Best Man

Congratulations, you’ve been picked as the Best Man. And, now begins the journey to the altar as your best mate’s right hand man. But, don’t worry – we’ve planned out everything you need to know as a Best Man, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

An illustration of two men hugging

The Big Question

Your best mate asks you to be his Best Man. Ride it out with a man hug & a bit of back slapping.

An illustration of a man's head with steam coming out of his ears

Freak Out About Speech

Panic! Pressure! Fluctuate between anxiety & confidence right until it’s all over.

An illustration of a grey suit jacket with a blue tie

Suit Fittings

Learn far too much about suit cuts, tie knots & pocket squares.

An illustration of a grey laptop with Last Night of Freedom on the screen

Epic Stag Do

Round up the troops & start organising the ultimate last night of freedom. We offer 69 UK and abroad locations to make your stag do an epic one.

An illustration of a man wearing paintball overalls and a mask whilst holding a paintball gun


Get creative with your plans. We’ve come a long way from having a few pints at the local. With over 5000 activities we offer something for everyone.

An illustrations of a male body wearing a green mankini


Keep it classy or dress up the stag in the most outrageous costume imaginable? Big decisions. We have 25 theme ideas to get you started!

An illustration of a man sleeping on his hand

Wedding Venue Recce

Visit ceremony & reception venues with the bride & groom. Try to be as excited as them.

A silouhette of a couple with the illustration of a blue man stood behind them


Run through all the logistical details. Con-cen-trate.

An illustration of two pints of beer clinking together

Night Before Nerves

This is unofficial boys’ night. Eat, drink & be merry – sensibly. Nothing worse than a hungover groom on the big day.

An illustration of a red alarm clock with a yellow coffee cup in the middle of it

On the Morning

You’re a human alarm clock & you’re on breakfast duty. Get everyone moving - bacon sandwiches & strong coffee.

An illustration of a white wedding car with purple ribbon tied to it

Get Him to the Church

Organise classy cars from the house to the church. Give plenty of time. It’s customary for the bride to be late – not the groom.

An illustration of a man in a suit pulling out his trouser pockets

Ring Panic

Frantically pat down your jacket every couple of minutes just in case. Yup, still there.

An illustration of a man's hand holding two rings in his palm

Deliver the Rings

You pass them over at the correct moment. Duty done. Sweet relief.

An illustration of a church with confetti in the air

Leaving the Church

The newlyweds will lead the way out of the church & the Best Man escorts the Maid of Honour behind them.

An illustration of a man holding a phone with an arrow on the screen

Church to Reception

Take the lead with getting people to the reception. If people are driving, provide maps, or you may need to book cars or minibuses in advance.

An illustration of a hand holding a grey camera


Whilst guests drink and chat, help round up people for each photograph upon request.

An illustration of a man in a suit holding a piece of paper in front of his head

The Speech

Finally, the time has come. Deep breaths. The first time everyone laughs, you'll relax and enjoy yourself. Nailed it.

An illustration of a male hand holding a cigar

Gentleman Smoke Cigars

The groom may need a few minutes of quiet time. Cigars provide a gentlemanly excuse.

An illustration of a man in a suit dancing with an older woman in a blue dress

Dance With the Family

Let flower girls dance on your shoes. Dance with the oldies. Everyone will adore you.

An illustration of a drunk man with a red tie around his head

Drunk Watch

You don’t need to be the fun police, but make sure your good man doesn’t drink his weight in vodka. He’ll regret it.

An illustration of the back of a grey wedding car with tins attached to the back of it

Wedding Car

Decorate the honeymoon car with the Maid of Honour. Keep it classy – step away from the Silly String.

An illustration of a yellow whistle

Stay on Duty

However much of a good time you’re having, make sure the groom is having a better one. That’s the measure of the ultimate Best Man.


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