8 Funny Stag Do



You Need:
• A coin
• A spare glass
• Beer Confidence

How to Play:
1. When it's your go, depending on how arrogant you feel, pour some of your drink into the spare glass and flip a coin.
2. Predict heads or tails.
3. Correct? Move onto the next player, repeat and so on.
4. When a player guesses incorrectly they have to down the whole concoction of liquor.

NOTE: A simple, effective and VERY messy game.

An illustration of a coin being flipped next to a mixed drink

Assume the Position

You Need:
• A bag of toy soldiers
• Toy soldier costumes

How to Play:
1. Each player is given a toy soldier.
2. Whenever someone shouts 'Assume the Position!' you must adopt the position of your mini-me.
3. Last one in position has to down a drink.
4. Change 'toys' after each round for maximum variety.

NOTE: Sounds easy-peasy, but it's chaos when you have to drop into a sniper position whilst ordering a round of shots.

An illustration of a Toy Soldiers


You Need:
Roxanne by The Police

How To Play:
1. Two teams have opposing rules.
2. In time with the music, one team drink when they hear ‘'Roxanne' and spin around when they hear 'put on the red light'.
3. The other team does the opposite – spin around when they hear 'Roxanne' and drink when they hear 'put on the red light'.

NOTE: Sounds dignified enough, right? WRONG. Good luck keeping up in the final chorus...

An illustration of a police hat with a flashing red light

Beer Pong

You Need:
• 12 Plastic cups
• Two ping pong balls
• Or a handy beer pong kit
• A sturdy table

How to Play:
1. Fill the cups with beer and place 6 cups at each side of the table.
2. Your goal is to throw the ping pong ball into one of the opponent’s cups.
3. When you are successful, your opponent has to drink the cup’s contents.

NOTE: A classic drinking sport, but surprisingly competitive.

An illustration of beer pong

Inflatable Cock Fighting

You Need:
• An inflatable cock fighting kit, of course.

How to Play:
1. Strap on inflatable cocks.
2. Violently battle it out.
3. Whoever knocks the other’s cock off is the winner.

NOTE: Winner becomes King of Everything.

An illustration of inflatable fighting cocks

Fuzzy Duck

You Need:
• To be a linguistic wizard
• The false illusion that you're sober

How to Play:
1. Get into a circle and begin saying Fuzzy Duck in one direction around the circle.
2. When someone asks 'does he?' you switch direction and begin saying Ducky Fuzz around the circle.
3. Switch the phrase and the direction like this every time someone asks 'does he?'
4. 'Does he f*ck!' or 'F*ck he does!' will become your drunken slurs.
5. You mess it up – you drink. Them's the rules.

NOTE: If you think you can get through this without accidentally swearing like a trooper, then good luck to you.

An illustration of rubber ducks


You Need:
• The memory of an elephant

How to Play:
1. If someone hands you a drink, you must declare yourself 'not out'.
2. If you fail to do this, the party can scream ‘Howzat?!’ and you have to finish whatever drink you were handed.
3. You can also choose to play dirty and apply the rules to all liquids, such as vinegar, mustard or tomato sauce etc.

NOTE: a good'un for the entire stag weekend rather than just a night out.

An illustration of the word Howzat

Fox and Hunter

You Need:
• Fox and Hunter costumes
• Speed
• Agility

How to Play:
1. Half of you dress as hunters, half of you dress as foxes.
2. Choose some select pubs and bars, give the foxes a head start and release them into the wild.
3. It is up to the hunters to catch them.
4. Everyone has to down a pint in each establishment.
5. If caught, thou shall face a forfeit.
6. Switch so that the foxes then have to catch the hunters. Some call this Huntsman’s Revenge. The foxes call it Justice.

NOTE: As well as getting you jolly hammered, you’ll also look like you’re tackling the very serious issue of hunting – and chicks dig this.

An illustration of shot glasses with a horse and a fox on

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