fools of themselves.

Go Alcohol Free

If your group has planned activities like club and drinks packages - or anything that has complimentary drinks - don’t fret. Most packages come with non-alcoholic drink options and bars will have booze free versions of cocktails and other drinks on their menu too. Simply ask the restaurant or organising company beforehand what options are available. Even if you don’t ask before the event, your bartender should be more than happy to accommodate on the day.

Be prepared for peer pressure and the inevitable urges.

Stag dos generally involve a lot of drinking, and your pals are most likely going to keep trying to get you to join in. Stick to your guns and remember why you’re staying off the sauce in the first place. Finding good motivation is a fantastic way to stand your ground. There’s a wide variety of reasons to abstain from drinking; just remember that any reason is a good enough reason.

Wingman behaviour

Being sober on a stag do has so many benefits.
Here are just a few:

You’ll save a pretty penny.

Alcoholic drinks are expensive, not to mention the drinks you buy in the blur of intoxication. There will be no dreadful check of your bank balance the morning after to find just how much you lost in one night. Sober life saves so much money.

No hangover.

Loose the headaches, horrible feelings and the stress of trying to find a cure or satisfying full English the morning after. Plus, you’ll be able to actually enjoy the second day instead of it being a write off. More time for fun.

No gaps in your memory.

Blackouts are the bane of a lot of people’s existence, but you’ll actually be able to remember the whole weekend. You won’t have your mates telling you what you did the night before as you cringe at your drunk self. You’ll have lifelong memories of the fun night or weekend you had, with no regrets.

Ready for round 2

Check out all of our stag do activities to find things to do without alcohol on a hen do.

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