Air Hostess Theme

Spread your wings, ladies, tonight you’re going to be flying at an altitude of 50,000 feet of gorgeousness.

Notoriously sexy, this air hostess theme will not only make you feel like a group of wanton sex goddesses, but will also command the attention of all of the boys on the dance floor.

Especially if you’re saying aptly suggestive things, such as ‘fasten your seat-belts, gentlemen, you’re going to be in for a veryturbulent flight’ or ‘prepare yourself for take-off; we’re going to be flying high on Cloud 9’ and ‘can you get your feet off that seat, mate?’.

Our air hostess costumes are figure-hugging and curve-enhancing and will make you feel like you want to strut. The whiteshirt is part of the get-up and you get a silky neckerchief included. Team with full air hostess make-up, a pair of sky-high heels and a seductive smile.

Of course, the hen gets something with a little more authority. The captain of the plane costume is a short, saucy,all-in-one number with white silk gloves and a sexy hat that people will attempt to try on all night. This air hostess theme isfun and it’s flirty and will get your hen night off to a flying start.

Products Required For This Theme

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