Need some ideas for games to play on the hen night? Look no further! We have 8 cheap and easy games to entertain the group for the weekend.


Mr & Mrs

How well do the girls know about the nearly weds? In fact, how much does the bride to be know about their relationship? Ask the groom a series of questions like ‘Who said I love you first?’ Or ‘Where did you first meet?’. Then get the bride to be and the rest of the girls to answer the same questions. If you want to make it high tech, record the groom’s answers and make a slideshow for each question. Will their answers be the same? This game does need a little preparation – but it is a perfect way to see just how well they really know each other before saying ‘I do’.

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Hen Bingo

This game is perfect to play in the background during a big night in. At the start of the night, everyone gets a blank bingo card, on which they write down things they think are going to happen on the hen do. It could be anything from ‘the bride gets a free drink’ to ‘someone hired a stripper’. Hen bingo is a great way to keep the girls entertained all night, simply cross of the boxes when your predictions come true. You might even have some hens doing something hilarious just to fill up their bingo sheet.

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Would She Rather

A classic game with a hen do twist that needs no supplies, just brain power. Simply go around the circle asking ‘would the bride rather’. Everyone else can then vote which option they think the bride would choose. If you get it right, you get a point. The winner is the person who has matches the bride’s answers most frequently. Check out our Would She Rather? Cards and Would She Rather? X-Rated Cards if you need some help creating the questions.

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Guess The Hen

The perfect hen do ice breaker. Guess the hen will have the girls getting to know each other on a more personal scale in no time. Everyone writes down a fun fact about themselves or anything the rest of the group might not know about them. Shuffle them together and read them out one at a time. Then the whole group will try to guess which hen wrote each one. You can even try to deflect the accusations to make the game more interesting.

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Truth Or Dare

A true classic game for any occasion. If you don’t know how to play, it’s really simple, ask someone ‘truth or dare’; if they choose truth, ask them a question that they have to answer truthfully and if they chose dare, give them a dare to do right there and then. Here’s a few hen do themed ideas to get you started: T- when did you first know the groom was the one? D- try to get a free shot for the bride. T- Does size really matter? D- Take a selfie with 5 bouncers.

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Toilet Paper Bride

This might be too silly for some, but after a few drinks we’re sure everyone will get involved. Toilet paper bride is pretty self-explanatory and great if you’re having a hen night in. The girls have to try and make a gorgeous wedding dress on the bride made entirely out of toilet paper. The tick is to try and avoid an ancient mummy look and make a flowy floor length train instead. You will probably need several rolls of toilet paper to create a full dress. You can even time yourselves to raise the stakes a little.

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Drink When

This is quite similar to hen bingo, but this time there’s alcohol involved. This can be played in any setting: night in watching movies, out on the town, on the way to your destination. All you need to do is come up with a set of rules for when you should drink. It could be every time there’s an on-screen kiss in a movie, or every time the bride says, ‘I’m getting married!’ or even for every willy related novelty the maid of honour brings out. It’s totally up to you.

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Know The Bride?

The ultimate hen do quiz! Do all of the hens know the bride? Let’s find out. A mix between Mr & Mrs and Would She Rather, this one is for the girls. Everyone answers questions about the bride and the person to get the most the same as the bride is the winner. This game will show you who is a true bestie and who is just here for the drinks. Why not checkout our Know The Bride Cards to save you some time when trying to think of questions.

How Well Do You Know The Bride typographic illustration.

8 Easy DIY Hen Party Games

  1. Mr & Mrs
  2. Hen Bingo
  3. Would She Rather
  4. Guess The Hen
  5. Truth or Dare
  6. Toilet Paper Bride
  7. Drink When
  8. Know The Bride?

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