Last Updated 22/05/2018

Lloyd Blunden has been crowned the winner of our utterly #ShamelessModel competition. We had lots of fun with him here at LNOF HQ. Let’s find out how he got on…

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two photos of Shameless Model in Willyman costume

Here at LNOF, we pride ourselves in offering some of the most obscene and downright disgusting costumes. Sure, the Giant Ninja Sanitary Towel, the Vicar having sex with a blow up doll, the gimp suit or the enormously flattering mankini may be considered a little risqué, but these gems are merely the tip of the iceberg...

three pictures of Shameless Model in mankini and sidekini

…and our man Lloyd Blunden did us proud!

two pictures, one of baby costume, one of gimp costume

Our photoshoot was a right laugh, and our boy Lloyd didn’t let us down. Posing in numerous costumes without even batting an eyelid, from the seductive sidekini to the big, pink, human sized vagina costume, he truly lived up to his newly appointed title.

ArticleCaption ArticleCaption

For his troubles, we put Lloyd up in a hotel next to LNOF HQ in Newcastle, covered all his travel expenses, and paid him handsomely for his day’s modelling work (that's £250, fellas).