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On your stag do – you’ve got to go all out. From spending the night in a disused military prison, to dining on actual shark, to eating a banana in a way you never thought was possible; this is your time to think outside of the box and go crazy. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our best activities that will absolutely blow your head off…

Red Light Photoshoot

Two tiled images of a man dressed up and wearing makeup, and one of the red light district

Via The Dam Guide

This one’s perfect for Best Man speech anecdotes. This is a photography oppotunity that the Groom is certainly not going to forget – especially when you’ve got photographic evidence of his moment in the spotlight. This epic activity involves a dress up box of sexy lingerie and costumes, a mortified Groom and seriously amazing memories. He will pose for a truly terrifying memento in his very own red light window - which you will have exclusive hire of for the duration of the activity – and a photographer will take a smart shot of the Groom to take away with you. The digital photos will be emailed after the weekend - and they’ll be ideal blackmail material for when he attempts to drop out of your next night out. He’ll never live this down, and we love it.

Viking Dinner

Two tiled images - including one of traditional Icelandic food and one of the interior of Fjörukráin restaurant, Reykjavik

Via Reykjavik.com and Fjorukrain

Step back into the Viking era and dine like the Viking kings you are (or, like to think you are). Held in a Viking village just outside of Reykjavik, this epic package will feel like the real deal. There’ll be a fantastic spread of traditional grub, including an actual shark course – you’ll be toasting to the glory of war and the Gods after this feast. In fact, we reckon you should go all the way and rock a wool tunic, a horn hat and grow a ginger beard (we’ll let you off that last one actually, that might take a while). Beer and schnapps will be in plentiful supply during your medieval supper - but, if you are feeling like a true Viking – try some Brennivin, or ‘Black Death’. This is Iceland’s national beverage and has a whopping proof of 80%.

Bridge Swinging

Two tiled images of men bridge swinging

Walk the plank and take a leap of faith on the bridge swing on your last night of freedom. If that’s not a perfect representation of your impending nuptials, we don’t know what is. This is bungee jumping with a difference – based on a pendulum movement system, you’ll jump from a bridge, secured by a 25 metre rope (a thick one, don’t worry). This will be the jump of your life – and when you are swinging from side to side, suspended above the picturesque River Danube (we do doubt very much that you’ll be enjoying the view), you’ll be glad you conquered the fear and leapt into the abyss.

Microlight Flight

Two tiled images of Microlight aircrafts

Via Microlight Flight

A Microlight aircraft is, basically, a tiny plane with two seats that can fly like any other aircraft, except it only weighs around 265kg – and now it’s your turn to have a go. An experienced pilot will take you and your group soaring above Wroclaw from your very own vantage point – this is an activity that will really blow your mind. Each of you will have 15 minutes flying time, with someone who actually knows what they’re doing – so you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the spectacular views. This once in a lifetime experience is so unique – your stag do will go down in the history books.

Supercar Racing

Two tiled images- including one of a Ferrari on the track and one of a Ferrari stationary

Via VK and Brianza Slot Club

Add a serious fast and furious element to your stag do with one of our flashiest and mind-blowingly epic activities. This supercar racing experience, set in the bright lights of Sin City, will make every dream you ever had come true – and turn you into a mini Lewis Hamilton (without the money, fame and world-class skill). You’ll get to choose between a Ferrari and a Lamborghini for the drive of your life, before getting behind the wheel for a couple of practice laps with an expert. And, once you get out on the track with the instructor – you can push this car to the limit and indulge your need for speed around the Las Vegas speedway. This is one activity the stag is never going to forget.

Prison Experience

Two tiled images, one of the exterior of a disused military base in Riga and one of a guard standing at the gates and pointing

This Prison Experience is the real deal, and one of our most unusual activities. You’ll be stripped of your rights for the night as you sleep in a disused Russian military prison, which went out of service 10 years ago – it even still has all of the original facilities. Upon arrival, you and the rest of the ‘prisoners’ will undergo a search, medical assessment and interrogation. You’ll be photographed to produce original prisoner registration cards. This activity is even operated by some of the very staff that used to work here. We’d be lying if we said it wasn’t tough – you’ll be doing push-ups and there’ll be a lot of shouting and shoving. Once that’s done, you’ll either be locked up for the night, or left to wander the scary halls. Sleep with one eye open, gents.

Husky Sledge

Two tiled images of huskies pulling a sledge

Via Dog Husky

Forget skiing on your stag do – have a bash at husky sledding. Yes, really. A pack of these huge dogs will take you hurtling through the snowy landscape; you’ll feel like a bunch of real men on the hunt for food (and beers). You’ll each pair up and there’ll be two hours of riding time to share between the group. This is one of our crazier stag party products – and there’s nothing like bombing about in the snow, whilst being dragged by a pack of dogs, to cure a hangover. We can tell you one thing – your commute to work will pale into insignificance after this.

Last Updated - 31/07/2023

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